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"The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the forty-second episode overall. It aired on February 10, 2020.



The scene opens with Jefferson sitting, appreciating a beverage and talking as he video visits with Gambi. He thinks about how he has been a hero for a long time and that he never truly loved the name Black Lightning. He likewise thinks about the current circumstance with Lynn and he says that he is eager to take the necessary steps - including murder - to spare her.

At the ASA, Jefferson's group trains and he talks with Major Gray about their understanding. She is worried about the availability of his group and offers her best commandos. He decays. In Markovia, Lynn and Dr. Jace are barbecued about advancement. Gravedigger (visitor star Wayne Brady) appears and assumes control over the tasks. When Lynn will not support him, Gravedigger utilizes his metahuman forces to propel her to do as such.

Back in Freeland, Jen chats with Khalil who is attempting to change in accordance with being back on the planet. She requests that he accompany them to Markovia and he is hesitant and turns her down. In Markovia, Jace clarifies Gravedigger's psychological mastery powers. Lynn requests that Jace give her the medication and she takes an enormous portion. It lets Lynn abrogate Gravedigger's control over her. At the ASA, the extraction group isn't looking so acceptable with different relational issues.

Jefferson goes up against Khalil, who is wanting to leave Freeland for good. He's appreciative that he is no longer in the ASA library, however says he'll never be liberated from Painkiller. Jefferson reveals to him he'd be a benefit in their Markovia strategic that on the off chance that he ever returns, the entryway is consistently open for him. Somewhere else, Gravedigger attempts to constrain Lynn to work quicker, she says she needs his blood. At the ASA, Jefferson is advised they have to save Tobias too. After TC associates with one of the others in the group, Sgt. Grayle is uncovered to keep an eye on them. As the group plans to leave, Khalil shows up to go along with them.

Grayle uncovers to Jefferson that Major Gray customized himself and Erica with slaughter orders if Lynn can't be spared. TC uncovers that he deactivated Erica's chip. Brandon is battling with flying and Khalil utilizes his hand to hand fighting aptitudes to quiet Brandon down before he imperils them all. Gambi and Jefferson talk about the mission. Jefferson addresses what saints truly are. Gambi reveals to him he is one.

The mission starts. Elegance shapeshifts and gets into the security zone. Black Lightning, Thunder, and Erica experience an entryway they can't crush. They find Lynn and Jace with Brandon following Jace while Jen goes for Lynn. Erica utilizes her forces to impact the entryway genuinely off the beaten path. Lynn, having given herself Gravedigger's forces, liberates herself from the control gadget and powers her captor to lead her out. Khalil encounters Gravedigger. They battle.

Black Lightning salvages Tobias, who insults him all the while. Brandon goes to murder Jace, yet Grayle stops him. Gravedigger shoots Black Lightning. Jen salvages Lynn and Gravedigger appears ok as they are getting ready to leave and Lynn consents to go with him. Nonetheless, Black Lightning appears ultimately and stops Gravedigger by mercilessly stunning him. The family rejoined, everybody jumps on the helicopter and returns home.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Grab the Strap", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.