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For the eponymous characters, see Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe.

"The Bullet Blondes" is the first episode of the seventh season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-eighth episode overall. It aired on October 13, 2021.



The Legends, finally having defeated Bishop and saved the Earth, are feeling confident that things will finally start going their way. The feeling doesn't last for long because in that instant, a second Waverider appears in the sky, bombing their own Waverider and disappearing again.

The Legends, confused and angry, make a plot to portal onto the mystery Waverider and get revenge. They gear up and brace themselves for the fight ahead, only to realise the time courier is out of charge and they really are stranded in Odessa, Texas in the year 1925. Before they can collect their thoughts, there is a knock on the door. Spooner answers, opening to find Pastor Hanson on the doorstep. He asks for Gloria, wanting to make sure everything is alright, having heard a loud explosion. Trying to erase his memory with a memory flasher, they realise that it is also out of charge as well. The Pastor asks about the lights in the sky and the lizard creatures he had seen the night before, and Spooner shuts the door on him. Determined to get out of 1925, the Legends split up to look for the displaced fail-safe, an indestructible box with all the tools to get back home. Astra does a spell and she and Spooner find that the town's sheriff has the fail-safe. After telling the other Legends, they determine that they need to take suspicion off of Gloria before Ava remembers Rule 44, a Time Bureau rule stating that if things go wrong on a mission and there is need for a diversion, the diversion should be to act as members of a travelling circus. While the rest of the group makes their costumes for their cover story, Sara sends Nate and Ava to recover the fail-safe.

Sara then enters the middle of town, announcing that she and her companions are part of the Guggenheim Circus, and that the strange things the townspeople saw were only parts of the circus.

At the sheriff's office, Nate introduces himself as John Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI. While Nate and Ava are recovering supplies, Gary panics and tells a little girl that their circus is that night. Everyone yells at Gary, but Nate and Ava return with the fail-safe, opening it to reveal only a note, edibles, and an old Time Bureau manual. Unfortunately for Nate, the sheriff sees a picture of the real J. Edgar Hoover in the paper, realising that he met a fake and calls the Bureau of Investigation to report him.

As the Legends try to create a circus, Spooner talks with her mother, realising the circus is not a good idea, as it could bring unwanted attention to her. Sara agrees that they will stop the circus and leave Odessa, figuring something else out later. Meanwhile, Astra is determined to use her magic to save the Waverider, but the magic is too powerful and she passes out, causing another loud explosion. J. Edgar Hoover investigates Gloria's house, and the Legends are forced to find out what John's key does, entering the pocket dimension manor in an attempt to hide from Hoover.

In the manor, Ava reads the Time Bureau manual, searching for some way to solve their problem. She reads about a scientist who laid the foundations of time travel living in the same time period that they are now. They decide that they need to lead Hoover away from Gloria and get to New York, where they can get time travel and return to their present time. Ava, however, is unsure about Sara's plan to rob banks to draw Hoover's attention and get enough money to travel to New York. Sara promises that Ava can make a list to fix all of the changes that they made to the timeline once they get time travel back, and Ava begrudgingly agrees. Spooner tells the others that she and Astra will stay in Odessa while the other Legends go to New York to help invent time travel. Noticing Hoover has returned, they tie Spooner and Gloria up, making it seem like they have been kidnapped by the Midland Gang and allowing the Legends time to escape into the car.

While Ava and Sara go into the bank to get enough money to get them to 1925, Nate and Behrad stand guard outside. Ava requests $93.65, the calculated amount that it will take for tickets to New York. Meanwhile, outside, Nate and Behrad are convinced by a local woman that they need a name, deciding on the Bullet Blondes. Driving away from the bank $93.65 richer, they are greeted by a road block and J. Edgar Hoover himself, however they drive past him. Proving himself indefatigable, he hangs onto the car until he is launched off by the sudden stop and is knocked out. He shoots Nate, who turns to steel and the bullet ricochets, killing Hoover. Ava then starts to panic. She is comforted by Sara, and reminded of her Stabcast podcast, launching into action mode. She realises that there are no witnesses and the need to get rid of the body, forcing Gary to eat Hoover.

Astra talks with Spooner, sitting on a pile of dirt and unknowingly completing her spell as Spooner voices her wish for Gideon's food fabrication. Without knowing she was doing it, Astra has brought Gideon into 1925 in human form. She and Spooner look at her, surprised.



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  • This was the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to not credit Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory) as a series regular.
  • This episode immediately continues from the last episode as the Legends are trapped in 1925; 96 years away from the present day.
    • During the bank robbery, a sign on the wall can be seen showing the day to be Thursday the 9th, though no month is visible. In 1925, the only months with a Thursday the 9th were April and July, placing the events in one of these two months.
  • The key Constantine gave Zari is revealed to lead to a pocket dimension in Hell modeled after his house.
  • Zari references when Astra turned the Legends into household objects in "The Satanist's Apprentice".
  • Magic can repair the Waverider, but it would take multiple sorcerers, since Astra could only manage rebuilding an outline of the ship before the strain took its toll, causing the assembled pieces to scrunch together and explode again.
  • Sara mentions being part of the Guggenheim Circus, a reference to longtime Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim.