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"I know you lost your whole world, your friends, your home. I miss what I had, too. I know what you're going through. How responsible you must feel."
"You don't know anything!"
"But I know everything because I am you. I feel the darkness, too. You've made some bad choices, but they don't have to define you.
Supergirl, Brainiac 5, and Querl Dox

"The Bottle Episode" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on January 19, 2020.



Lex Luthor in the D.E.O

D.E.O. commercial

"The Bottle Episode" opens with A propaganda video promoting Lena and Lex Luthor working together along with Supergirl as the secret owners behind the D.E.O., that plays as Kara and Alex walk by, making Kara cringe at the commercial. Alex, now with her memories restored by J'onn tries to comfort Kara in their new reality. After defeating the Anti-Monitor, multiple worlds merge together, including Earth-1 and Earth-38, now becoming Earth-Prime. J'onn told them that only the Superfriends, Team Flash, Team Arrow and the Legends could have their memories restored, as doing so to the entirety of Earth could drastically alter lives (as loved ones and family could be different or mixed as as a result of the merged realities). Before finishing her doughnut, Kara decides to tell Lena she is Supergirl, even after Alex insists they start with a new slate.

Lena wakes up in her apartment to find Lex there. He hands her a drink for her nerves as she slowly begins to remember Earth-38's destruction, and their own eventual demise from the Anti-Monitor. Lex informs her that he made a deal that included bringing her back with all memories. Lena snidely quips she must be in Hell if Lex is there with her; though she accepts she's not dead and Lex, unfortunately is back too. She is still annoyed at him for all his past deeds but Lex isn't worried and insists they move pass that and start working together. Lena declines, but not before bringing up Leviathan. In an unexpected turn of events, Lex is perplexed as to what Leviathan is.

While at work Lena is visited by Supergirl who arrives to inform her she is really Kara Danvers. Lena cuts are often, informing or she already knows everything and is once again insulted at Kara's attempt- as far as she sees it- to manipulate her into being her friend again. Supergirl discusses her wishes for them to work together and Lena informed her she is debating between her and her brother. Supergirl, unsure what else to say, leaves.


Coluans from different Earths

Brainiac and Nia are walking together in the park when they come upon their favorite food truck and are incredibly surprised to find Barney Fife is already ordering the exact same drink. They are both rather confused and begin trying to arrest one another while insisting they are the real Brainiac. They bring each other into the DEO, and Alex tries to sort the situation out but they are soon surrounded by multiple Brainys, including one female. There is even a fourth one, from Earth-TUD18, however, almost immediately after meeting him, he dies, but not without warning them "beware of the bottle." Everyone stands around him discussing what that could mean, and all of their different personalities begin to emerge, with the one from Earth-TUD17 clearly being the most skittish. However, they are all interrupted by Lex Luthor instructing Alex and Kara to meet with him in the board room.

Reluctantly both sisters comply and Lex is there in a full suit, ready to talk business. He questions if there is any more news on the Anti-Monitor or Leviathan. Unbeknownst to them, he does not remember what Leviathan is. They informed him they have heard nothing about the Anti-Monitor since the start of Earth-Prime, and they have no news on Leviathan either. Lex smoothly brings up how they should be semi-working together, while still keeping an eye on one another. If they agree, he expects them by his side publicly, at the Man of Tomorrow Ceremony. If not he will have his answer.

Gemma Cooper

Gemma Cooper

While giving a briefing to a room of her team members Andrea is interrupted by her old college mentor Gemma Cooper. Later while examining her work with Obsidian North's "Collective Dream" VR lenses she was impressed in the new advances Lena has made and brought up the idea of having a virtual reality for people that are broken or unable to function in high society. Andrea was intrigued.

Back at the DEO both other male Brainiac-5s were about to figure out things faster than Brainiac Prime. He is slightly embarrassed, but Barney Fife tries to comfort him telling him to not worry about it. They all had to Al's bar realizing that it is the common denominator where everyone inside are from multiple Earth's that were brought to Earth-Prime and doppelgängers. Making copies of Brainy as well as the bar owner Al Crane. Even bringing the three ancestral witches that created Reign. However, on Earth-TUD17 they were nothing extraordinary. They came to National City as tourists and never left. Even coming over to asked to do a palm reading for five dollars.

Lena finds her mother, Lillian who has already been briefed by Lex on what has happened, as she had not had her memories restored like everyone else by J'onn. It appears she is quick to adverse herself in what her son has said (as she is notably not in jail on Earth-Prime) and advised Lena to work with Lex over Supergirl.

Brainy and the female Querl Dox talk about why he, who is supposed to be Prime Brainy, has been moving just slightly slower than all of them. She asks about his personality inhibitors and why he is blue instead of green. Brainy brushes her off.

Upon Brainy's request, Nia goes to find the sad Brainiac 5, who has been having a difficult time during his transition. However, it is quickly revealed that he is not as skittish as he has been pretending and is in-fact the source of the alleged virus they have all been looking for. Admitting in order to save his homeworld, Earth-TUD17 he shrunk it inside a tiny bottle and is now desperately looking for a way to bring it back. Nia realizing how much chaos it would cause to open an entire planet inside of Earth and tries to stop him but is quickly defeated. She calls out Brainy who along with Supergirl rushed to her aid but Brainiac 5 escapes into wormhole.

While in recovery, Nia informs them what other Brainiac 5 told her. Querl Dox admits their ancestors used to do such as chaotic thing. Not long after Brainy confided in Supergirl about his personality inhibitors. He brought up the story of when he was a child at around eight and his parents had taken him to visit snow for the first time. He was so amazed and entranced by it, he refused to leave. So his mother bottled the entire planet for him. His father was furious at what had happened and restored the planet, but Brainy was furious that his father had taken away his planet. His property. His rage and anger had become so intense it scared his father who placed three personality inhibitors on him. And they stayed there to that day. However, they decreased his Brainy function and cut him off from the Big Brainy. Supergirl told him she believed he would make the right choice and that he was strong enough, he didn't need them anymore and believed he could control his emotions.


A bottled Earth (Earth-TUD17)

Back at Al's Dive Bar, they found Brainiac 5 had incorporated the help of the three ancestral witches to help bring back his planet. They had all agreed, feeling their powers had always been under utilized. Supergirl, Brainy, and Dreamer all arrived to stop them. With Selena insisting it had been a while since they had a good bar fight. Brainy fought his double. While Nia and supergirl took care of the witches.

Nia uses her powers to blast away the shrunken earth easily due to it's miniscule size, away from the witches. After Brainy was knocked down, he'd damaged one of his personality inhibitors again, Nia told him she believed he could control himself and he took all 3 off for the first time in his life. His demeanor and personality notably changed as he appeared to gain more confidence and self-control, accompanied by the change in his skin color to green.

He was able to eventually talk down on emotional and distraught Brainiac 5, who after an anguished cry reluctantly agreed to hand over the bottled planet. He and the three witches all decided to wait together inside.

After everyone had cleared out from the dive bar, Brainy and was left with Barney Fife and Querl Dox. There they admitted they had no use for this new world and wish to return to the constructive Brain, giving up their physical selves. In doing so, Brainy would receive their knowledge. Before the female Querl Dox was absorbed, she admitted that she had desperately been trying to find information about Leviathan and Lex Luthor. Informing him that in her world, she had become his adversary and in doing so had almost destroyed everything and everyone. Because Lex Luthor can't be beat. She insisted that Brainy Prime not become his enemy. The only way to do this was for him to have no other-worldly distractions including romantic relationships or friendships.

Back at Lena's office, Lex was once again attempting to partner up with her. He had brought a truth seeker and allowed her to ask him any questions. To which he admitted, he did want a genuine partnership as they would work well together, and would dismiss her as soon as he no longer had use of her. She hesitantly agreed.

Brainy, who is now more confident in himself, in his demeanor continued to show it. He confidently met up with Nia before swiftly informing her their relationship was over. He left her heartbroken as he walked out.

At another ceremony for Lex Luthor, Kara found William hanging out in the corner. There he admitted he didn't trust the Luthor's as one of his close friends back in England had declined to work with him before ending up dead. Kara insisted that it was only Lex Luthor and that Lena was a good person. During the ceremony, Lex's entire family was there, and after Lena had finished introducing him, his mother told him how she had persuaded Lena to join him. Adding that since they had been partners in the previous world she wished to continue that. unaware that he had betrayed her too.

After the ceremony Brainy found Lex in his office and told him in no uncertain terms he wishes to work together, despite what his team members thought. He would inform Lex of all incoming information about Leviathan and they'd be partners. Lex agreed and showed him a photo of a wanted man, possibly from the future that had been arrested. The photo was of Winn Schott's doppelgänger.



Special guest starring[]

Guest starring[]





  • The episode shares the exact same title as the webisode from the DC Super Hero Girls webseries, given that both episodes featured Supergirl. In addition, this is the second episode to feature Supergirl and DC Super Hero Girls episodes sharing the same episode names. The first was "For the Girl Who Has Everything" which in-turn was adapted from the Superman arc For the Man Who Has Everything.
  • A "bottle episode" refers to one that typically takes place in a limited number of locations, often simply a single room. These episodes will use minimal budget, while usually restricting the cast to only series regulars.
  • The new multiverse was confirmed on-screen (to the viewers) to still exist in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five". However, it appears that the separate Earths are now divided by something other than vibrational frequencies, as Brainy found no other Earths via the old method, resembling vibers' (such as Cisco's powers.
  • Evil Brainy's plan to shrink and bottle his home Earth to protect it from antimatter is a reference to the original Brainiac who would collect planets from across the universe and store them on his ship.
    • This was referenced by female Brainy when she says that bottling planets was a common Coluan tradition among their ancestors. For another one, a bottled planet was an attempt to preserve the experience of snow; that incident resulted in the three Personality inhibitors being placed on that Brainy's head.
    • In the original comic books, Brainiac was responsible for shrinking and bottling the Kryptonian city of Kandor. Superman kept the city in his Fortress of Solitude, but was prevented from restoring it to full-size, for reasons that varied over the years.
  • Al Crane has a box of things that have been left at the bar, including one of Toyman's mechanical monkeys, foreshadowing the next episode, "Back From the Future - Part One".
  • The NSYNC song "It's Gonna Be Me" plays during the fight. Ironically enough, Kara is a fan of the band.
  • When Brainy encounters his doppelgänger at the smoothie stand, believing the the latter to be an impostor, he inquires whether the other Brainy is Durlan or Martian (both of which are alien species that are well-established to possess shape-shifting abilities), then asks "Is your face made of clay?"; a nod to the villain from the Batman comics known as "Clayface", who also has shape-shifting powers.
  • This is the first official episode of Supergirl set on Earth-Prime. The series was originally set on Earth-38 for four seasons and the first 9 episodes of Season 5 before the original multiverse was destroyed in the crisis.