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"The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies" is the first episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on October 9, 2018.




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News footage is shown of Issa Williams, a suspected Green Light Baby, being killed by Freeland Police Department officers. Reverend Jeremiah Holt holds a sermon at Freeland United Methodist Church where he points out that police officers are just using the excuse of meta-human do what they have always done – kill young black men and women.

Following Tobias Whale invasion of Garfield High School, the board decide to keep the school closed while they investigate Jefferson Pierce's whereabouts during the attack. Elsewhere, Lynn Stewart is questioned by Agent Odell about how the stasis pods with children in came into her possession. Lynn claims it was an anonymous phone call, but Odell does not believe her and revokes her access to the pods.

At the Pierce house, Anissa finds out that Jennifer is floating in her sleep surrounded by lights and discharges. Jennifer begs her not to tell their parents, but Anissa admits she already told them.

Syonide approaches Kara Fowdy who is trying to leave town; Tobias wants to talk to her about the briefcase. Kara refuses and the two fight, which results in Syonide's death. Kara takes a phone off of Syonide's body.

Jefferson and Lynn discuss Jennifer's condition. Jefferson is convinced that he can train Jennifer to control her powers, but Lynn is worried about her mental health and suggests a therapist. Jefferson scoffs at the idea of talking to a therapist about powers but Lynn is worried about the "normality" of their situation. Jefferson tells Lynn about the meeting with the school board while she tells him about having her access to the pods taken away. Jefferson actually agrees with the decision, leading Lynn to leave since they are not seeing eye to eye.

Kara goes to Peter Gambi, knowing that he was the previous ASA spotter in Freeland. She wants to make a deal – the briefcase in exchange for safe passage out of Freeland.

Jefferson is visited by Napier Frank who is his friends from the days they competed in the Olympics. Napier lays out how the board is angry in the light of Tobias Whale's attack on the school and at Jefferson for constantly standing up to their efforts to "improve" security by adding metal detectors. Jefferson hits back by telling him that it is funny how the board always has money available for that, but not for computers, books, or raises for the teachers.

Benjamin Crump addresses the congregation at the Freeland Church and tells them that the government has declared the Green Light Babies a "public health issue," meaning that access to the children in the pods by their families is being denied. A plan to sue the government for access to their family members is started, but it will need to raise around $500,000.

Anissa and Jefferson do not agree on their course of action. She wants to help them as much as possible, while Jefferson believes that the justice system will work. He also believes that they should be focused on Tobias, Syonide, and Painkiller. At the Pierce house, Jennifer and Lynn argue about Jennifer's powers and how overwhelming it must be for her. Jennifer accidentally blasts her mother and runs to the roof where Lynn finds and comforts her.

Jefferson and Lynn talk about Jennifer's powers. Lynn reveals that she talked to Gambi about pulling strings at the ASA to get access to the pods. Jefferson is angry that she went behind his back, but Lynn accuses him of not being concerned for her after she shot and killed a man, and wonders if she needs powers and a costume for Jefferson to understand that she is trying to do her best to help people.

Anissa, disguised in a mask and hoodie, uses her powers to steal money from criminals.

Bill Henderson, now Deputy Chief of the Freeland Police Department, meets with Jefferson. However, Henderson has finally figured out that Black Lightning is Jefferson Pierce. Jefferson admits it and removes his mask, leaving Henderson feeling betrayed at the years of secrecy.

Jefferson and Lynn make up after their earlier argument. A news report of another Green Light Baby being killed prompts Lynn to admit that she wants to help the kids and will do it without Jefferson's support, but would like it if he did support her. Jefferson realises that the future of Freeland is them turning on meta-humans if nothing is done. Jefferson also reveals that Henderson worked out their secret.

Gambi lets Jefferson in on the news that Kara Fowdy was the new ASA spotter, and the deal he brokered to get Proctor's briefcase. Jennifer and Kiesha Williams hang out when Khalil calls Jennifer. She declines the call, and the conversation turns to the Green Light Babies and how Kiesha believes they are freaks and it is the end of days. At the Freeland Church, Anissa arrives in disguise, prompting the Reverend and congregation to draw weapons on her. Assuring them they won't need the guns, Anissa delivers the stolen money to them.

At the Blackbird Funeral Parlor, government agents take Issa Williams' body away but as they try, he comes back to life. His family is stunned, but Issa's powers activate and cause his mother to admit that she was happy to be burying him so she wouldn't be worrying about him on the streets doing Green Light. His mother immediately starts apologizing for her words, while his sister, Tiffany tells him to run. As Issa runs, several family members and bystanders stop the government agents from chasing and harming him.

Jennifer and Kiesha learn about Issa's return on social media, casing Jennifer's powers to flare. She hides it from Kiesha and tells her to go home as she locks herself in the bathroom.

At the ASA, Agent Odell interviews Lynn again after Gambi uses his influence to get her access to the pods reinstated.

At home, Lynn and Anissa wait for Jefferson to help Jennifer who is sitting in the bath with lights and a field around her. Jefferson holds her close and absorbs the energy discharge, calming her powers.

Napier visits Jefferson again, telling him the board have decided to permanently close Garfield. Jefferson immediately offers to step down as Principal in order to keep the school open.

Kara goes to Tobias' office looking for the briefcase. Tobias, furious that Kara killed Syonide, shoots her with a harpoon in the stomach. Despite the injury, Kara manages to throw herself through a window and escape.


  • The episode was previously titled "The Book of Consequences: The Rise of The Green Light Babies: Chapter One".[1]