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"The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace" is the eighth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on December 2, 2019.



We open with Tobias Whale at the ASA office simply talking, like what we found in the season debut, however here Tobias claims that dislike the others. Somewhere else, Jefferson awakens alone after Lynn and his contention incited her to leave. She likewise doesn't answer his call. Gambi tests Anissa's forces. She has returned to typical, however she despite everything has an injury/scar where she was contaminated. She needs to return to work. Gambi shows her a news thing from outside the city that has been sending falsehood about the explanation Freeland is on lockdown. Gambi says they have to figure out how to get the genuine data out there.

At the ASA, Lynn keeps on searching for Khalil when Tobias is gotten. He keeps on bothering her, disclosing to her that she recognizes what the ASA will do with the metas once she balances out them. Lynn says she knows yet she believes she's giving them a decision. Tobias says they won't, and neither will anybody in Freeland with a meta quality as the ASA will simply flood the city with Green Light and it'll be her shortcoming.

Jennifer appears at Brandon's. They apologize to one another after he tossed her out last time. He guesses that his forces ground out Jennifer's. Blackbird visits Jamila to request that her set up film so they can get the message outside of Freeland. At home, Henderson visits Jefferson and concurs they should be on a similar group. Their third grade instructor, Mrs. Shepherd, needs their assistance on the grounds that the ASA has assumed control over Franklin Terrace as sleeping quarters and expelled everybody - yet Mrs. Shepherd is declining to leave.

Brandon uncovers that Dr. Jace probed his mom while pregnant with him and he at last watched her bite the dust. He wound up in child care. Presently he's searching for Dr. Jace to end her. Jennifer uncovers she knows the specialist's last known whereabouts. At Franklin Terrace, Jefferson and Henderson go in to talk with the woman declining to leave. She helps him to remember the criticalness of the condo and how it's a piece of their history. She isn't leaving. She needs to retaliate. Jefferson leaves, yet calls Henderson and advises him to get everyone excited. They're holding fast. Jefferson gets ready.

Gambi finds a deserted radio pinnacle they can use for their communicate when updates on the Franklin Terrace episode hits. Jennifer suits back up as Thunder to go help Black Lightning. Thunder appears ok on schedule and the ASA troops fall back and the opposition appears. At the radio pinnacle, Gambi experiences one of the Pod Kids, Baron and persuades him that he's attempting to help spare Freeland. At the ASA, Lynn collaborates with Tobias to stop the ASA, however his arrangement is for her to break him out. He needs Lynn to give him Maryam's forces of cover. Jennifer uncovers that Jace isn't in Freeland and in his irritated, he basically causes a seismic tremor before dropping. Nobleman - who passes by Technocrat or TC - helps Gambi get things going. In the interim at Franklin Terrace, Painkiller appears and goes head to head with Thunder. He removes his veil and she finds he's Khalil before he goes down. Thunder shows up at the pinnacle to help get out the communicate. As they are transferring things, the sign begins to stick yet Baron gets it through. Afterward, Gambi pulls out Baron's ASA record and is alarmed that the ASA lockdown strategy has started and they're attempting to secure Lynn. She snatches a lot of her pills and the fix and Gambi guides her out yet she drops her sack simultaneously.

At Franklin Terrace, the leader adjusts Black Lighting's capacity and assaults him however he's immediately overpowered by the force and falls. The obstruction wins the day with Black Lightning at last ready.



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