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"The Book of Resistance: Chapter One" is the sixth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 18, 2019.



We open with Anissa shooting what could be a last message to her family as she keeps on battling with Painkiller's poison in her framework, guaranteeing that regardless of whether she kicks the bucket it will have all been justified, despite all the trouble since she rose up to battle. Slice to 30 hours sooner at the congregation. It's Tavon's administration with the Pierce family in participation. Lynn is pleased Jefferson sometimes fell short for up to retaliate for him, upsetting both Jefferson and Anissa all the while. Jamillah then appears and impolitely endeavors to talk with Jefferson at the administration. He decides to address one inquiry, what he'd state to Tavon. He'd reveal to him he's glad for him and that his demise won't be futile.

The following day, Lynn goes up against Jefferson about a portion of his exercises as Black Lightning and they battle as they generally differ about how to deal with the Agent Odell circumstance as well as his job as Black Lightning. Somewhere else, Gambi is chipping away at Anissa's physical issue and keeping in mind that she's not taking care of Tavon's demise well, Gambi's news is significantly increasingly grim. The toxic substance would have just murdered her in the event that she wasn't a metahuman yet now it's smothering her meta quality altogether. Gambi is taking a shot at an immunizing agent venom and there may not be sufficient opportunity.

Henderson meets with the obstruction and gripes about the ASA's phony news crusade curving reality with regards to them and Truthteller Johnson has been murdered so they have to go more extensive with their message. The arrangement currently is to some way or another communicate to all of Freeland and Henderson now needs to locate another voice for the development. At the ASA, Tobias is completely reestablished, and he attempts to persuade Lynn that he's a "genuine companion" who might cross her to her face instead of Odell, who might utilize her. He additionally uncovers he thinks about Black Lightning's most recent experiences. Lynn asks what he needs. He needs a rundown of the metas and their forces.

Anissa keeps on debilitating, and Jefferson visits her to monitor her just as apologize for compelling her to take Tavon back to Freeland. He censures himself for Tavon's passing, however Anissa contends it is still all on her for feeling free to do it. She makes Jefferson leave and afterward falls. Anissa awakens with Grace dealing with her, having discovered her on the floor. Anissa plays things off, however Grace discloses to her that Anissa scents of death. Anissa keeps on playing things off however the toxic substance is spreading. Somewhere else, Jennifer breaks into Brandon's loft and discovers plants, a lab, a lot of different things and finds that he has a lot of examination on her mom on his PC. They meta battle.

Odell visits Jefferson and says he has a group of nervous system specialist prepared to give him an assessment, undermining results of breaking their arrangement. Jefferson says the arrangement is finished and undermines him. In the mean time some probably ASA officers are in a vehicle truck when a man - a Markovian - transports in and kills them all, accessing Freeland.

At the police headquarters, Henderson investigates Jamillah and takes steps to prison her on the off chance that she doesn't stop her revealing, yet it's each of the a trick. Henderson needs her to be the voice of the individuals and the opposition development. In the lab, Lynn gathers the data Tobias requested and keeps on dosing with her Green Light-based medication however she specifically evacuates the records of two of the children. Brandon uncovers to Jennifer that he's searching for Dr. Jace in light of the fact that Jace murdered his mom and he likewise flaunts his forces by transforming coal into precious stone as his forces let him control the earth. While Gambi takes a shot at something to help Anissa, he understands the toxin is like Painkiller's.

Lynn gives Tobias the record and he insults her about Odell and cleverly proposes that Odell murdered Isa. Effortlessness gets back home and discovers Anissa seizing and calls for help from Gambi. His antitoxin works and afterward he leaves. Odell is alarmed about the teleporter and defies the Markovian. A gunfight breaks out with Odell gravely harmed when Black Lightning appears. The Markovian escapes and Odell bites the dust, calling Black Lightning "pitiable" for not slaughtering.

Henderson acquaints the opposition with Jamillah, and she does her first city wide communicate. Back at the Markovian base, the teleporter gets paid for his work and notices Black Lightning, getting the consideration of Dr. Jace. They need Lynn's adjustment work for their own motivations. At the burial ground, Gambi finds Khalil's grave is vacant and back at home, Lynn gathers her sacks, asserting she and Jefferson are finished.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Knocking on Heaven's Door", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.