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"The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-third episode overall. It aired on January 21, 2019.



Anissa drives around looking from Jennifer and Khalil while Jefferson and Gambi monitor from the van. As they leave the barn, Cutter reveals herself from her hiding place and frees her hands.

Khalil and Jennifer go to Khalil's home which he has set up in an abandoned train car. Lynn gives Jefferson the information about Khalil having a private place, which leads Gambi to start tracking his cellphone signal and eliminating all known locations in order to find his secret location.

Jennifer and Khalil share some private moments, although Jennifer is not ready to lose her virginity in a train car while they are on the run. As they talk about their future plans, Jefferson, Anissa, Gambi, and Lynn begin searching in a narrowed down location for the two runaways.

Tobias Whale and Todd Green have dinner together where they discuss what Tobias needs. Tobias produces Martin Proctor's briefcase but they are interrupted by a phone call from Cutter where she tells him that she has lost Khalil. Cutter requests the last locations of Khalil's implant in an effort to find him.

The search continues for Jennifer and Khalil. Lynn reaches the train yard and begins calling out for her daughter. They hear her and lie low while Lynn implores them to come home and promising to help them out. Jefferson, Lynn and Anissa arrive home to find Jennifer and Khalil waiting for them. Jefferson is angry at Khalil's presence.

Tobias explains about Proctor's briefcase and that he needs Todd to decrypt the rest of the information in the case. Cutter arrives and Todd gives her the list of Khalil's last locations. Cutter visits Khalil's train hideout.

Khalil apologizes for getting Jennifer into trouble and reveals that he figured out Jefferson is Black Lightning. Khalil is a danger to Tobias and can put the crimelord behind bars. Jefferson believes that the only way for Khalil to be safe is to turn himself in and testify against Tobias. Khalil agrees. Jefferson brokers a deal with Deputy Chief Bill Henderson for Khalil to surrender after seeing his mother one last time.

Tobias receives a tip from ADA Montez about Khalil's agreement with the Freeland Police Department and sends Cutter after him. After Khalil says his goodbyes to his mother, he is transported by police convoy. The convoy is ambushed by Cutter, who takes Khalil to Tobias. Tobias brutally rips Khalil's mechanical spine implant out of his back and throws it to the floor. Khalil and the implant are dumped outside Reverend Holt's church.

Shortly after, Todd cracks the encryption on the briefcase and gains full access to its contents dealing with Meta-humans and Project Masters of Disaster.



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