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"The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure" is the thirteenth and final episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the fifty-eighth and final episode overall. It aired on May 24, 2021.



The scene opens with the Pierce family in the Sanctum with TC and Gambi managing what seems, by all accounts, to be the passing of Jefferson. The photograph is genuine and Gambi hasn't had the option to discover Jefferson. The arrangement presently is to get the forces back and follow Tobias so Jefferson hasn't passed on to no end. Anissa pronounces that Tobias Whale is going down for every one of his wrongdoings against the Pierces as well as the entire city of Freeland.

Tobias has a public interview requesting that individuals go along with him in making "Freeland extraordinary once more". At the police headquarters, Detective Shakur discovers the meta boosters in Chief Lopez's office and acknowledges what she's finished. He attempts to consider apparently Black Lightning to alarm him that she has energy-retaining power and is looking for trouble.

Jefferson awakens in a final resting place. He shouts for help yet nobody can hear him as he's been covered in a plain grave. He continues to hear Tobias' voice in his mind, further upsetting him in the circumstance. We get a flashback to thirty years prior. Youthful Jefferson sits and watches Gambi cover somebody. Jefferson executed a gangster in self-protection with his forces, and Jefferson vowed to never murder again. Gambi says he'll show him how to utilize his forces for great.

Gambi gets a break on where the producer is being kept - Drakestone, which is claimed by Tobias. Getting to it will be a significant test. They at that point understand that JJ has returned to the ionosphere to energize again and keeping in mind that there, she's sucked into an energy mass prior to getting away. She gets back to the Sanctum and almost implodes. She gets over it. In the mean time, in the ionosphere, the energy starts to take a face, at that point a structure. It's Jen. The genuine Jen (played by China Anne McClain).

JJ and TC have gone into the passages and JJ is acting unusual before she falls. Jen appears. Incidentally, JJ jacked Jen's DNA and was imitating her and now Jen has returned to reclaim her life. JJ and Jen battle, however when JJ assaults TC, it infuriates Jen. JJ clarifies that whatever she will be, she's from the Glaze (what they call the ionosphere) and has no actual body of her own. She was jealous of Jen and utilized Jen's outings to the ionosphere to, ultimately, assume control over her life. JJ figures out how to get the advantage and Jen sees her life fly away with a sense of finality.

Gambi gets to the tomb where the producer is being kept and he, Grace, and Anissa start their assault. They battle their way through certain watchmen and overcome a few impediments and Gambi discovers the producer, sets it for certain explosives, and explodes. Forces are reestablished and Wylde and Thunder appear at save Gambi in the nick of time. On out, however, Thunder is shot with the cutting edge DEGs.

In his casket, time is expiring for Jefferson and he says his last supplications. His dad's demise flies away with a sense of finality and Jefferson gets together with him again in a space among life and passing. His dad confers upon him some shrewdness, revealing to him that he has all he requires to stop Tobias. He advises him to quit stowing away under the bed and complete it. Jefferson awakens in his casket, his forces reestablished. He attracts power from the promethium the actual Earth and uses it to get away from his grave.

Gambi, Anissa, and Grace appear at the Sanctum. She endure the DEGs. Jefferson checks in and gets Tobias' area. Jen impacts JJ and afterward completely accepts her Lightning powers, inundating JJ and finishing her.

The police track down the head retaining power from the force lattice and Shakur takes off to manage her. Shakur appears at prevent the Chief from sending the city into a power outage, yet she turns on them. Lightning - the genuine Jen - appears at battle her. Lightning brings her down without any problem.

Black Lightning appears at Tobias' and the two battle in a hard and fast fight of clench hands and powers. In any case, Black Lightning shoots Tobias out the window and he winds up pierced on a spike on an overhang. Tobias pulls out firearms to begin firing and Black Lightning impacts him again. Tobias quickly ages and kicks the bucket. TC, presently re-controlled, goes into Khalil/Painkiller's brain to disclose to them that Tobias is dead. He likewise reveals to them that he can liberate them from the execute request against the Pierces yet in the event that they dispose of the slaughter request, he fails to remember the Pierces. Khalil chooses to cut the line, figuratively speaking, and fail to remember the young lady he loves to stop the slaughter request against the Pierces.

In Freeland, with Tobias dead, the Pierce family observes Anissa and Grace's wedding. Jen battles with the way that her dad is the lone individual who acknowledged JJ wasn't right, yet she gets feeling great to assist kick with offing the festivals. Jefferson and Lynn declare that they are getting remarried after this time. Jefferson additionally reports that he is resigning as Black Lightning, giving the battle for Freeland to Lightning, Thunder, and Wylde. Gambi additionally declares his retirement, giving things to TC.

The arrangement closes with Lala at last getting away from the substantial he's been encased in after it was wrecked during the final fight. Upon discovering Tobias' pierced corpse outside the window, Lala chuckles "someone finally stuck it to your ass".



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  • The episode was previously titled "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two".[1]
  • Will Catlett improvised the last line in the episode and series. In an interview with TVLine, Salim Akil praised Catlett's contribution to the final scene and got excited the moment he heard it. But couldn't say anything because the cameras were still rolling.[2]
  • "JJ Stewart", the woman Jennifer seemingly becomes after returning from the ionosphere, is revealed to be an impostor from the sphere itself. The real Jennifer breaks out of the sphere and merges with JJ, making them one.
  • Jefferson and Gambi decide to retire their vigilante activities, passing their roles to Anissa, Jennifer and Grace, as well as Baron, respectively.
  • Though Jefferson has retired from hero life in this episode Cress Williams is confirmed to reprise his role in Armageddon.