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"The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of Magi" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-second episode overall. It aired on December 11, 2018.



Khalil and Jennifer take refuge in an abandoned burn. Khalil's wound from Cutter starts to affect his health and Jennifer thinks it is infected. She heads off to a hospital to try and get some antibiotics.

At Yvette's house, Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi make sure Khalil's aunt is okay. Finding blood splatter from a knife, Gambi suggests that one of the two is injured so the trio decide to stake out local hospitals in case they go for treatment.

Feeling useless, Lynn goes to visit Nichelle Payne in an effort to find clues as to where Khalil might have gone. Lynn finds a photo of Khalil's father and decides to try and find him despite Nichelle's assertions that he can go to hell.

At Colletta Institute of Technology, Todd Green is turned down for a grant in favor of Garett Tortolani. Green points out that Tortolani was given the grant because his rich white father donated money to the Institute. His outburst leads to him being removed from the Institute's grounds. Arriving at his car, Todd finds a note telling him to be at Club 100 that night.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and uses her powers to override the medicine dispensing system, managing to steal enough medication for Khalil. On her way out, she spots her father and sister looking for her, but evades them. As she leaves the hospital, Jennifer is unaware that Cutter is following her. Jennifer returns to Khalil and treats him with the medication.

At the hospital, Jefferson and Anissa overhear maintenance talking about the machine that Jennifer fried and call Gambi. Gambi hacks into the hospital security system and finds video footage of Jennifer. They get Gambi to delete the footage and also find Cutter on the security footage. Since the footage shows Jennifer heading east after leaving, Jefferson tries to go after her using his powers to fly while still in his civilian clothes. Gambi repeatedly stops him from displaying his powers in public and without his suit.

At the barn, Jennifer is worried that the antibiotics are not working as Khalil's condition worsens.

At Club 100, Todd Green meets with Tobias Whale who displays in-depth knowledge of his life. Tobias tells Todd that despite his private schooling and good family, that he is constantly passed over because of his color. Tobias offers to change Todd's life. During the meeting he takes a call from Cutter who tells him that Khalil will be dead in the hour because she used a poisoned blade on him. Tobias tells her that the conditions of the contract were for Khalil to be alive and he will accept nothing else.

Gambi identifies Cutter and briefs Jefferson and Anissa on her abilities, which includes the theory that she is a low-level telekinetic meta. Jefferson and Anissa prepare to split up to cover more ground. Gambi also helps Lynn locate Khalil's father, Kito Payne.

Khalil's condition worsens. Jennifer figures out that she can use her powers to sense electrical output, including batteries and the human body. She realizes that they are being observed by Cutter. As Cutter enters the barn, she is ambushed by Jennifer who incapacitates her. Jennifer figures out that Cutter poisons her blades by cutting her with one and then forcing her to reveal where the antidote is. Jennifer uses it to save Khalil.

Lynn visits Kito and finds out that Khalil had his own place where he was staying at, rather than staying with Tobias.

Jefferson, Anissa and Gambi finally lock onto Jennifer's power signature and head off towards the location. When they arrive, they find that Jennifer and Khalil have left and no Cutter.

Todd initially declines Tobias' offer until he is won over by Tobias transferring a rather large sum of money into his account. On the road, Khalil and Jennifer talk about running and hiding. Khalil tells Jennifer that she should go home because she deserves a better life. Jennifer tells him that they are in it together.

At a bar, a teleporting meta-human kills a large number of people before reporting in to his employer. He is given his next target, located in Freeland.



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