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"The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It aired on January 28, 2019.



Reverend Jeremiah Holt leads a service praying for Khalil Payne, who is fighting for his life at St. Lewis Hospital. In a moment alone with Jefferson Pierce, Khalil asks Black Lightning to kill Tobias Whale, promising to give him all the information on his operation he needs. Jefferson insists that they need to let the system take him down, but Khalil tells him the system has failed. Jefferson apologizes for not being their when Khalil needed him. Khalil tells him that Jefferson was always there, but he just couldn't see him. Anissa trains while researching Tobias. Tobias and Todd Green continue to look over the data on the Masters of Disaster project.

In the hospital parking lot, a distraught Jennifer cries while leaning on a car. A blonde woman curtly demands to know if she was attempting to steal the car, which is hers. Jennifer calmly denies it, only to be ignored as the woman calls 911; she falsely claims Jennifer attempted to break into her car and threatened her. Jennifer snaps as the first part of the description her accuser gives to the 911 call is "African-American"; it didn't matter if she told the truth, the woman clearly racist. Jennifer subtly overloads the car until it explodes. With a smug smile, Jennifer tells the woman to try blaming nature for destroying her car. At the end of his service, Reverend Holt collapses, poisoned by a handkerchief planted on him by Giselle Cutter.

Jennifer's power use leaves her wreathed in golden energy, and Jefferson is unable to syphon it all off. Unexpectedly, Perenna arrives to help Jennifer. Jefferson gives them privacy to work. Perenna teaches Jennifer to get her powers under control.

Tobias and Todd watch archive footage from the A.S.A. on the computer from Martin Proctor's briefcase, reviewing the moment when Dr. Helga Jace tricked Lynn Stewart into killing half of the pod children. Tobias gets Todd to located Jace, reasoning she can find the four pod kids in the Masters of Disaster program.

Lynn tries to help Doctor Conley in treating Khalil, but the doctor refuses because they could not sanction experimental treatment on a patient. Deputy Chief Bill Henderson visits Jefferson in the hospital to inform him of Reverend Holt's death by heart attack. Jefferson is immediately suspicious because of Tobias' efforts to purchase the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic. Jefferson shares information with Henderson about Tobias he learned from Khalil, and brings him in deeper to the Black Lightning operation by taking him to Gambi's Custom Tailoring. Henderson learns that Peter Gambi is still alive. Gambi reveals that Holt was poisoned. In order to bring down Tobias, they need evidence of a ongoing criminal enterprise rather than a single crime. Henderson agrees to help them build the case they need to then turn it over to the federal authorities.

Jennifer talks to Lynn to see if her powers could help Khalil, and then floats the possibility of putting him in one of the stasis pods. Lynn is skeptical since they are designed for Meta-humans rather than enhanced individuals but agrees to consider it. Grace visits Anissa in the hospital waiting room, bringing food and a comforting presence. Lynn brings the A.S.A. in to help Khalil with Nichelle Payne's permission and goes over Doctor Conley's head to help treat him.

Deputy Chief Henderson meets with Tobias, questioning his relationship with Khalil and the rumors that he was responsible for Khalil's injuries. Tobias feigns ignorance and blames the injuries on members of The 100. While at Tobias' Henderson scans the room with a miniature camera provided by Gambi. They find a hidden safe in the room.

Todd visits Dr. Jace in prison and deactivates her ankle tracker then creates a holographic version of her to remain in the cell. With the cooperation of the guard, Todd takes Jace to meet Tobias. Jace was the one who created the serum that keeps Tobias young, and she has been using the serum herself. Jace reveals that she knows where the four meta-humans from the clinic are.

Lynn reveals that the toxins in Khalil's body prevent them from placing him in a stasis pod. Jennifer pulls Khalil into her mind's safe space for a final goodbye at the Garfield High School prom before he passes away with his mother and the Pierce family at his side.

At the Freeland clinic, Jace leads Tobias to a door in a hidden section of the building where the four remaining pods are kept.



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  • In a scene, Dr. Jace's name was misspelt as "Helga Jayce".