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"I had help from a masked blonde woman in black."
Oliver Queen[src]

A protective suit was worn by Sara Lance while operating as a vigilante known as the Canary, and as the assassin known as Ta-er al-Sahfer.


When Sara Lance started fighting against crime as the vigilante known as the Canary, she wore a black leather suit. The suit included; quad-hugging pants with a motif reminiscent of fishnet stockings, a bustier-like top, a utility belt with two pouches on her sides, as well as a short jacket with sleeves up to below her elbows and black gloves. Moreover, her jacket always appears unzipped. Sara also wore a black domino-like mask and a bleach blonde wig, to hide her identity.


The suit's origin is unknown but it was possibly created by the League of Assassins for Sara Lance or by Sara after she left them. Sara used it when she fought crime as a vigilante in Star City[1] under the alias "The Canary".[2]

Sara was murdered while wearing the suit,[3] which inspired Laurel Lance to create her own suit and become a Canary vigilante in honor of Sara.[4] After her resurrection,[5] Sara wore the suit for the final time during the rescue mission to save Ray Palmer from Damien Darhk before temporarily retiring from vigilantism[6] before she received her White Canary suit from Laurel as she joined the Legends.[7]


  • Identity concealment: Sara used a black mask and blonde wig to conceal her identity and potentially keep her family safe from harm.

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  • The Canary suit used by Sara in the Arrowverse, is similar to the Black Canary suit of Dinah Drake-Lance from the DC comics. The suit is similar to the original Black Canary suit worn by the former character.