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For the Supergirlepisode, see "Exodus".

"The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus" is the eighth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-first episode overall. It aired on December 4, 2018.



Jennifer and Khalil prepare to leave Freeland. Knowing they need money, Khalil stops at Club 100 and tries to bluff them into handing over money. However, Tobias has posted a bounty on Khalil's head and they attack him, forcing him to defend himself. Jennifer hears the commotion and helps Khalil but is angry with him for trying to steal the money.

Lynn and Anissa learn that Gambi is alive as they begin to search for Jennifer. After hearing that Perenna said that Jennifer left with a boy, Anissa realizes that she means Khalil because of a text that Jennifer received. Jefferson gets Deputy Chief Henderson to put out an arrest warrant for Khalil and an APB for Jennifer. He agrees to do it but says that he is having increasing trouble with the Green Light Babies.

Tobias visits Nichelle Payne to get her to contact her son and tell him to keep his mouth shut. Nichelle refuses, which Tobias respects since she is a strong black woman. He doesn't kill Nichelle because he has a "No Mamas" rule and wonders how her son is so weak when she is strong.

Jennifer and Khalil take refuge with Khalil's aunt. Jennifer calls her family to let them know she is okay. Gambi tries to trace the call but can only the nearest cell tower. Lynn drinks heavily and breaks down in Jennifer's room and is comforted by Jefferson. Jennifer starts to cut off Khalil's dreadlocks to disguise him and finds a small lump on the back of his head that she advises him to get checked out.

Tobias talks to a picture of Tori and reflects on his mistakes with Khalil and the need to stop being stubborn and change things that need to be changed. Jefferson tells Anissa that she should have told them about the text Jennifer received from Khalil. Feeling like she is being blamed for Jennifer leaving, Anissa bluntly tells him that his actions were the cause and that Jefferson pushed her away.

Nichelle visits Lynn and gives the address of her sister, Yvette. She believes that Khalil would have headed there. Tobias hires a mercenary named Cutter to hunt down Khalil. He has a tracker implanted in Khalil but cannot act himself due to his new role as an upstanding member of society.

Cutter poses as a police officer and knocks on Yvette's door. While Khalil and Jennifer hide, Yvette realizes that Cutter is no police officer. Cutter attacks, forcing Khalil to knock out his aunt and start fighting with Cutter. Jennifer drags Yvette to safety and tries to help Khalil but is pinned to the wall by Cutter's knives. As Cutter prepares to kill Khalil, Black Lightning and Thunder arrive. As they fight Cutter, Jennifer and Khalil escape but Gambi continues to track them with a drone. Jennifer uses her powers to short out the drone.

After dealing with Cutter, Black Lightning and Thunder start to search for Jennifer and Khalil. Jennifer realizes that the lump in Khalil's head is the tracker and uses her power to short it out. Cutter reports to Tobias that Black Lightning and Thunder intervened in her mission. Tobias remembers all the times that Black Lightning has shown up to rescue Jennifer and begins to piece things together.



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