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"The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak" is the fourth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the seventeenth episode overall. It aired on October 30, 2018.



Jennifer Pierce continues her training and therapy under Perenna's tutelage. During the training, she experiences a dream like vision of her getting ready for prom alongside her family when it is interrupted by Khalil. He attacks her family, but Jennifer fights back. Under Perenna's tutelage, Jennifer tries to seal the vision in the mind box she created but fails.

Deputy Chief Bill Henderson starts to interrogate Tobias Whale over his crimes and the death of Alvin Pierce. At Peter Gambi's base of operations, he treats the severely wounded Kara Fowdy but tells her that she is dying due to the wound inflicted on her by Tobias Whale. Gambi tells her that he needs to know about Martin Proctor's briefcase.

At the A.S.A., Doctor Helga Jace conducts an experiment on one of the pod children that reveals his powers but ultimately kills him. Lynn is disgusted at Jace's methods.

After learning about Anissa's missions to rob members of the eastern mob to give to the church's free clinic, Jefferson confronts her. They argue, and Jefferson tells her that if she is living under his roof then she needs to follow his rules. Anissa decides to move out and temporarily goes to stay with Gambi. Her decision stuns Jefferson and causes Jennifer to start shunning her as she feels that Anissa is abandoning her.

At Garfield High School, Jefferson breaks up a fight between two students. When Principal Mike Lowry arrives he disregards Jefferson efforts and immediately expels the boy who threw the first punch. Jefferson confronts Lowry in his office and tells him to never speak that way to him again and bluntly tells him that he needs Jefferson to cover for the fact that he is the white principal of a predominantly black school.

Steven Conners meets with Tobias Whale at the police station, brought in by Tobias' lawyer. Conners wants to send a message about the theft from his people by shedding blood and ensures that he has Tobias' permission to do so. Tobias agrees. Conners arranges for the free clinic to be bombed; Black Lightning and Thunder deal with the bomb threat but Gambi cannot capture the woman who planted the bombs.

Henderson reveals that all the evidence linking Tobias to Alvin Pierce's murder has gone missing, delivered to him by Detective Summers who was then killed. Jefferson tells him he witnessed the murder and will testify, but there is no evidence since Gambi destroyed everything to protect Jefferson. Montez interviews Jefferson about his testimony and quickly proves how Tobias' lawyer will throw doubt on his statement since he has already lied in the past by claiming not to have seen the murder. As a result, Tobias is freed and cleared. He declares his public intentions to become a productive member of society and a pillar of the community before taking control of The 100 once more.

At Gambi's Kara finally accepts that she is dying. Telling Gambi that Tobias has the briefcase and giving him her phone, she passes away. With all the heat on meta-humans, Jefferson and Lynn decide to home-school Jennifer. As a peace offering to Anissa, Jefferson offers her to move into his father's old home.



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  • The episode was previously titled "The Book of Consequences: The Rise of The Green Light Babies: Chapter Four".[1]