The Canary suit is a suit used by Sara Lance while operating as a vigilante known as The Canary, and as the assassin known as Ta-er al-Sahfer.


When Sara started fighting against crime as the vigilante known as the Canary, she wore a black leather suit. The suit included; quad-hugging pants with a motif reminiscent of fishnet stockings, a bustier-like top, a utility belt with two pouches on her sides, as well as a short jacket with sleeves up to below her elbows and black gloves. Moreover, her jacket always appears unzipped. Sara also wore a black domino-like mask and a bleach blonde wig, to hide her identity.


  • Identity concealment: Sara used a black mask to conceal her identity and to potentially keep her family safe from harm.

Known users

Former users



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


  • The Canary suit used by Sara in the Arrowverse, is similar to the Black Canary suit of Dinah Drake-Lance from the DC comics. The suit is similar to the original Black Canary suit worn by the former character.
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