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"The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the forty-first episode overall. It aired on February 3, 2020.



Dr. Jace is recording a video diary enumerating her own Markovian bondage also the way that once Lynn gives them they data they need about balancing out the metas the Markovians will murder her. To forestall this current, she will become friends with Lynn for her own benefit - and even makes an agenda concerning how. When Lynn shows up, however, she's unquestionably not keen on making companions. The pair battle, however the Markovians have a gadget in Lynn's neck and torments her with it as he spreads out what he needs her to do. He likewise uncovers to Lynn that Agent Odell coordinated her Green Light fixation.

At Gambi's TC clarifies the quantum chip in Khalil's mind. Jennifer is bothered to understand that everybody thought about Khalil with the exception of her. Likewise, the chip can't be expelled, however TC sets to work attempting to make sense of what to do. Jefferson is disturbed that there are two pariahs in the sanctum - TC and Brandon. Abruptly, Jefferson gets a message from Lynn to go to her condo, yet when they make a mockery of it's not Lynn. It's Grayle. He clarifies the Markovians grabbed Lynn.

He additionally informs them concerning the breakout of Tobias and that he's the way to balancing out the metas. Jefferson and Anissa are both distrustful, yet Jefferson is eager to give Grayle a possibility. Anissa believes it's a snare. In Markovia, they probe Tobias while Lynn experiences withdrawal. Jace attempts to get her to give over the equation for the adjustment of the metahumans. Lynn gives her a treat formula.

TC makes sense of how to manage the "Painkiller framework" which is keeping Khalil from being braindead, yet when he attempts to get inside his head, "Khalil" assaults him inside his psychological space. Jennifer knows where TC was the point at which he went in and afterward TC concocts making a firewall to trap Painkiller and free Khalil - and Jennifer's forces could be critical. Somewhere else, Jefferson enlightens Anissa concerning Lynn's habit.

TC, collaborated with Jennifer, endeavor to introduce that firewall. Painkiller assaults TC in that virtual space, yet Jen figures out how to destroy him with the goal that TC can accomplish his work. Painkiller winds up behind the firewall. At the Pierce's Major Gray meets with Jefferson and Anissa and demands that they can't go to Markovia alone. She needs them to collaborate. Jefferson has one condition: anybody he welcomes on the crucial them is beyond reach to the ASA perpetually and completely cleaned from their records.

Jefferson informs Jen regarding Lynn's capturing and Jen demands that she's coming as is Brandon. Gambi is annoyed with Jefferson for working with the ASA, however he's ready to accompany them. Anissa attempts to converse with Grace about things, they battle, to some degree energetically, and Grace gets her spot on the extraction group.

Jace goes to extricate Tobias' bone marrow. He urges her, yet she clarifies that the Markovians plan to lobotomize him. In the Pit, Major Gray watches a metahuman young lady battling while they screen her vitals. Dark asks the specialist modified the execute request provided that things go sideways, they can't let the Markovians have the young lady. They will execute her.

Lynn approaches Jace for help making sense of something she can take to get past her withdrawal, however Jace discloses to her that in the event that she doesn't take the Glimmer - the Green Light medication - she'll presumably kick the bucket. Lynn takes a portion. It's uncovered that Jace likewise has a control plate in her neck and is, to be sure, a detainee. Back in Freeland, Jefferson briefs the amassed group.

At the sanctum, Khalil still hasn't awoken so TC returns inside. Painkiller is as yet behind the firewall. TC discovers Khalil. He doesn't figure he can leave. TC discloses things to him, yet to the extent Khalil can comprehend, he's simply dead. He made his own sheltered harbor in his room and will not come out. On the off chance that he doesn't return out, Khalil will kick the bucket. On the off chance that Jen goes to unadulterated vitality, she can go in herself. It takes some persuading, yet Jen effectively liberates Khalil. He's appalled at everything that is occurred and says a final farewel



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Motherless ID", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.
  • Jefferson refers to the characters in their bunker as "Outsiders" this is a reference to the DC Comics superhero group "The Outsiders".
    • Black Lightning, Thunder, Grace Choi, Freight Train and Geo-Force are all members of the Outsiders in the comics.