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"The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the forty-third episode overall. It aired on February 24, 2020.


As the battle continues, old alliances are revisited and new alliances forged.[src]


The scene opens with Gambi conversing with Dr. Jace, revealing to her that he ought to have executed her forty years back. Jace discloses to him they're battling on a similar side currently because of the genuine danger Markovia presents and uncovers that Gravedigger is in control just as what he needs: the stable metas. Jefferson refreshes Odell while Gray is irritated about the way that Tobias figured out how to escape and the Markovians presently encompass Freeland. Jefferson educates Odell regarding Gravedigger. War is coming.

Jen and Anissa differ about Khalil with Anissa having profound worries about his Painkiller character. Somewhere else, Devonte gathers the cash Lady Eve owes Lala. She persuades him to enjoy the administrations of one of her women, however she has him sedated. At Gambi's, TC checks Khalil's firewall while Gambi gives him a workmanship set to assist him with PTSD. Gambi likewise proposes treatment with Perenna.

At home Lynn almost falls making supper with Jefferson and she reveals to him she's a junkie and apologizes for her treatment of him previously, however in the restroom she recovers a pill of the Glimmer. She admits this at supper and Jen causes her out by devastating it. The family bonds once more, having given themselves a "fresh start".

Subsequent to medicating Devonte, Lady Eve finds the folder case circumstance and requires a gathering with Lala. She faces him about the folder case and uncovers that she additionally can control him, much the same as Tobias. Turns out Tobias utilized Lady Eve's innovation and offers to free him. In the interim, Anissa vents to Grace about her doubt of Khalil as a result of the Painkiller character. Effortlessness urges her to relax about it, yet a critical call roll in from the Perdi. The Markovians discovered them and have slaughtered them. Whoever is left is attempting to get to Freeland. Dark Lightning, Thunder, and Grace appear at help. Dark Lightning goes to work searching for provisions for these new displaced people while Thunder and Grace return to help those deserted.

Jen takes Brandon to talk with Jace. He needs to utilize the crystalized cinders of his dead mother to slaughter Jace and the not all that great specialist uncovers that his dad may even now be alive. Conversing with Jen later, Brandon attempts to suss out who his dad depends on powers. He converses with TC and Jen sees Khalil drawing an image of her as Lightning. They share a sweet second however he daydreams, glitching. His firewall breaks, provoking Khalil to battle Painkiller inside his own psyche while in reality Painkiller is choking Jen. Khalil massacres Painkiller and returns to himself without a moment to spare. Khalil later stays with her on the rooftop to apologize, however she won't have it and he leaves.

In the wake of removing the eye of one of her lackies, Lady Eve comes to see Gambi. She has the attaché. She can't open it and offers it to Gambi and says her fight with him is finished. TC opens it, causing Gambi a deep sense of joy. He assembles a conference with Lynn and Jefferson and uncovers that the United States is liable for the Markovian circumstance, connecting everything back to Gravedigger, who was tested in this manner giving him metahuman powers with the military at last transforming him into an executioner. Undertaker is Meta Prime and he was the main piece of the program that endure and the administration has been going through decades and heaps of cash to recreated it.

Lynn uncovers that she abandoned the meta help serum in Markovia. Undertaker presently can have any force he needs and he's gone to the United States.



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