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"The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two" is the seventh episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on November 25, 2019.



Things aren't working out in a good way for Grace. Her drug isn't working and she's shapeshifting crazy - she's in a youngster's structure when Anissa discovers her, and she causes her with an unwinding method to quiet her down. All things considered, Grace is blowing a gasket about the ASA and is stressed that they will take her particularly since Anissa's forces haven't return. At the Pierce house, Jennifer takes a gander at old photographs of Khalil when Odell messages her. In the mean time, Gambi affirms that Khalil and the ASA specialist Painkiller is the equivalent and he's called Lynn to his shelter to gain admittance to Pit so he can get to the association's centralized computer. At the congregation, the Resistance attempts to shape their subsequent stages with the ASA shutting in.

Jennifer goes to meet Odell however meets the acting executive rather who uncovers Odell was shot, yet not dead. The acting executive grounds Lightning and reveals to her that she can't utilize her forces as a result of the Markovian danger. Jennifer isn't getting it and requests all the data the ASA has on Dr. Jace all together for the new young lady to procure her trust. In the interim the Resistance makes a play with Henderson and the Reverend trusting that a bomb will go off at a checkpoint so they can pass through, Black Lightning appears and defuses said bomb demolishing the arrangement. The following day, Henderson stands up to Jefferson and they generally differ over how to manage the ASA circumstance.

At the Pit, another specialist compliments Lynn and the acting chief appears while she's working with one of the settled metas. She needs them to be working at 100% so Lynn requests access to all the documents. The acting chief awards it yet only for the Green Light Metas. At school. Jennifer and Brandon are talking when a Markovian assault drill begins and the pair duck into a protected spot together. Jennifer discloses to him that she can assist him with discovering Dr. Jace. At the congregation, the ASA comes to separate the entryway - which is in fact infringing upon the law - yet the children aren't there. They're covering up at Two Bits'.

Anissa calls Jefferson to her place and requests his assistance accompanying kids out of Freeland. Jefferson can't help contradicting her work with the obstruction with Jefferson concentrated on his belief systems, however Anissa actually needs his assistance. She's stressed over Grace, she's despite everything harmed, and she needs him to step up as her dad and help her. At the Pit, Lynn gets Gambi to the centralized server. In Freeland, the ASA proceeds with their entryway to-entryway fear crusade and conflicts with what has all the earmarks of being Markovians stowing away in a house. Dark Lightning appears and kills the danger a lot to the stun of the ASA powers, yet when one of the ASA warriors' killings individuals, the acting chief undermines Black Lightning by revealing to him she'll call airstrikes on the city on the off chance that he doens't down. In the Pit, Gambi finds that undoubtedly Khalil is alive and with the ASA.

Turns out, it's much more confounded than Khalil is "alive". The ASA keeps him in balance and has a chip in him that generally controls him. Subsequent to affirming his recollections are flawless, Lynn awakens him and he knows her from his documents, he's freezing. Gambi requests that he express his ongoing missions and he uncovers every one of his monstrosities, including the homicide of his mom. Lynn returns him to balance and is resolved to spare him, against Gambi's recommendation. She instructs him to leave. He uncovers that he has now given her authoritative rights to the ASA arrange.

Jennifer attempts to discover what happens when her and Brandon's forces combine, however he needs to recognize what she thinks about Jace - which is nothing, so he shows her out. Anissa takes a high schooler structure Grace to Black Lightning so he can get her out of Freeland. At the bar, however, the Reverend doesn't confide in Black Lightning and monologs, at the end of the day, they move with the ASA close by.

As Black Lightning endeavors to get the children out, things go south. The ASA appears and the acting chief advises the officers to execute the children. Dark Lightning remains among them and utilizations his forces to retaliate. Anissa needs to go help, yet Gambi won't let her leave his fortification. Dark Lightning returns to the children, yet Grace has fled so Black Lightning leaves a young lady named Natalie in control while he goes to discover her. Shockingly, Grace transforms into a panther and assaults an ASA officer and, at that point Black Lightning finds the ravaged body. The panther at that point hazards Black Lightning yet moves to Grace when she understands it's him - and that he's Anissa's father.

At home, Jennifer gets the Dr. Jace documents from the ASA while in the Pit, Khalil torments his competing opponent and is given another objective to follow: Black Lightning.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Henderson's Opus", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.