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"Sometimes bravery isn't enough; sometimes the world requires us to be bold."
Lyla Michaels to Oliver Queen

"The Brave and the Bold" is the eighth episode of the third season of Arrow, and the fifty-fourth episode overall. It aired on December 3, 2014. The episode is the second part of the two-part crossover, Flash vs. Arrow, between The Flash and Arrow, along with the eighth episode of The Flash's first season, "Flash vs. Arrow".



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Oliver, Dig and Roy are at a location that is owned by the mysterious man. Both Arrow and Roy shoot at the bombs inside the home, before going inside and learn that A.R.G.U.S. were there as the boomerang man killed an A.R.G.U.S. agent. Despite being told to let it go, Arrow doesn't. Heading back to the Foundry, Felicity tells them who the victim was.

In flashback, Oliver is called by Waller to find out information about bombs, by torturing the guy.

The next day, Felicity receives a visit from Cisco and Caitlin who wanted to see the foundry so she brings them there.

Dig approaches Lyla for information. At the same time, the man shows up at A.R.G.U.S. using the dead guy's id. He then injures a security guard. Lyla tells Dig that it is handled until the alarm went off. The man is killing multiple men.

Dig calls Oliver and gets them to go but Caitlin thinks that they won't get there in time. Dig and Lyla are in a gun fight.

Thea is out on her cell when the Flash sped by.

Oliver and Roy are fighting the man, when the flash shows up to help causing the man to realize he is outnumbered and leaves.

In the foundry, Barry is showing off when he speeds off for sushi. Lyla then shows up when Barry returns and reveals his identity to Lyla. Barry then helps fix the boomerangs up. Upon learning who made the boomerang, they head to talk to Lance. After learning that the man is connected to the Bratva, the team head to talk to the Bratva. Oliver begins to torture the guy for information, surprising Barry. Barry got upset about it. Barry then brings the guy to Lance before returning and talking to Oliver about his tactics. When Oliver talks about his tragedies, Barry mentions about seeing his mother die. Oliver then tells him if his way is too hard that he knows his way home.

In the foundry, Lyla approaches Oliver to talk about his relationship with Barry.

In the past, Oliver grabs his bow and arrow and the guy he is supposed to torture mocks him. However he is too late to get answers as the bomb goes off in the distance.

Dig, Cisco, and Roy were driving together discussing the meta human issue. Cisco however brings up Lyla as Dig's "wife" to which Roy and Dig say that she isn't the wife.

Oliver and Barry arrive at the location and they learn that Digger isn't there but left behind a phone.

In the Foundry, Lyla and the others learn that Digger found them and so Lyla pulls out a gun and begins shooting at Harkness. Felicity grabs a bomb but doesn't throw it until after Lyla is hit by a boomerang. Felicity is freaking out that Lyla isn't breathing.

Dig shows up along with the others and Dig asks Barry to take Lyla to a hospital.

In flashback, Oliver learns from Waller that he must cultivate his skill in torture.

Above in Verdant, Cisco, Roy and Felicity were hanging out when Thea brought them drinks. Roy thanks Thea for the night off. Cisco asks who Thea is and learns that she is Roy's ex and Oliver's sister. Caitlin then shows up. The Star Labs employees worry about how they are not taking it seriously as they give their bad guys nicknames.

Barry and Oliver talk about how he is trading pieces of himself to torture people. Barry tells him that he is full of crap and that Oliver is still human due to his experiences.

Felicity then enters and tells them where Harkness is. He happens to be at a train station. Barry and Oliver head there with Flash removing the innocent people before they talk to the man. He tells them that he had planted bombs around the city and gave them 90 secs for the bombs. Flash rushed off while Oliver stayed behind. Oliver hits Harkness as Flash has to figure out what to do with the bomb. Barry grabs Roy and puts him in front of one of the bombs and then does the same with Caitlin, Felicity and Cisco.

Oliver and the Captain are surprised when they stopped the bombs. The Flash shows up as Oliver doesn't kill the man but stops him from surprising him with an arrow in the back.

Dig is at the hospital when Lyla wakes up and calls her sweetie. He asks her to marry him, to which she says yes. They kiss briefly.

Caitlin promises to send them the results of the arrow that shot Sara. Barry and Oliver return and find out that Cisco had Oliver made a new costume that was better material, along with Barry having a place for his uniform for when he's in town. They promise to do something just the two of them before Barry leaves town.

In flashback, Waller gives Oliver a second chance with a person who works with China White. He is told he gets redemption with the man.

Barry and Oliver head out alone to fight each other in a friendly fight. Barry tells Oliver that he can inspire people as himself.


Preparation began September 18 and wrapped up on September 26. Filming ran from September 29 until October 8.[1]


  • The episode's title, The Brave and The Bold, is a reference to a number of DC comic book series which featured super-hero team-ups. The Brave and the Bold's most notable characters were Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow, and The Flash (Barry Allen).
  • When Oliver and Barry meet Captain Lance, he mistakenly refers to Barry as "Bart Allen". This is a reference to Bart Allen, Barry's grandson in the comics, who becomes a speedster himself and uses the monikers Impulse, Kid Flash, and the Flash.
  • After the fight between Oliver and Barry about their different methods, Lyla asks Oliver if he and "Speedy" are alright. Oliver says, "What? Roy? Yeah, we're fine". This is a reference to Roy being the original Speedy before becoming Arsenal in the comics. However, in Arrow, the only person to be officially codenamed Speedy is Thea Queen, who was Roy's successor in the role in the comics.
  • This is the only Arrow part of a crossover that includes the flashback storyline.
  • The final showdown between Barry and Oliver is a reference to Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed's final showdown in Rocky III.
  • The spar that occurs between Barry and Oliver at the end of the episode is cut short without revealing its outcome. Two years later, it was revealed at the end of the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Invasion!" that Barry won. However, according to Oliver, it didn't count because there were no witnesses.
  • Digger Harkness is sent to be locked up on Lian Yu with Slade Wilson, which is later referenced in "The Return" and seen in Season 5's "Lian Yu".
  • Felicity's comment that Oliver does the salmon ladder "at least every Wednesday" is a reference to the fact Arrow aired new episodes on Wednesday at the time.
  • Harkness is located at the corner of Infantino and Adams. Carmine Infantino and Neal Adams were some of the most influential artists of The Flash and The Green Arrow, respectively. They both have also worked on the book The Brave and the Bold, the namesake of this episode.


  • When Lyla is shooting at Harkness with a hand gun, it looks like a 9mm with a clip that holds about 15 rounds. However, Lyla fires at least 29 times without reloading.
  • While Cisco is communicating with the others before defusing the bombs, only Felicity seems to have a Bluetooth headset to get orders.


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