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"The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four" is the fourth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-third episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2019.



We start with Lynn discussing the meta infection. It obviously has Ebola properties and she's not had the option to settle it. She additionally noticed that it imparts shared characteristics to Green Light, which drove her to an achievement - kind of. She did some trying different things with the gainful characteristics of Green Light and tried it on herself to give herself super smarts. In Freeland, Jefferson is driving Jennifer to class and finds exactly how various things are and is alarmed. At one of the checkpoints there's an assault and Jefferson scarcely remains cool. Somewhere else, he meets with Gambi - in a shrouding gadget - who gives him an approach to incapacitate the GPS beacon Odell put in his new suit.

Jennifer meets with Odell. Jennifer questions why Odell hasn't halted the occupation, yet he keeps up his cases about the danger of the Markovians. Somewhere else a group part takes what gives off an impression of being a military-style gracefully truck. At the school, Jamila sneaks in to do her revealing, this time on the required testing for metas at the school. The new child professes to have just been tried. Odell sends Painkiller to discover the individuals taking "his" trucks and slaughter them. Jennifer discloses to her dad that when a war breaks out, he'll be happy for the A.S.A's. measures. One of the children winds up indicating Jefferson video of Blackbird. Jefferson is likewise educated that he's been made direction advisor complete with raise.

Jefferson meets with Odell, upset about the military nearness yet Odell advises him to do as he's told, or probably Jennifer and Anissa go to the pit. Henderson is additionally battling with the circumstance when the occupation powers appear and enlist the police headquarters and show him out of his office. Jennifer gets a book from Odell containing a video demonstrating Markovians assault on Sudan and it's horrendous. Lynn proceeds with her work yet is getting dependent on her Green Light creation. Blackbird appears at a firearm bargain and stands up to the individuals who have assaulted the A.S.A. checkpoint. Jefferson visits Anissa and meets Grace. Beauty thinks about Thunder and Blackbird and Jefferson is distraught. Beauty blows a gasket and shapeshifts. Anissa tosses Jefferson out. Anissa solaces Grace and calls her Shay Li Wylde and they fix things up.

Jefferson noticed that Lynn doesn't look extraordinary and she begins to have odd limited focus. She hustles back to the pit to work. Somewhere else, Painkiller practically torments warriors to give him data on the street pharmacist taking the trucks. At school Jennifer stands up for the occupation and the A.S.A. moves up right at that point and removes an understudy and hits the head. Lynn keeps on attempting to comprehend the infection circumstance and it shows up she does. At Gambi's, Jefferson learns Gambi is following Odell another A.S.A. individual to attempt to discover the pit. Jefferson goes to Anissa and requests help safeguarding the understudy.

Painkiller pursues the street pharmacist and executes him. Blackbird gets the safeguarded detainees to the border so they can get away. Odell faces Jefferson about assisting with the salvage. Gambi finds the A.S.A. pit. Odell discloses to Lynn she's despite everything required, and it's uncovered that Odell got Lynn dependent on Green Light intentionally. Jennifer calls Odell and he gives her another suit and a comm gadget. He advises her to fly up until it blares and when she does, she is high over the Earth where she ingests so much force.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Lynn's Ouroboros," but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.