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"The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega" is the sixteenth and final episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 18, 2019.



Gambi reaches Jennifer, who is lying on the floor wreathed in energy. Gambi prepares to use his special gloves to siphon off Jennifer's excess energy when Lala arrives and fires into the ground. After determining that they are not with Tobias, Lala leaves. Gambi attempts to control Jennifer's spiking energy and tells her to go to her safe place. In her mind, Perenna tells her to get out and control her powers. Jennifer manages to power down, although Gambi collapses with burns on his face. Jefferson and Anissa arrive and determine that Gambi is still alive. Jefferson tells his daughters to take Gambi back to the Sanctum while he looks for Tobias.

Tobias and Cutter return to the Penthouse. Cutter reports that the Freeland District Attorney has announced that the police officers who killed Cape Guy will face no charges. Tobias believes that Freeland is primed to explode with the right spark. With Freeland in turmoil, Tobias would then reclaim the pods stolen from the A.S.A. Tobias has figured out that Black Lightning draws his power from the city's electrical grid, and orders Cutter to send Coldsnap to freeze the main power generators.

Jefferson investigates the warehouse that Tobias abandoned and to his surprise, he finds the A.S.A. pods. He contacts Lynn to tell her about the pods. Anissa and Jennifer get Gambi back to the Sanctum and start treating his wounds.

At the penthouse, Tobias plays chess against a portrait of his sister, Tori, while talking to her. Cutter starts to get concerned by Tobias' behavior, but tells him that she has instructed the 100 to start civil unrest throughout Freeland. As they start rioting, normal citizens begin to join in causing city-wide chaos.

At the warehouse, Dr. Helga Jace attempts to shoot Black Lightning, but Lynn arrives and attacks her. Lynn beats Jace into submission; Jace begs her not to give her over to the A.S.A. because Odell will have her killed. She promises to trade information on the Masters of Disaster for police protection. Black Lightning arranges for her to be taken into custody by Deputy Chief Bill Henderson.

Odell arrives at the warehouse with an A.S.A. team and meets with Lynn. He intends to move the pods to a secure location before the Markovians can acquire them. The riots continue throughout Freeland, but Anissa and Jennifer are relieved when Gambi regains consciousness. When the power goes out throughout the city, Anissa decides that she is needed more on the streets to quell the violence. Gambi and Jennifer head off to restore the power to the city. Gambi warns Jefferson that he will face depleted power levels due to the power grid being offline.

At the Freeland Police Department, the meta-human bounty hunter Instant arrives and fights through the police to reach Dr. Jace. He intends to take her to the Markovians. Jace offers to double his fee to let her go, but Instant refuses to break a deal. He teleports them both out before Henderson can arrive.

Watching the chaos unfold in the city, Tobias tells Tori that he will rebuild the city the way he wants it to be. On the streets, New Wave and Heatstroke face off against the police, but are confronted by Black Lightning and Thunder. The fight is even for a while until Shakedown and Coldsnap arrive. The battle turns against the heroes, especially as Black Lightning's power reserves reach critical levels. As Heatstroke presses the attack on Black Lightning, he is shot several times by Lala. Lala tells Black Lightning his only goal is to kill Tobias. Black Lightning goes to Thunder's aid as she is close to drowning in a bubble of water generated by New Wave.

Gambi takes out Tobias' men at the power plant, while Jennifer uses short bursts of her power to melt the ice keeping the generators offline. As the power returns to the city, Black Lightning receives a power boost. Black Lightning and Thunder's combined powers knock out the three meta-humans.

Tobias plans to release the pod kids into the city to cause more chaos. It causes Cutter to try and stop him, triggering a fight between them. Cutter breaks off the fight and announces that she is leaving him. As she leaves, Tobias activates the pods and releases the pod kids. At the warehouse, the kids exit the pods. Lynn warns the A.S.A. agents to leave them alone. Without resistance, the kids are docile and peaceful, albeit confused. Odell leads the A.S.A. agents away before Black Lightning and Thunder arrive.

Gambi tracks the signal sent from the briefcase to the pods and locates his position. Black Lightning and Thunder head off, while Jennifer realizes that she can use her powers to fly and goes to join them.

Tobias continues to detail his plans to Tori when Lala arrives with the intention of killing Tobias. Lala shrugs off Tobias' attempt to use the brainwashing command to stop him and shoots him. The bullet does not faze Tobias at all and he uses a second verbal command that causes all of the people that Lala killed to manifest as tattoos. Lala collapses to the floor in pain.

Jennifer breaks into the penthouse to confront Tobias and names herself "Lightning." Using her powers, Jennifer wreathes Tobias is energy tendrils and prepares to kill him. Jefferson arrives and talks her down, telling Jennifer that she is better than a killer. Together, they use their powers to take down Tobias.

Reverend Jeremiah Holt, recovered from the poisoning attempt, broadcasts on the radio and Internet to inspire people and praise Black Lightning and Thunder. On the streets, the heroes presence helps to end the violence although the city needs to heal.

At the A.S.A., Odell enters a room with three pods. Insider are Issa Williams, Wendy Hernandez, and surprisingly, Khalil Payne. Tobias is in custody, taken to a meta-human prison known as The Pit. He is fitted with a collar that negates his strength. As a resident of a black site, Tobias has been deemed a threat to the nation.

The Pierce family congregate for dinner, and Jefferson realizes how happy he is with his family around him. As they have a family moment, Odell arrives and reveals that he knows that the Pierces are meta-humans. He intends to deputize them in the fight against Markovia since the concentration of meta-humans in Freeland make it a target. War is coming to Freeland.



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  • When Jennifer asked Anissa if Gambi will survive, she responded that she wouldn't be surprise if he told them that he was Batman. This confirms Batman's existence in this universe.