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"The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry" is the third episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the sixteenth episode overall. It aired on October 23, 2018.



Jefferson Pierce helps the police to stop a Green Light meta-human who has super-strength, saving two officers in the process. Later, Jefferson visits Peter Gambi who tells him that Garfield High School's security systems did not record any footage of Tobias Whale or Syonide when they attacked the school so they have no leads on where Whale might be. Jefferson decides to visit Khalil Payne to get information.

At Garfield, Jefferson finds that metal detectors are being installed, and meets the new principal, Mike Lowry. Their first meeting is frosty as Jefferson questions the need for the metal detectors.

In order to help control her powers, Jennifer Pierce begins training with a meta-human named Perenna, who begins to teach her about her new abilities.

Agent Odell informs Lynn Stewart that they wanted to enlist a convicted criminal, Dr. Helga Jace, in helping with the pods. Lynn does not want her working with them due to the fact that her experiments killed people, but Odell is adamant and instructs Lynn to convince Jace to join them.

Deputy Chief Bill Henderson responds to a call where they find Detective Summers body in a burnt-out car. Despite his reservations about Black Lightning, Henderson goes to Jefferson for help.

With Syonide dead, Tobias takes to training Khalil to take over some of her duties, including collecting money from his various criminal enterprises. When Khalil tells Tobias that he had to go to one of the dealers, Rion, to get the money rather than at a pre-arranged location, Tobias tells him to take a harder line and make an example of him. Khalil visits Rion, and accidentally causes his death.

Black Lightning visits the suspected arsonist and finds that he was hired by Tobias Whale. Anissa Pierce continues her "Robin Hood" style approach to social change by getting money to save the church-sponsored Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic from being closed. Gambi finds a badly wounded Kara Fowdy.

Jefferson visits Khalil and tries to talk some sense into him. While Tobias is visiting his sister's crypt, he is arrested by the Freeland Police Department. Henderson goes to Jefferson's house to personally tell him that Tobias has been arrested.



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  • The episode was previously titled "The Book of Consequences: The Rise of The Green Light Babies: Chapter Three".[1]