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"The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four: Lyding" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the fifty-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 26, 2021.



The scene opens with Jefferson, Jen, and Anissa go into the lab to praise a forward leap with Lynn however they abruptly end up caught in the lab. Lynn ends up being the one holding them prisoner, gassing them to remove their forces so they can be a "typical family", in a real sense making them discharge awfully. It ends up being a horrible that Lynn is disclosing to her advisor about, however the specialist proposes that it very well may be her inner mind revealing to her that her family needn't bother with fixing, and in the event that she keeps on attempting, it could hurt them.

Lightning appears and astonishes Uriah, going live on her Instagram to make a supplication for the school's music program pledge drive, however after the transmission, Lightning is by all accounts in torment and apparently she can hear the first Jen in her mind, saying it's to an extreme. At the police headquarters, Detective Shakur is informed of the transmission and he gives Black Lightning a head's up that the boss is wanting to target Lightning next. That is most likely by all account not the only issue, however, as Ishmael has additionally been watching Lightning from the shrubberies. Given the danger that Jen/Lightning faces, Jefferson advises her to get off IG and hide out.

Jen overlooks this, be that as it may, when Lightning is informed by Uriah needing to meet to say thanks to her for her assistance with the school pledge drive. It goes out to not be Uriah however Chief Lopez setting her up. There is a concise quarrel, however Lightning figures out how to get away.

Gambi makes Anissa another Thunder suit, one that will keep up her thickness for a while even after she withdraws her forces. Afterward, Anissa is at the clinical focus and experiences Darius who is exceptionally gone crazy and says they've kept him out of the data set containing the data about the fake cystic fibrosis treatment. He says he will get what he's now realized and afterward he's leaving town. Be that as it may, when Anissa goes to beware of him at home, she discovers him killed.

Lynn goes to work in her lab at the clinical focus and finds that she can't get in. Her advantages have been disavowed and her exploration taken. The safety officer secretly reveals to her that it was Special Agent Mason who requested it. She discovers that they are asserting the cash Jefferson stole paid for her exploration which is the reason they took it.

Afterward, Lynn is home alone when Agent Mason appears and captures her for infringement of social equality. She's taken to the Freeland prison, booked, and strip-looked - all on Tobias' orders.

Gambi and TC fill in the Pierce family about Ishmael and they understand he's a significant danger. Dark Lightning, in the wake of meeting with Detective Shakur to get a brief period to do as such, insults Ishmael into coming to battle him saying that Freeland his city.

After the discussion with TC last week, Painkiller appears, probably in Freeland, to look down one individuals associated with Tobias. He takes out the cohorts and, after a touch of Good Cop/Bad Cop with Khalil, get the man to concede that there is a secret record. When Painkiller gets the area of that record that subtleties how Tobias set Jefferson up, he murders the man.

Tobias takes care of the chief at Monovista to get the gadget Lauren made. Val gives Tobias the vials of her force that Lynn made. In the wake of visiting his altar to his dead sister, Tobias initiates the blend of that gadgets and the vials. Anissa loses her forces similarly as she is almost hit by a vehicle outside of Darius' home. Dark Lightning loses his forces mid-battle with Ishmael. TC additionally loses his forces while in the Sanctum with Gambi and maybe most disastrously of all, Jen is out flying when her forces come up short and she begins to fall wildly to the ground underneath.



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