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"The Butcher" (died 2008) was a member of the Amazo's crew and the ship's captain following the murder of the previous captain.


As part of the Amazo's crew[]

After Sara Lance was marooned following the sinking of the Queen's Gambit, the crew of the Amazo eventually found and rescued her. "The Butcher" asked her as to why she was there, before taking her to a cell. Later in the day, he and another man went to take her somewhere but were intervened by Anthony Ivo, who claimed authority, taking her to the safety of his study.[1]

Some time later, Ivo and his men took Oliver Queen to the supposed spot of the Hōzen. They were intercepted by Slade Wilson and Shado, who suggested a trade for Oliver. However, he was able to escape, with Sara in tow. They eventually escaped, causing Ivo to kill the ship's captain and promote "The Butcher" to the position of captain.[2]

Not long after, they followed Oliver and company to a Japanese submarine, finding that they'd used some of the Mirakuru on Slade. Ivo took them to shore, forcing Oliver to choose between Shado and Sara's lives, subsequently killing Shado despite Oliver refusing to choose. Suddenly, Slade appeared, injuring and killing some men, causing them to flee.[3]

Soon following, they captured Anatoly Knyazev. "The Butcher" assisted Ivo in extracting his eye, but they were distracted by a fire lit by Oliver on the beach of Lian Yu. He was sent to capture Oliver, and he was able to successfully do so. They began to interrogate Oliver with a truth serum. Oliver falsely revealed Slade and Sara to be in the engine room of the freighter, and so he was sent along with all of his men to find them. A fight eventually ensued upon the freighter, which he survived. He ordered Slade to get into a prison cell. When he didn't comply, he shot him, though due to the Mirakuru in his body, it had no effect. Slade subsequently crushed his head with his hands, killing him.[4]



Season 2[]