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"The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2019.



Anissa and Lynn discuss giving Jennifer Pierce time and room to grieve while at the grocery store. As they return to the car, they are attacked and Lynn is almost abducted. They are saved by Agent Odell and the A.S.A. Contacting Jefferson, he tells them to use the tunnels and meet him.

Jennifer comforts Khalil's mother, Nichelle but her grief starts triggering her powers forcing her to leave. Before she goes, Nichelle reveals that she cannot afford to pay for the funeral.

Lynn treats Anissa at Gambi's Custom Tailoring as she suffered a small gunshot wound. Peter Gambi believes that Odell is tailing Lynn and keeping her under surveillance, and starts tracking the one attacker that got away using video surveillance.

Lynn confronts Odell at the A.S.A. over tailing her, but he turns it around as she should be grateful he was there to save her. Odell tells Lynn that he still does not trust her because she is still lying to him. Todd Green reports that the pods have been moved to Tobias Whale, and that those who moved the pods have been dealt with by Giselle Cutter so that no one is aware of where they are.

Jennifer goes to Jefferson to tell her that she wants to help kill Tobias. Jefferson and Lynn try to show her that she is speaking out of grief and that she should not allow her emotions to take over a make a mistake she would come to regret.

Doctor Helga Jace, back in her cell after her adventure with Tobias, is visited by Odell. He tells her that the Markovians are after Doctor Stewart and Jace worries that they are after her. Odell offers her a deal, protection in exchange for helping to move the pod kids. She agrees, but needs Lynn's help to do it.

At the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic, Anissa treats Monique, the victim of domestic abuse. She claims her injuries are from falling down the stairs but Anissa sees through the lie and tries to help her but is refused. Anissa talks with Nurse Patel who reveals that they keep Monique off the books because her boyfriend, Rayvon, is a capo with The 100. They look the other way because they do not want to be killed.

The Markovians attempt to abduct Perenna, but she uses her powers to make them believe they are in a frozen wasteland which incapacitates them.

Jennifer returns to Garfield High School for the first time and is welcomed by her classmates and friends. She finds a memorial shrine to Khalil made by the rest of the students that touches her.

Anissa raids Rayvon's apartment to punish him for laying his hands on Monique, but during the fight she is pepper-sprayed and takes more of a beating than usual. Using her power, Anissa manages to defeat them and escape.

At Garfield, Jennifer watches as janitors take down Khalil's memorial on the orders of Principal Mike Lowry. Peter Gambi finds an injured Anissa passed out in his lair and wakes her. Anissa realizes that she is doing exactly what her father told her would get her killed. Gambi knows that she is trying to do good with her powers, but tells her she has to factor in how it will affect her family if it goes wrong.

Jennifer builds a new memorial to Khalil in the halls of Garfield. Principal Lowry orders her to remove it as "inappropriate student decoration" but Jennifer stands up to him and tells him that the reason Lowry wants it removed is because he doesn't like the fact that it is about Khalil. Jennifer accuses Lowry of being racist and makes a speech about how they are all trapped in a system that doesn't care about them. The entire affair is recorded and as security is ordered to take Jennifer away, the students start kneel around Lowry and filming him despite his protests. Jefferson arrives and Lowry asks for his help in removing the students. Jefferson refuses since it is the principal's job.

Agent Odell brings Doctor Jace to the A.S.A. to move the pods and expects Lynn to work with them whether she likes it or not. Anissa visits Funeral Director Wallace to give him money to pay for Khalil's funeral.

Gambi identifies one of Lynn's attackers as a Markovian intelligence agent and directs Jefferson to the location. As Black Lightning, Jefferson storms the Markovian safehouse and takes the attacker prisoner. Calling Bill Henderson, Jefferson turns the Markovian over to police custody.

At the free clinic, Rayvon is being treated for his injuries. Nurse Patel tells Anissa that she had a follow-up with Monique who is moving out and getting clear of Rayvon. At Garfield, Jefferson confronts Lowry over his decision to suspend Jennifer.

While out with Anissa, Grace starts to suffer from the effects of her condition and has to leave suddenly, causing Anissa to wonder what she did wrong. Tobias asks Todd about the tactical teams operating in Freeland but the briefcase has no information on it. However, Todd shows him that the four individuals in the pods are A.S.A. covert operatives experimented on at Fort Leavenworth who committed war crimes.

Jefferson is told by Henderson that the Markovian he brought in has diplomatic immunity and had to be released. Friends and family gather for Khalil's funeral, which is watched from afar by Odell. After the funeral, Anissa stops by at Grace's to find her gone and her clothes missing. Tobias wants Todd to open the pods but the technology is out of date for his skills. Tobias cancels a hit on Dr. Jace with the intention of recruiting her on a more permanent basis instead.



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