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"The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five" is the fifth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 11, 2019.



We open with Tavon, the secondary school understudy taken into A.S.A care last scene since somebody recommended he was a metahuman. He's making a video for his folks while with the Perdi, Blackbird having helped him get away from a week ago. Somewhere else, Agent Odell is proceeding to attempt to distinguish Blackbird lastly gets a hit - Anissa Pierce. Painkiller competes with two folks in the A.S.A. office and he torments one of them however is halted by Odell before the other man bites the dust. Odell needs Painkiller to follow Blackbird next.

Lynn keeps testing one of the metahumans at the office to horrible outcomes when the young lady actually detonates and breaks down, however it turns out it was only a bad dream. Lynn's battling and her compulsion is deteriorating. At her home, Anissa watches a message from the obstruction adulating Blackbird. Next morning, Jefferson makes Jennifer breakfast, yet she destroys him with electrical force, and she doesn't feel especially "typical". Jefferson misses the signals and attempts to discuss the A.S.A. what's more, makes Jennifer go to class regardless of not feeling admirably.

At the lab, Lynn has had a wild forward leap, however she needs a human host and just one has endure the serum - Patient 49. In Freeland, Chief Henderson gives a question and answer session about the assault on the police headquarters and offers a prize. Two Bits tosses a tomato at him and he's booed and harassed by the group. At school, Tavon's folks meet with Jefferson and when Jefferson attempts to state Tavon was a meta, his folks can demonstrate something else. Anissa gives Grace an antibody for the infection and furthermore has a sitter for her as Gambi. Beauty says she thought he'd be dark and that she has an awful inclination about Anissa going out. At school, Jennifer keeps on having issues and fries the PC lab. Brandon is dubious.

At the lab, Patient 49 ends up being Tobias Whale.

Henderson goes up against Two Bits at his bar, capturing him. Blackbird gives the evangelist the antibody and gets a call from Jefferson. He needs Tavon took back to Freeland, however she believes it's an ill-conceived notion. At the Perdi, Blackbird gives over the antibody and the Perdi are as yet not content with Blackbird. In the wake of conversing with Tavon, Blackbird chooses to take him back to Freeland, however Painkiller is hanging tight for her to cross back.

Tobias insults Lynn, yet she infuses him with the serum at any rate. At Anissa's, Gambi understands that Anissa is in a difficult situation at the edge and sufficiently sure, when she traverses Painkiller is there. Blackbird battles him and advises Tavon to run, however he doesn't. Tavon attempts to support her, yet he gets hit with Painkiller's venom. In the interim, Odell appears at Anissa's loft. It's Grace claiming to be her while Gambi stows away in Anissa's storage room and aides her. Odell implies the possibility that Blackbird has been caught then leaves. Henderson visits Reverend Holt as he is likewise searching for Blackbird and is onto Holt, whom he captures.

Tobias is reestablished to his young appearance and uncovers to Lynn that he knows that Black Lightning is Jefferson just as the way that the entire family is excessively fueled, however he says that he will disregard Lynn and her little girls once he murders Black Lightning. Anissa and Tavon make it to the passage and away from Painkiller yet Tavon bites the dust. At the lab, Lynn is furious about the Tobias circumstance and she advises Odell to make Tobias vanish for all time once her work is finished. At school, irate over Tavon's demise, the children attempt to face the A.S.A., hitting a child with a weapon. Jefferson stands up to the A.S.A., yet they hazard him also. Jennifer winds up showing her forces on Brandon, who ingests them. Jennifer defies Odell about her dad getting beaten and he says he will criticize them. Rather, he lets Jennifer do it.

Henderson takes Two Bits and Holt to an area and gives them video of Jefferson being beaten and uncovers that he's needing to unite with them - he's been driving the uprising the entire time and Blackbird appears at go along with them. It's an ideal opportunity to bring down the A.S.A.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Requiem for Tavon," but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.

Behind the scenes

  • This episode was originally meant to air on November 4, but was instead delayed to November 11.[citation needed]