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"The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. It aired on May 10, 2021.



The scene opens with Lightning - who got her forces back last week - attempting to get the taken metagenes as they are being shipped. Jennifer can utilize her forces to a degree and get the load, yet something isn't directly with her forces. At home, Tobias minds where his shipment, as he was the one expecting the metagene and finds Lightning. He begins to draw an obvious conclusion that Jennifer and JJ might be a similar individual.

At a bar, Jefferson and Gambi talk. Jefferson feels not like himself without his forces. Gambi reveals to him he's not characterized by his forces, however Jefferson battles with that, feeling like he can't secure his family. Gambi says he will discover the producer and get the forces back.

At the Pierce home, Lynn's lawyer says she should take a request bargain and be condemned to prison time. Jefferson and the legal counselor fight momentarily, however Lynn says it is her choice and her choice alone.

Tobias is chosen city hall leader. Police Chief Lopez visits him. She needs more capability to manage Lightning. He offers her the utilization of metaboosters. Lopez is at first careful, however acknowledges. He likewise enlightens her concerning his force obstructing wave and gives her the wristband that hinders the wave. As she leaves, Tobias gets affirmation that Jennifer and JJ are a similar individual.

Anissa and Jennifer inform their folks regarding Jennifer getting her forces back and afterward uncover they got the metagenes. Anissa clarifies the circumstance with respect to the phony cystic fibrosis fix and Monavista. Jefferson acknowledges Tobias has gotten where the A.S.A. left off.

At the Sanctum, Khalil contacts Jefferson and discloses to him the record. He uncovers that Looker is the most generously compensated in the record and that she was secured, yet vanished in the conflict. They understand that Tobias recruited Looker to utilize her forces and make individuals set Jefferson up. Khalil chooses to pursue her.

Jefferson returns home and mentions to Lynn what Khalil found out about Looker. Lynn has a thought for a serum that will remove the silver from individuals Looker controlled.

Lynn concocts some homemade libation science to make the serum. Jefferson meets with Detective Shakur and discloses Looker to him just as the serum that they need to oversee to Agent Mason. Investigator Shakur isn't so enthusiastic about the arrangement, however says he will think on things and afterward Jefferson uncovers to him that he's Black Lightning. This doesn't turn out well with the analyst, yet Jefferson said he's confiding in him in light of the fact that Henderson said he could.

Shakur sets things up with Mason and they spike one of the espressos the gathering. Bricklayer drinks the espresso, noticing that it tastes horrendous. A couple of seconds after the fact, however, Looker talks through him and her silver substance is shot out from his body. Jefferson gathers it and Mason reveals to them he has felt like a manikin or like he was in Get Out. He says he will reimburse the blessing of Jefferson having liberated him.

On the rooftop, Jen trusts in TC that something is off with her forces. TC informs her concerning how the police boss hacked Uriah's record to pursue her and furthermore discloses to her that he's set up a date for them.

Jennifer and Uriah meet for their date, yet Tobias' flunky appears and attempts to murder her. Uriah is hit by one of the shots and the hooligan advises Jennifer to quit being Lightning or watch others she thinks often about bite the dust. Uriah advises her to go light up the world, urging her to be Lightning before he bites the dust. She faults herself since her forces continue to blur.

Khalil follows Looker, battling his way through her different guardians. He finds her in the workplace where she chooses she will keep him as a pet. She utilizes her silver on him and gets into his head, finding both Khalil and Painkiller. Khalil and Painkiller collaborate in his mind to battle her with Painkiller at last harming her. In reality, Khalil gives her a large portion of the antitoxin and discloses to her she will return to Freeland and concede to what exactly she's done - and he's taken her forces all the while.

At his home, Gambi has Lauren over. He is sorry to her yet in addition informs her regarding Tobias and he needs her assistance to discover the producer. Anissa then, at that point shows Lauren proof of the taken metagenes from the pregnant lady and it's sufficient to persuade her to help

Gambi and Lauren go out to search for the producer, going into the passages under Freeland. They impact into a divider and find prometheum and understand that a vein of it goes through the city.

At the point when one of the men on his finance goes idle, Tobias is enlightened into Khalil being back and sends Ishmael to execute him.



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  • The in-episode title sequence subtitles this episode as "Trial and Errors", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.