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"The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-ninth episode overall. It aired on January 20, 2020.



The scene opens with Black Lightning flying back to Freeland and attempting to reach Gambi on comms, disclosing that he'd gone to another measurement and fanboy-ing that Superman is in reality genuine. Gambi doesn't react. We at that point find Jennifer who is caught in her sheltered space or some void area. She swears that on the off chance that she can make it back, she will stop Odell and not become the malicious adaptation of herself. She at that point makes it back to reality around a similar time as her dad does and they go searching for the remainder of the family.

They go get Gambi and Jefferson fills him in, yet quickly, about the Crisis. The two of them additionally have Anti-Matter particles, affirming their accounts. Jen truly needs to simply murder Agent Odell. Anissa, as Blackbird, is going to be trapped in the passages by the ASA. Jen goes to discover Lynn. At the ASA, Odell is advised and they have some significant obstacle. At the school's lab, Jennifer discovers her mom in withdrawal and finds her habit.

In the passages, Blackbird goes head to head with ASA powers. She battles and for the most part makes fast work of the vast majority of them with Black Lightning showing up at the perfect time. Back at the ASA, they keep on battling with settling the unit kids and the ASA is eager to let 20 percent of them bite the dust. TC has left his radio broadcast and gives himself access to Gambi's shop and interfaces with the innovation in the shop to give himself access to the mystery Black Lightning den. Gambi breaks him in the wake of discovering that he's a "dead" man.

While Lynn attempts to work out of things with Jennifer, they begin to encounter a unimaginable quake. Brandon needs the fix, however Lynn remains behind instead of go with Jen to offer it to him. She's centered around her medications.

In the passage, Black Lightning and Blackbird likewise experience the seismic tremor and Blackbird presumes the ASA is taking the children to the Pit. Dark Lightning checks in with Jen. She says she's going to stop the tremors and reveals to Black Lightning he needs to keep an eye on her mother. Jen discovers Brandon and directs the fix, halting the quakes. Dark Lightning goes searching for Lynn, yet she's not in her lab. He sees the jumble on the floor, however and acknowledges what it is.

Gambi and TC talk with TC stressed that the ASA will discover him and put him bac in a case. He has a tension assault and Gambi talks him through it. Gambi likewise lets TC remain in the loft over the shop. At the Pierce home, Lynn is scouring things searching for a portion of her Green Light when Jefferson discovers her and goes up against her after she secures herself in the restroom. In the quarrel, Lynn strikes Jefferson. Henderson calls at that point. Dark Lightning is required.

The ASA at that point arranges that somebody acquire Jennifer, however the individual who should help get him is shockingly completely recuperated from a medical procedure. He has a control chip and now the ASA needs to get one into Jennifer, as well. The opposition makes their arrangement with Blackbird needing to converse with Black Lightning secretly first, steamed that he's attempting to run things. Blackbird needs to be in control and simply needs his help. At Gambi's, TC finds a weapons store just as the more seasoned Black Lightning and Thunder suits. TC likewise uncovers that he can discover who "slaughtered" Gambi.

Odell continues calling Jennifer. She and Brandon talk when they are both sedated. Blackbird assumes responsibility for the Resistance strategic Brandon and Jen are both driven away by the ASA. They wake up and have inhibitor collars on. The driver, however, perceives that something isn't right with the trooper with him. Jen centers her vitality and can get herself and Brandon out of their collars similarly as the driver finds the chip. Jen and Brandon assault some ASA specialists and the one with the chip moves to murder Jen, however since she's unadulterated vitality he wastes time. The predominant office assaults him while Jennifer and Brandon escape.

The Resistance strategic. There's a firefight between the ASA and the police, Black Lightning helps manage that while Blackbird manages the ASA inside and salvages the children. The children spared from the ASA, Blackbird and Black Lightning visit a piece, with Jefferson communicating pride. At Gambi's, TC stretches himself as far as possible to discover who was attempting to execute Gambi and he does: Lady Eve, however he crumples as he's temperamental. Gambi says he can get him help.

Jennifer defies Odell, yet it ends up being a multi dimensional image, with the 3D image Odell disclosing to her it's not finished.



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  • Despite Freeland's timeline continuing from Earth-TUD5, Anissa, Gambi and Lynn are not in Anissa's apartment and are instead still out on the mission.


  • In the recap section of the episode, the quote "Who are you?", which was said in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three" by Frost when Black Lightning first appears, is repeated in this episode, although said with a different intonation and is clearly by someone other than Danielle Panabaker.
  • Despite J'onn restoring Jefferson's memories of the Crisis, he still should have remembered the barrier and communications blackout in Freeland caused by the A.S.A. It’s unknown if Jefferson just assumed that the perimeter wasn’t in Freeland since he may have been told about changes to Earth Prime because he knew about Earths had merged after the Crisis.