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"The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter One" is the first episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the forty-sixth episode overall. It aired on February 8, 2021.



Jefferson at Henderson's grave.

A year has passed since the War for Freeland, but Jefferson Pierce is still mourning Bill Henderson as if he died yesterday. Jeff no longer sees the point of wearing the Black Lightning suit because he feels he cannot protect the ones he loves, including his best friend and "brother" Bill.

Leaving the graveyard, Jefferson happens upon two policemen harassing a Black male whom they assumed carried drugs. In anger, Jefferson electrocutes the policemen, but immediately afterwards, regrets his choice, causing Jefferson to alter their memories and disable most of the cameras in the area. Jeff then goes to counseling with Lynn where they discuss how he has been changing over the last year.

The 100

Meanwhile, Thunder and Lightning have been the crime-fighting duo of Freeland, thwarting the plans of The 100; this angers Lala and he threatens his lieutenants with death if they do not kill Lightning themselves.

Upon watching the news, where Ana Lopez is now the chief of police, Jefferson learns that Tobias Whale is back in Freeland and is reinventing his image by donating money to causes that help the city to rebuild after the damage caused by the war. The Pierce family feels threatened because Tobias knows their Secret identities, but, to end an argument, Jefferson declares that Tobias is untouchable to all but him, since the others want to kill him.

Lynn is experimenting with different powers, particularly those of Gravedigger, as she secretly fights crime.

Jefferson gets a phone call and learns that Bill had a protege named Hassan Shakur; the detective gives Jefferson a letter from Bill that Hassan can be trusted and is a good officer.

Hassan and Ana visit Jefferson at work and confront him about why his license plate matches the car seen on a camera near where the officers were assaulted. Jefferson lies, unconvincingly, about his whereabouts when the incident happened.

Detective Hassan Shakur

Thunder and Lightning attack The 100, but the gangsters fight back and blast Lightning with a meta-human weapon that almost kills her. Thunder takes her to the Sanctum where Lightning's healing factor saves her life. Anissa and Jefferson argue that the women are being too reckless as crime fighters; Jefferson and Peter Gambi research and learn who the shooter was.

Not bothering to change into costume, Jefferson goes to the house of the gang member and beats him mercilessly, putting him in the hospital after he blinded him. Ana and Hassan go to the hospital and find Black Lightning's behavior unbelievable.

Tobias pretends that he does not know who Lynn is when he is introduced to her at her research facility about meta-human study. Tobias is now on the directors' board and is a heavy financial contributor at her job.

Lightning, as usual, flies above the city to be alone. Suddenly, she starts to free fall...



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Collateral Damage", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.
  • The scene where the cops pull over the kid who plays a violin was inspired by the real life incident where some cops shot and killed an African American kid who'd play the violin for animals at an animal shelter.[citation needed]