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"The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 4, 2019.



Lala, returned from the dead once again, stalks the corridors of Garfield High School. He confronts Jefferson Pierce, who is grading papers. Jefferson is surprised to see Lala, believing him to be dead. Lala shoots Jefferson in the shoulder and tells him that when he resurrected a voice told him to seek out Jefferson and talk about his friend, Earl. Lala believes that the voice told him to talk to Jefferson because Jefferson killed him and Lala wants to know why.

In the Sanctum, Jennifer helps Gambi to design her new supersuit. Jennifer wants it to look stylish while Gambi, Anissa and Lynn try to convince her to take the entire process more seriously. Gambi shows them Jefferson's first suit, which is laughed at.

Jefferson asks why Lala believes that he killed Earl. Lala, talking to the ghosts of Lawanda and Will whom only he can see, that life was better before Earl was murdered. Lawanda and Will act as Lala's conscience; Lawanda tries to make him see that killing anyone else is wrong, while Will advocates for killing Jefferson. Jefferson asks who he is talking to and offers to get him help; Lala angrily refuses and just wants Jefferson to tell him what happened to Will or he will kill him.

Jennifer finds Anissa looking at a photo of Grace Choi and tries to convince her to go after her, telling her that at least she has a chance with someone who she cares about. Its a chance that Jennifer will not get with Khalil. At the A.S.A., Lynn oversees Wendy Hernandez's power testing. Agent Odell tries to convince her that Wendy is an asset that could be used in government service and they should not be coddling her like a child. Odell is of the opinion that Wendy could be as pivotal as the invention of the tank or machine gun. Gambi calls Deputy Chief Bill Henderson and informs him that footage from the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic has allowed him narrow down the identity of one of Tobias' associates to a list of 50 people. Three are in Freeland. Henderson matches one of the names to an individual who was known to associate with Tobias' people.

At Garfield, Jefferson reminisces about Earl and his achievements, and how he thought that Earl and Lala were going to be successes. Jefferson doesn't know how Earl died, only how he was found and that the police classified it as a gang killing and moved on. Jefferson believes that the 100 were behind the death. Earl was being hassled by them and Jefferson advised him to go to the police. Jefferson believed that Earl would be okay, and that Black Lightning was changing things. Lala prepares to shoot Jefferson, but Lawanda forces the gun out of Lala's hands. Jefferson gets the gun while Lala watches Lawanda beat up Will. Jefferson disarms the gun and tries to help Lala's memory by showing him a yearbook picture of Earl.

Henderson prepares to bring Todd Green in for questioning until he is informed by one of his detectives that they have a positive identity on a dead body in a car explosion that matches Todd. At the A.S.A., Lynn finds herself locked out of Wendy's testing chamber. Through the observation window, she watches as Odell pushes Wendy harder and further than Lynn is comfortable with. Lynn warns them that they are risking an aneurysm with Wendy, but she is escorted away by security.

Gambi gives Anissa details on Grace's foster brother, and she heads off in search of information. At the apartment, Anissa hears noises from the other side of the door. The door is answered by an elderly man who tells her that trouble will find her if she does not leave. Anissa believes that Grace is inside and keeps knocking on the door – on the other side, the elderly man shapeshifts into Grace.

Jefferson starts asking Lala questions about Earl. While Earl sold some drugs for the 100, Earl was not built for a life of crime and wanted to get out of the life. Lala looked after Earl, but because Jefferson advised him to go the police he became a target for the 100. Lala remembers that he would not allow the 100 to kill Earl so he killed him instead. But hanging Earl's corpse in the basketball hoop in Garfield, Lala sent a message to Tobias that he could send a message. Jefferson wants Lala to turn himself in, but Lala refuses and plans to go after Tobias. Lala tells Jefferson he is sorry and thanks him. As he leaves Garfield, Lala sees Earl's ghost in the halls. Earl disappears and becomes a tattoo on Lala's abdomen.

Henderson informs Gambi about Todd Green's death. Gambi wants to identify the residue found in the clinic basement and try to track it down. Jennifer arrives to see the first design for her supersuit. Gambi is worried that Jennifer doesn't like it but she loves it. During the first fitting of the suit, Jennifer's power almost traps her in the power testing sphere.

Anissa returns to the apartment in her Thunder costume and breaks in, finding dead animal carcasses. The elderly man tells her that she should not have come her and to leave. He attacks Anissa, and the two brawl through the apartment. Anissa wants to know where Grace is and they continue to fight. Despite Anissa's powers, the man is a match for her. As Anissa gets the upper hand, the man appears to transform into an animal and escape through a window.

At the Pierce home, Lynn tells Jennifer about Odell and his attitude towards Wendy. Asking about Jennifer's suit, Lynn is pleased that her daughter is taking the safety of the suit seriously. Jefferson arrives home and Lynn admonishes him for not checking in all day. Anissa tells them about her encounter while looking for Grace. As they sit down to dinner, Agent Odell watches over them, having the entire household under video surveillance.

Lala remembers to the time two months ago when he is resurrected by Lazarus Prime, a scientist who places his remains in a special tank. As Lala regains consciousness, he asks why he is not allowed to die. Lazarus tells him he still has work to do and points him to Jefferson and Earl. Lazarus tells him that knowledge will lead to redemption and peace. As Lala drives in the present, Lawanda and Will question why he is going after Tobias. Lala believes that killing Tobias and saving Freeland will lead to his redemption.

Odell kills the three agents monitoring the Pierces after determining that they are the only ones who know about the surveillance and the Pierce family secret.



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