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"The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 1, 2021.



Three days have passed and Lynn Stewart still has not discussed her outing with Tobias Whale to Jefferson Pierce; conversely, Jefferson has not discussed his part in the underground fight club led by Lala. Jefferson's trust in Lynn wanes with each passing day, to the point that he dreams about Tobias killing him as Lynn gets high.

In the Sanctum, Baron is asked by Peter Gambi to the find the flaws in the Direct Energy Guns (DEGs) so that their distribution to the Freeland Police Department will be slowed. Gambi has been researching the actions of Tobias, but has found nothing illegal. When Jefferson confronts Tobias, Tobias threathens to reveal the Pierce family's Secret identities, making Jefferson compliant.

Lightning turns into energy.

At Anissa's loft, Grace Choi is carried over the threshold after release from the hospital; however, the newlyweds have an argument about Grace's belongings clashing with Anissa's style for the place.

Tobias has a meeting that includes Mayor Billy Black and Police Chief Ana Lopez where he continues to pledge money to the city; Tobias talks the mayor into having a gun buy-back program at the "violence-free" zone at the park where the homeless stay.

Baron, who is concerned about her trips into the ionosphere, shows Jennifer Pierce that Lightning's social media account has over two million followers.

Lala has The 100 test the DEGs he stole from a soldier that he killed but the guns are defective except one. Deputy Chief Wesley Robinson is in debt to Lala for his fight-club wagers so he informs the gangster that a shipment of the new DEG's is scheduled for two days. Lala promises that The 100 will be without equal once they steal the weapons.

Lala confronts Jefferson about being a regular fighter in the club over the past three days; Jefferson just wants to relieve his frustration. The men agree that he can have one last fight.

Baron watches the latest fight with Jennifer. To confirm her suspicions when she sees the fighters, Jennifer asks Baron to unscramble the faces; she becomes quite upset to see her father in illegal combat.

Anissa and Grace reconcile and, as Blackbird and Wylde, respectively, meet with Lightning to protect Mayor Black while he is at the gun buy-back program. The 100 lead an assassination attempt on the mayor and the mayor is killed; Chief Lopez blames the Meta-humans for their unsolicited interference as vigilantes.

Gambi delays the DEG shipment by showing their flaws to Lauren Caruso. The two rekindle their romance.

After Jefferson and Lynn argue about their respective secrets, Jefferson goes to a bar where Hassan Shakur talks about how Black Lightning saved his life and future. Jefferson apologizes to Lynn and the two decide to work together against Tobias.

Tobias and Red laugh as no one expects that Red used his magnetic powers to kill Mayor Black. Tobias predicted that The 100 would attack, the heroes would defend, and Tobias would get his revenge for the mayor's defiance.

Jennifer goes to the ionosphere for some peace and quiet. Suddenly, she loses control of her powers. Lightning explodes!



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "A Light in the Darkness", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.
  • When Jefferson refuses to sit, Tobias warns him that if he doesn't, he'll tell everyone in Freeland that his family are the "chocolate-covered Incredibles". This is a reference to the animated superhero film, 'The Incredibles', about a hero coming out of retirement.