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"The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 11, 2019.



The Freeland Police Department order a Green Light addict with the power of magnetism, affectionately referred to as "Cape Guy," to drop to the ground. Cape Guy insists he is on their side, but the police end up shooting him because he does not surrender.

At the Pierce family household, Jefferson calls a family dinner. After everything that has happened, Jefferson wants to establish a set of ground rules for them. Firstly, they do not tell anyone who they are. Secondly, they always have backup, which includes Gambi. Thirdly, no killing. Jennifer balks at the last rule because she wants Tobias to pay for Khalil's death. Jefferson says that if they don't agree, he will get Gambi to lock their suits away. Both Jennifer and Anissa agree. Unknown to them all, Odell continues to watch them on secret surveillance cameras.

At Tobias' hideout, Dr. Helga Jace, with Cutter's help, awaken the other three members of the Masters of Disaster; Rebecca Jones/New Wave, Darryl Robinson/Cold Snap, and Joe/Heatstroke. Tobias shows them he is in control and explains that he is their new boss.

Lyn watches a news report about Cape Guy, learning that he was a soldier with PTSD. At the A.S.A. lab, she talks with Odell about the missing pod kids and he admits that the trail has gone cold. He asks Lynn about their survival chances but warns her that they could be dead.

Dr. Jace reports that the Masters of Disaster have all recovered well from their cryogenic suspension. Tobias plans to use them to achieve victory over everyone and anyone who stood in his way.

At the Sanctum, Gambi informs Jefferson about Todd Green's involvement in the theft at the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic. Gambi has placed Geiger counters around Freeland in an effort to track the radiation signature found at the clinic. Gambi continues to build Jennifer's costume and Jefferson confides in him that parenting is more stressful now.

Lala visits Lazarus Prime and reveals that he was the one who killed Earl. With nothing but pain in his life, Lala comes to realize that the source of it all is Tobias Whale. Lazarus agrees that killing Tobias might be the best option since he was responsible for the death of Lady Eve as well. She had taught Lazarus to use his gifts and to love her, and he feels an emptiness in his heart without her.

Jennifer and Gambi continue to work on her suit, hoping that the new design will keep anyone else from overloading her. As Jennifer gets excited about her new suit, Jefferson has memories of Jennifer growing up. Sensing that he is thinking "sappy thoughts," Jennifer tries to get him to open up but he deflects and they go to lunch. While eating, Jennifer again brings up killing Tobias but Jefferson warns her that it is not up to them to determine who lives and dies.

At the Sanctum, Anissa tells Gambi about her experience with the elderly Asian man while looking for Grace. Gambi postulates that he is a shapeshifter. Asking if Grace is aware of Anissa's powers, Gambi assures her that if Grace loves her then she will come back to her.

At the A.S.A., Lynn talks to Wendy Hernandez about having Perenna help her with her powers. Wendy is nervous about being out in Freeland after thirty years in a cryopod. Lynn tells her that she can choose whether or not to use her powers since they do not define her, even if they are the only thing she has left. Wendy appreciates Lynn's concern for her and notices that she does not like working with Odell.

The resurrectionist gives Lala a pistol, but tells him that his true weapon is his ability to die and come back to life. Even though it will be painful, Lala will find out that it is worth the pain and when he kills Tobias he will feel better.

Tobias wants his new meta-humans to train, but Marcus refuses since he has razed villages on his own. Tobias wants to instil discipline in his new troops; Marcus starts to go for Tobias but Cutter intervenes and nicks his throat with her knife. She orders Jace to patch him up, reasoning that the blood loss will teach him respect.

Lynn talks to Jennifer by phone to make sure that she is okay. She also asks Jennifer to talk to Wendy about dealing with their abilities since Wendy is finding it hard to make the adjustment. Jennifer is worried about breaking the first rule about not telling anyone about their powers but Lynn is sure they can find a way around that restriction. Odell listens in to the conversation.

Tobias wants to stage a demonstration using one of his new meta-humans. Marcus would have been the obvious choice if he was not recovering from Cutter's wound. He settles on sending Joe out, since his pyrokinesis would look impressive on film.

At the A.S.A., Odell tries to take Wendy out of Lynn's care for more training. Lynn refuses to let him considering he pushed her too far the last time. Lynn tells Odell that Wendy is going to learn and reorientate herself in the world before becoming one of Odell's soldiers.

Anissa and Jennifer talk, and Anissa tells her sister about what she found while looking for Grace. As they talk, Anissa remembers seeing Grace's eyes change color once and begins to realize that the elderly man she encountered was Grace.

Heatstroke terrorizes the streets of Freeland, using his powers to spread destruction. Tobias begins broadcasting on the dark web, using the demonstration as a marketing tool. Heatstroke comes upon Councilman Kwame Parker holding a rally. Heatstroke sets him and his police guard on fire.

Gambi reports that Heatstroke is heating up gas pipes, which is causing houses in West Freeland to catch on fire. Jefferson asks Gambi to go get Jennifer who is home alone. Jefferson catches up to Heatstroke and the two fight, using their powers in an evenly matched confrontation. Anissa arrives and turns the tables. Watching through a head mounted camera, Tobias wants Heatstroke to try and kill the two metas, but Dr. Jace convinces him to order Heatstroke to withdraw.

After bringing Jennifer back to the Sanctum, Gambi reports to Jefferson that the Geiger counters have pinpointed where the stolen pods are, and possibly also Tobias. Gambi heads off to watch the location, leaving Jennifer behind. She uses her powers to turn Gambi's computer on and get the address.

While Jefferson and Anissa try to cool down the pipes, Lala reaches Tobias' base and confronts Cutter. She tries to kill him by throwing knives into his chest, but Lala shrugs them off and begins shooting at her while she runs. Cutter tells him that someone is coming to kill him and they retreat, calling Rebecca to evacuate to the rendezvous point.

At the A.S.A., Lynn watches news reports about the fire. Odell informs her that her neighborhood is safe, and that Freeland is lucky to have Black Lightning and Thunder.

At Tobias' base, Gambi watches as Tobias and Cutter exit the building and head to a car. Gambi is shocked to see Jennifer arriving in her suit, knowing that it is not ready for fieldwork. As Tobias and Cutter drive away, Jennifer's powers threaten to overwhelm her and she collapses, glowing with rampant excess energy.



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