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"The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on February 11, 2019.



In the Sanctum, Jennifer's powers are tested by Jefferson and Gambi. Even at fifty percent power, Jennifer puts out more power than Jefferson did in his prime. Jennifer's powers flare and knock out the power in the Sanctum. Gambi is amazed at Jennifer's power levels since the Sanctum's system were rated to protect against the EMP of a nuclear blast. Jefferson is worried that Jennifer will not be able to control her powers.

Agent Odell wants Lynn to prep the pod children, and offers a grant of 1 million dollars to her lab. Lynn wants the truth. Odell relents and tells her about the Markovian meta-human program and that they want her for her research into stablizing the meta-humans. With lives in jeopardy, Lynn agrees as long as Dr. Jace is kept away from her.

Anissa searches for clues about Grace's disappearance at her apartment. She finds a family photograph and an unknown pill.

In the basement of the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic, Deputy Chief Henderson shows Gambi where the four pods stolen by Tobias Whale were. Neither Henderson or Gambi know exactly what was located in the basement.

Tobias and Cutter wake up Marcus Bishop, codename "Shakedown," from one of the pods. Dr. Jace gave him a serum to wake only one of the four Masters of Disaster, ensuring that she would still be useful to Tobias in the future. Awakened, Marcus attacks Cutter and they fight. As Marcus uses his powers of vibrokinesis to turn Cutter's knife back on her, Tobias triggers the A.S.A. failsafe in Marcus and knocks him out.

In the Sanctum, Anissa uses the computer system to try and find Grace, running facial recognition on the photograph to try and find Grace's parents. She asks Gambi to analyze the pill she found in Grace's apartment.

At Garfield High School, Jefferson teaches a class. Tavon tells him that Principal Lowry is not doing a good job. Jefferson reminds him that he let the school down, but Tavon asks him that if Garfield is a place for second chances, then where is Jefferson's second chance? Napier Frank approaches Jefferson and tells him that Lowry's performance on the sit-in has gone viral and Lowry's competency is being questioned. A hearing is been convened and Napier believes that Jefferson could get his old job back.

Odell informs Lynn that they plan to move the pods the following day. Lynn asks for a delay because she is close to figuring out a way to stabilize the children. Odell refuses; the Markovians know where they are and the pods need to be moved immediately.

Tobias and Cutter share an intimate moment when Martin Proctor's briefcase reports that the main power has been disconnected from the pods. Unsure if the briefcase will lose its connection to the pods once they are moved, Tobias decides to set up his timetable to acquire the pods.

Lynn and Jefferson swap news. Lynn tells him about the stabilization of the pod kids and how it is derived from Looker's element. Jefferson tells her that he might get the school principal job back.

Tobias awakens Marcus and tells him that he has been on ice for twenty-five years. Tobias lays out how their relationship will work. Fail, and there will be pain. Succeed and he will be rich. Tobias doesn't want a puppet, but a partner.

Odell tells Dr. Jace that Lynn does not want her anywhere near the pods. He puts her is a secure room to keep her safe and in case anything happens to Lynn.

Jennifer is staying at Anissa's and they talk about taking the fight to Tobias, but they have to be smart about it. Anissa reminds her sister that they need to lay low while the street is unsafe for meta-humans. Anissa gets a message from Gambi regarding the facial recognition and heads to the Sanctum.

At the A.S.A, Lynn gets Wendy Hernandez transferred to another part of the facility so she can test her stabilization serum on her.

At Club 100, Jennifer goes after members of the 100, demanding to know where Tobias is. She gets the name of new runner who took over from Khalil in Tobias' organization.

Jefferson meets Lowry in the corridor and tells him that while he might get the principal job back, he is the wrong man. Lowry tells him that the kids need consistency, not someone who will disappear on them.

Anissa arrives at the Sanctum and Gambi tells her that Grace Choi is a false identity. Her real name is Shay Li Wylde, a child who was in the foster system. Abducted at 16, she was part of a child prostitution ring that was broken up by ICE. After the ring was taken down, Shay disappeared and reemerged as Grace Choi. The analysis of the pill reveals it is a custom compound to deal with schizophrenia.

At the meeting to decide Lowry's future, Jefferson realizes that with everything going on he cannot guarantee being present at the school. While he doesn't agree with Lowry or his methods, Jefferson tells them that he deserves to have his program evaluated for longer and that the students need stability. Napier is angry that Jefferson does not take the opportunity.

Jennifer heads to the abandoned Seahorse Motel to confront the runner, but is ambushed by a large group of the 100. Jennifer uses her power to fight them off, but the overusage drains her at a critical moment. The runner almost kills an unconsciousness Jennifer, but she is rescued by Anissa who heard about the altercation on the police radio.

Cutter and Shakedown assault the A.S.A. Dr. Jace monitors them and enacts the emergency lockdown protocols, sealing Lynn in with Wendy. Lynn sees the assault on the security monitors and tries to get a message out to Jefferson, but is cut off. Cutter and Shakedown free Dr. Jace from A.S.A. custody and secure the pods.

Jefferson gets the message and contacts Anissa who is at the Sanctum. She brought Jennifer there to recover. Anissa doesn't tell Jefferson about Jennifer, but takes his suit and heads to the A.S.A. warehouse.

Lynn wakes up Wendy and gets her to use her aerokinesis powers to free them from the sealed room. They break out just as Jefferson and Anissa arrive to find that all the pods are gone.

Perenna takes Jennifer home to rest. Perenna worries about Jennifer's rage, fearing that if her powers are unchecked then she will literally explode.

At the Sanctum, Team Black Lightning presume that the Markovians are responsible for the attack. Gambi matches the power usage to Marcus Bishop, who was supposed to have been terminated. He suspects that Marcus and his team, the Masters of Disaster, were in pods in the room that Henderson called him in to investigate.

Tobias wants to know how soon the pod children will be awake. Jace tells him that there is a slow way and fast way, but either one will result in casualties. Tobias intends to sell the kids to the highest bidder so wants as many as he can get. Cutter informs Tobias that she has taken the initiative and tied up a loose end – Todd Green. Now that his usefulness is over, she arranged a new car for him. A car that blows up as it drives down a street in Freeland.



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  • Napier tells Jefferson if he wants to bask in this Lean on Me moment.