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"The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two" is the second episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-first episode overall. It aired on October 14, 2019.



Jefferson and Lynn are secured down an ASA office because of the danger of the Markovians, there's an edge around Freeland keeping everybody in, and Agent Odell isn't actually speaking the truth about anything as of now going in regards to metahumans and the genuine point of the ASA. The stakes are really high for everybody on Black Lightning and in this evening's "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam's Tasbih" we get the chance to see exactly how much so.

We open with the youthful Muslim lady from a week ago experiencing some terrible reactions from the "tests" being run on her in the ASA office before moving to Lala in a lodging attempting to work the folder case. He's hanging tight for Tobias Whale to discover him. At the police headquarters, Henderson holds a question and answer session expressing that the ASA presently needs to endorse all media communicates and data, accusing the assault for the confinement place on the Markovians finding things because of the media - then again, actually assault wasn't the Markovians. Somewhere else, Agent Odell gets a correspondence about the Markovians and calls for Commander Williams.

Jefferson and Lynn talk while in confinement. Lynn inquires as to whether he needs to experience a few information with her. Jefferson brings up that Odell is playing her and entirely soon, Williams appears at the room as they out of nowhere can't hear them. Jefferson needs to contact his children, however Williams won't. He requests that they tail him. They're examined and afterward taken into another living region that is substantially more extravagant. They need Lynn's assistance with the unit children and Green Light infants. Jefferson is beginning to scrutinize the legitimacy of the Markovian danger. He and Lynn differ on the best way to deal with the circumstance. Somewhere else a lot of youngsters show up in a vehicle of sorts detailing for "obligation" at Wolfsbane Mountain. Turns out, the Markovians are a genuine danger and they're wanting America.

Authority Williams appears at the police headquarters, proclaims military law, and takes one of the officials guaranteeing she utilizes Green Light and could be a meta. Outside the edge, Blackbird/Anissa is fine and attempting to lead the metas to wellbeing however the Perdi she spared from Looker a year ago is upset. Jennifer is visited by Agent Odell in light of the fact that the reconnaissance framework in the house slammed. He's searching for Anissa however offers her a telephone with a video from her folks and discloses to her she can call him on that telephone. Out in the city, Lala goes searching for data.

The Perdi needs to set boundaries for their assistance with the metas. Blackbird gets rough and forceful when the Perdi endeavor to hold fast. In Freeland, Henderson furtively meets with Gambi. Gambi needs something from Henderson to spare Anissa yet Henderson stands up to. In the ASA office, Lynn attempts to help Maryam. Her body is separating from the utilization of her forces which is the reason she's having such a large number of horrible side effects.

In Freeland, Henderson stands up to Williams about his taken official and in the interruption, Gambi sneaks in and takes whatever it is he needs. Lala stands up to individuals over the proportions when an adversary criminal appears and shoots him. Obviously, Lala doesn't remain dead and the other person escapes. The Perdi have a difference in heart when one of the metas is uncovered to have the option to control plants. Gambi can contact Anissa and uncovers that units are assembling conceivably to attack the Perdi. Anissa takes them out, however it turns out those units are Markovian.

With Jefferson's assistance, Lynn attempts to help Maryam, however she crumples. Somewhere else in the office, it's uncovered that Khalil is alive however being utilized as a weapon that Odell is truly programming - called Painkiller - that they intend to use on an objective by having him slaughter her. The objective? His mom. Khalil is the trial of a mind wipe chip. Maryam uncovers to Jefferson a portion of the subtleties of what she's found in the office. Odell makes it understood he thinks about Jefferson's capacity increment.

Afterward, Jefferson discloses to Lynn what Maryam let him know and she's distraught he talked with her. They battle. In Freeland Khalil as Painkiller appears at his mom's home and murders her. At school, Jennifer endeavors to separate a battle and winds up thrashing the individuals who attempt to assault her, quickly showing her forces.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Maryam's Tasbih," but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.