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"The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation" is the sixteenth and final episode of the third season of Black Lightning, and the forty-fifth and most recent episode overall. It aired on March 9, 2020.


Black Lightning faces off against Gravedigger.[src]


The scene opens generally where a week ago's finished, with Jennifer/Lightning oblivious on the ground while Gravedigger and Jefferson/Black Lightning battle in the road. Gavedigger makes sense of Lightning is Black Lightning's girl and Black Lightning thusly reveals to Gravedigger they, as well, are connected. The Markovians take Lightning. Somewhere else, Jamila Olsen is shot and apparently slaughtered by Markovian powers.

While Grayle plans to move individuals to the Pit for security, Agent Odell reassesses the ASA's Freeland activity and sends Major Gray searching for the portfolio. Gambi begins working with TC to attempt to discover Lightning while, somewhere else, Lightning awakens in a control cell with Gravedigger attempting to get her to confide in him and influence to his motivation. Jen isn't having it. On the Freeland avenues, Painkiller walks around and takes out ASA operators, snatching a weapon as he does. Woman Eve meets with Gray and tells her that Gambi has the folder case. At the point when Lady Eve acknowledges they're going to nuke Freeland, a discharge battle breaks out and Lady Eve is shot. She calls Lala and cautions him.

Gambi finds where he thinks Jennifer is being held and Black Lightning and Brandon go to safeguard her. Jace is tied up at Brandon's, yet Commander Williams murders her as one of the "characterized" components he should demolish. In the city, Henderson alongside Two Bits and Lala and their powers structure a sudden collusion to bring down Markovians. Williams appears at murder Lynn next, however she gave herself metaboost and endures. She keeps chipping away at an enemy of supporter to stop Gravedigger.

Painkiller is getting ready to execute the Pierces when, in the mindscape, Khalil makes a play to reclaim control and wins.

Henderson, in the forested areas, happens upon Gravedigger and his powers as they get ready to go to the Pit. The obstruction attempts to battle him, yet he utilizes his forces to make them all "rest" with the goal that he can continue. Thunder and Grace usher the metas into a sheltered room however Gravedigger appears and mind controls Grace into assaulting Thunder. Outside, Henderson happens upon Markovian's going to assault Black Lightning and stops them, yet is mortally injured all the while. Dark Lightning sits with his companion as he bites the dust.

At the Pit, Thunder gets destroyed from Grace, in any case takes her out. Gambi advises Thunder to remain on crucial they'll return for Grace. Lynn concocts an arrangement to bring down Gravedigger and Black Lightning consents to it. Lightning and Brandon go up against Gravedigger and hit them with their joined forces, quickly holding him off. Odell starts the fall to pieces, giving the Pit ten minutes before it, also is gone.

Lynn appears while Gravedigger and Black Lightning battle and shoots him with the lift remedy. Lynn and Black Lightning get away from directly before the Pit explodes, deserting Gravedigger. Odell gets into a vehicle to leave Freeland and is stood up to by Khalil who shoots him through the spleen and leaves the harmed Odell for Black Lightning to deal with.

ASA powers assault Gambi's looking for the portfolio and battle their way into the shelter, yet are taken out by Gambi and TC. At Anissa's Lynn breaks the news to her girl that Grace is in a state of unconsciousness and should be in an office where she can get steady consideration. In Markovia, Tobias has murdered the Markovian who tortured him and, in the wake of viewing a news report chooses to make a beeline for Freeland. In Gotham City, Lynn keeps taking Glimmer and affirms at a commission and gets subsidizing for a metahuman all inclusive school. Dark Lightning hands over the satchel. The ASA is disbanded, Odell will be indicted. It's uncovered that Gravedigger has made due also, leaving after a touch of shapeshifting of his own while the Pierces leave the meeting, joined together.



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