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"The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the fortieth episode overall. It aired on January 27, 2020.



At the ASA, Agent Graham records a video message communicating his questions about the organization's crucial records a message uncovering everything the ASA is up to should he bite the dust. Jennifer and Brandon are at the Pierce's "safehouse" of sorts and when Jefferson shows up with questions, she confesses all about working with Agent Odell. Counting the way that she's likely executed. Jennifer reveals to him that Odell needs beyond words. Jefferson opposes this idea.

Outside of Freeland with the Perdi, Grace and Anissa reconnect. Effortlessness is evidently generally improved and can control her moving. She needs to return to Freeland with Anissa, who has recently been desperately gotten back to by Jefferson. Gambi visits Lynn and she's not progressing admirably. Gambi likewise approaches her for the adjustment serum and informs her concerning TC. She is happy to help, however she needs remote access to the Pit.

Odell, who is from Gotham, dresses down the Major. She proposes they chip and balance out the metas utilizing Tobias Whale. Odell endorses. Graham comes to see Lynn after she informed him. He has her sack and uncovers that Dr. Blair attempted to reproduce her adjustment and murdered three children all the while. Lynn acknowledges she needs to break Tobias out. Graham consents to help. Lynn takes one of her pills.

Lala gets together with Devonte as they keep on taking from the ASA so they can offer weapons to the Resistance. They are additionally attempting to affirm Tobias Whale's area too. Somewhere else, Gambi oversees the adjustment fix to TC who very quickly feels much improved. Gambi doesn't educate TC concerning his job in the entire metahuman circumstance. Jefferson appears, upset about Jennifer. He likewise finds TC.

In her lab, Lynn believes she's made an approach to give everybody controls briefly and she needs to test it on herself, yet Graham offers himself. They test the brief force serum. It works. Graham gets powers and turns imperceptible. At Anissa's, Grace is back and Jefferson drops by. He discloses to Anissa they are following Odell.

TC shows Gambi that it was Lady Eve who had him murdered. Gambi clarifies who Lady Eve is nevertheless discloses to TC that she's dead now. Dark Lightning stages his own assault on Odell with Thunder's assistance. They capture Odell and question him, with Gambi planning to utilize torment to assist that with preparing along. Jefferson impacts him in any case. Turns out, they weren't going to torment him. They simply required him to talk, however Jefferson gives him another significant impact of lightning for good measure.

At the ASA, Major initiates Khalil to go murder the Pierces. Jennifer takes Brandon to Gambi's and she gets ready as Lightning, letting Brandon in their personalities. She discovers that her father has Odell. Brandon, amped up for realizing who Black Lightning is, attempts to give himself a codename, coming to Geo Force. Devonte visits an extravagant whorehouse with the goal that he can get data and finds that Lady Eve is alive. He gives this data to Lala.

Gambi and organization make a holographic Odell with the goal that they can arrange the ASA out of Freeland. Jennifer shows and is distraught at her dad for not including her however that outrage doesn't out of this world under ASA assault - and Khalil strolls in the entryway a lot regrettably. A battle follows with Black Lightning taking on Khalil. Jennifer keeps her sibling and sister down to shield them from harming Khalil, yet it permits the ASA to take Odell and leave. Jennifer eventually turns her forces on Khalil at last, sparing her family.

At the ASA, Lynn sneaks in and breaks Tobias out, giving him transitory forces to do as such.

Lala and Devonte both go to the house of ill-repute with Lala requesting to see Lady Eve. They meet and Lala attempts to shake Lady Eve down. She opposes, however he allows her 48 hours to "wake up". Khalil is taken to Gambi's shelter where TC finds the chip that controls Khalil's brain. TC uncovers that Khalil adores Jennifer. He advised her so.

Odell escapes Freeland. Lynn and Tobias make their getaway. He attempts to deceive her, however she additionally has powers and punches him. Graham appears at gather them, however they're' both taken out by a Markovian who takes them out and requires a teleporter.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Lynn's Addiction," but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.
  • When coming up with a possible name for himself, Brandon goes says "Quake Boy, Earth-Force, Geo...." Before being cut off by Jennifer. This is a reference to the Markovian-based superhero Geo-Force who has the similar powers to Brandon.
    • Geo-Force is a close ally of Black Lightning, being a prominent member of the Outsiders and the Justice League.
    • There is also a character named Quake Kid who is a member of the Legion of Superheroes.