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"The Book of Reunification: Chapter One" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the fifty-fifth episode overall. It aired on May 3, 2021.



Jen is falling quickly to the ground, however a power field that is important for her new uniform prevents her from tumbling to her destruction. TC sorts out that all metahumans have lost their forces. Dark Lightning's battle proceeds with Ishmael and with Black Lightning feeble, the professional killer nearly wins, yet Gambi initiates the suit's covertness mode which permits him to move away. Effortlessness pushes Anissa far removed of the quickly moving vehicle simply just under the wire.

Anissa and Grace go through Darius' condo searching for the information he had assembled and they discover it. Everybody assembles at the Sanctum searching for answers. Analyst Shakur calls Jefferson, making him aware of Lynn's capture. At the area, Shakur discloses to Jefferson that he confides in Henderson's assessment of him so he allows Jefferson to have a couple of moments with Lynn. Lynn is scared as the charges against her are desperate. Jefferson discloses to her that they've lost her forces. Her lawyer - an old companion who is likewise pricey - appears at help. Jefferson needs to leave and leave rapidly.

JJ goes to remain with Anissa and Grace. JJ is battling with character not having her forces. At Tobias' sepulcher, the machine keeps working and incidentally, there is a wristband that counters the hosing impacts. Tobias is prepared for the following period of the arrangement. Jefferson fills everybody in on Lynn's circumstance. Anissa uncovers that Lynn called her and she called Keith, the legal counselor. Anissa is additionally paying Lynn's $3 million bail. JJ is fixated on getting her forces back. TC had Philky unravel the drives for Anissa. Khalil is pursuing the record and goes into Painkiller mode when security appears. He gets the record.

Lynn gets delivered from prison with a lower leg screen. There's strain, however, in light of the fact that Keith is Lynn's ex. TC appears at Anissa's with the information and finds that cystic fibrosis treatment was a cover to reap metagenes and with a tiny bit of extrapolation, they understand that Tobias is behind everything.

Tobias assumes control over the Cobra Kartel. Ishmael additionally now works for Tobias.

Gambi heads toward the Pierces and converses with them about what they've discovered. Lynn understands that Tobias utilized Val to get her exploration and Gambi understands that Tobias has the producer.

JJ chooses to shock herself trying to launch her forces. She is oblivious momentarily, yet it tackles job. She gets her forces back, yet needs more force. JJ chooses to go into the ionosphere again to re-energize.

In the ionosphere, JJ encounters something surprising with the particles however figures out how to make it back to Earth. In any case, in the sky, energy remains.

Lauren defies Gambi at his home for taking prometheum. She blames him for taking the producer - the gadget. He discloses to her he doesn't have a clue who took it however he will discover.

Utilizing the record, Khalil finds that Looker is essential to Tobias and on his finance.

Tobias gets a bundle that transmits a type of blue light, transporting (carefully) him to a gathering where he reports to a gathering of others he is attempting to dazzle and get together with, however he is disappointed with the result.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Revelations", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.