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"The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the fifty-seventh episode overall. It aired on May 17, 2021.



JJ is still grieving for Uriah's death, and Jefferson checks in on her and helps her recover by telling her how he dealt with his father's loss. Tobias Whale is working with the Shadow Board to kill Jefferson.

Meanwhile, as Khalil is taking Looker back to Freeland to testify, they are confronted by Ishmael, who's sent by Tobias to kill them both. Khalil allows Painkiller to take over, and they engage in an epic fight. When Painkiller uses the poison blood for the sword, it finally kills Ishmael. Khalil turns in Looker to the police.

While JJ is in the ionosphere charges, TC gives the signal and tells her the location of Red, ⁣ as they discussed earlier in the episode. JJ turns Red in to Chief Lopez for he killed Uriah Coleman. Lopez threatens that all meta-humans should be wiped out, which JJ transmits to the world, asking the Chief if she wants to be a hero or a villain. Tired of her failures, Lopez takes the meta human booster and puts on the brace.

Jefferson calls Tobias Whale, telling him he can sign the papers and get the money for the house. Jeff then goes to Gambi's lab to get a device to wipe Tobias whale's memory about Black Lightning's identity and tells Gambi he wants to go alone, and it will end tonight. He then gives Lynn his updated will before he goes to see Tobias. When Tobias was surprised that Jeff is not fighting, Jeff tells him he already took everything for him, his reputation, his powers, and Freeland. While Tobias Whale was happy hearing this from him, He attempts to wipe Tobias's memory but fails, and Tobias destroys the device. They then have a hand-to-hand fight with Jeff getting a lucky hit but is defeated by Tobias Whale. He also admits he killed Jefferson's father and seemingly kills him the same way. He then called JJ and shows a picture that he killed Jefferson.



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  • The episode was previously titled “The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One: Crossroads”.[1]
    • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as “Crossroads”, but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.