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"The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three" is the third episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-second episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2019.



Things have been going from terrible to more awful for the Pierce family and all of Freeland on Black Lightning. The season debut saw Jennifer and Lynn isolated from their girls, secured down A.S.A. office with Agent Odell who isn't exacly speaking the truth about, well, anything. A week ago, fans found that the Markovian danger is, actually, genuine yet maybe more regrettable than that, Odell has had some accomplishment with his arrangements for Freeland's metahumans, re-designing Khalil into Painkiller and sending him out on a test: to murder his mom. Presently, strains are higher than any time in recent memory for everybody included and in this evening's "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream" we get the opportunity to discover when or if things are going to break.

We open with a preparation montage of Painkiller flaunting his hand to hand fighting abilities. He additionally has improved information in different territories also. Khalil is certainly gone. Anissa comes back to her loft and discovers Jennifer on her love seat. Jennifer is disturbed her sister was out the entire night with no contact. At the meta camp there's an isolate basically. Henderson converses with his official who uncovers that there is an infection going around. She's not taking care of things well and she's wiped out and there's no piece of information concerning what's going on with her or the others. She asks Henderson to take some taken cash she's covered up to her family before she crumples.

At the A.S.A. office, Odell visits Lynn and Jefferson in their specialty. Odell needs their assistance with the infection flare-up, uncovering that the infection just effects metas and is deadly. It ought to be need, Odell says. To use them, he clarifies that it could even slaughter their little girls. In Freeland, the A.S.A. seeks after Blackbird. She's pretty nailed down, yet messages Jen she'll be out late.

At school, another person appears searching for Jennifer. She should give him a visit. Back with the A.S.A. Odell visits Jefferson and cases Dr. Jace is directly outside the Freeland border. He gives Jefferson a watch that is loaded with tech that no one but he can utilize. Things being what they are, it contains an extravagant new Black Lightning suit. On the off chance that Jefferson helps Odell, he gets the opportunity to return home. At the camp, even local officials and the police are being enlisted and tried to check whether they are metahumans. Somewhere else, Odell visits Tobias. To get Tobias to go along, Odell torments him by turning on a concentrated UV light to consume his skin.

Jennifer gives the new child the most distressing school visit evil while somewhere else, Odell, advises Painkiller to get ready. Outside in Freeland, Henderson's better half visits him and a resident asks Henderson when all the franticness is going to stop. She likewise slaps him. Afterward, Odell returns and apologizes to Tobias. He needs his assistance, yet Tobias has requests. Lynn finds that the infection is artificial and that it likely originated from Cyclotronic - sent by Jace. Hendrson takes the cash to the official's family as he said. At the Pierce house, Odell is sitting tight for Jennifer and deceives her about the Markovians executing Khalil's mom. He likewise selects Jennifer to help with the Markovian danger.

Somewhere else, the Markovians recognize a "meteorite" in the sky, however it's really Black Lightning. The individual he saves concludes that their crucial currently to take out Dr. Jace. Dark Lightning at that point puts the beat down on some Markovians while the A.S.A. operator gets Jace's area. Somewhere else, Anissa and Grace reconnect. Anissa discloses to Grace she adores her regardless of what her shape. Beauty movements to an elderly person and says she doesn't have the foggiest idea who she is herself. At that point Anissa goes to the bar and finishes things with Jamila, who is cool with everything.

Jennifer - as Lightning - assaults an information ranch for Odell who at that point sends Painkiller to execute individuals a location he gives him. Back at the A.S.A., Odell discharge Jefferson and Lynn however they don't generally confide in it. They do get back, however, to both of their girls on the sofa sitting tight for them. Back at the A.S.A., Tobias sees Black Lightning in what gives off an impression of being a mental trip of sorts, however Tobias pronounces he will slaughter Black Lightning.



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