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"The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues" is the second episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2018.




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Tobias Whale confronts Khalil over his whereabouts when Syonide was killed while playing chess. He claimed to be covering the exit as Syonide ordered. Tobias tells him that he should have realized that Syonide was in danger and uses chess to teach him to anticipate situations in advance and not just react. Tobias punctuates the lesson by punching Khalil when he loses.

As the ASA, one of the kids in the stasis pods wakes up and uses his powers to kill one of the scientists. The teenager collapses, but another girl, Wendy Hernandez manages to escape from the laboratory despite Lynn Stewart's best efforts to calm her down.

Lynn enlists Jefferson Pierce and Peter Gambi's help in finding Wendy since she is hallucinating and has been in stasis for thirty years. Peter was responsible for "spotting" her and confirms that her powers allow her to control the wind.

Lynn is briefed by Agent Odell on Issa Williams, who was picked up by the ASA after his girlfriend called 911 when he approached her. Lynn dislikes the fact that they are locking the boy up, and Odell tells her it is her job to figure out what is going on with the boy. Taking Issa to the hospital, Lynn brings his sister, Tiffany in. As they talk, Issa powers flare and forces Tiffany, to tell the truth, saying that he scares her and she wants to walk away and never see Issa again.

Anissa meets Zoe B. while she is singing at a party. They flirt and spend the night together. The next morning Zoe B. wants Anissa to join her in New York. Anissa is tempted but turns it down, but accepts an invite to a kickback Chenoa is hosting the next night.

Jefferson meets with Napier Frank who tells him the board have found his replacement, and they need Jefferson to endorse him and not cause trouble by criticizing him after the fact. Jefferson realizes that the replacement, Mike Lowry, is white and that the board is afraid of backlash from the parents due to Garfield High School's predominantly black student body.

That night, Jefferson and Anissa hit the streets in search of Wendy since Gambi has identified several locations that were important to Wendy before she was put on ice thirty years ago. At the Pierce house, Khalil visits Jennifer and wants to talk, but she pushes him off the roof for killing Black Lightning. Khalil tries to tell her he had no choice but to attack the school and that he never meant to kill Black Lightning. Although she still has feelings for him, Jennifer threatens to call the police if Khalil does not leave.

Tobias begins to tie up loose ends, killing one of his old lieutenants, Marsellus, since he knows too much. He later kills Detective Summers, a cop on his payroll.

Black Lightning and Thunder face off against Wendy, but cannot capture her. They have to rescue some civilians from the destruction she has caused, and Black Lightning gets angry when Thunder takes a bow in front of an applauding crowd.

Lynn takes Issa to the Pierce home for dinner since she did not want to leave him alone at a vulnerable time. His power flare during dinner, causing the Pierce family to voice some of the truths they have been keeping bottled up. Realizing what Issa's powers, the family excuse themselves. Jennifer talks with Issa and determines that his powers only work when he makes direct eye contact with someone.

At Zoe B.'s kickback, Anissa kisses the host then realizes her old girlfriend, Grace, is working as a waitress. Anissa tries to talk to Grace, but she says she has to work and leaves.

Lynn's investigation into Issa conditions reveals that the artificial metagene he has because of Green Light will eventually kill him unless she finds a cure. Lynn offers to freeze him in a pod to avoid his death. Issa decides not to go into one and leaves with his family. Odell questions Lynn's decision to allow him to stay out of the pod, which she defends by saying that they can study Issa. Odell believes that Issa's talents could be useful.

Jefferson responds to Wendy attacking a police car and manages to talk her down after using a blast of electricity to shock her out of her psychosis. Anissa is annoyed that she was not called in to help. Lynn later refreezes Wendy in a stasis pod.

At Garfield, Jefferson announces that he is stepping down as principal, but will be remaining as a teacher. The students don't like the situation, but Jefferson tells them he must take responsibility for his actions. As an emotional Jefferson leaves the stage, one of the students begins to recite his mantra and Jefferson answers. The entire student body joins in, showing Jefferson just how much he is respected and loved by his students.


  • The episode was previously titled "The Book of Consequences: The Rise of The Green Light Babies: Chapter Two."[1]