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"Two things will happen. You will tell me everything I want to know. Then I will kill you. Or I will torture you until you tell me everything I want to know. And then I will kill you."
—The Captain to Oliver Queen[src]

"The Captain" (died 2008) was an associate of Professor Anthony Ivo and the first known captain of the Amazo. He was killed by Ivo for failing to prevent Oliver Queen's escape, and he was succeeded by "The Butcher".


Part of the Amazo's crew

After Oliver Queen was captured by the Amazo's crew, "The Captain" came to interrogate him. When Oliver refused to talk "The Captain" threatened him with torture and death, before shooting Oliver in the stomach. He came back later, after Oliver had removed the bullet and sewed his wound. He questioned him about grave sites and, although Oliver did not answer, he determined them to be on the correct island. Later in the day, Oliver was taken to be interrogated by Sara Lance.[1]

Sara soon took brought to a CB radio to contact his friends. Confirming their location and number, Sara disconnected the radio. She was joined by Ivo and "The Captain". The latter wished to kill him, deeming him of no use, but Ivo wished to keep him alive for later use.[2]

Some time later, Ivo and his men took Oliver to the supposed spot of the Hōzen. They were intercepted by Slade Wilson and Shado, who suggested a trade for Oliver. However, he was able to escape, with Sara in tow. "The Captain" ran after them, but was injured by an explosive. He crawled back to Ivo, who killed him for his inability to prevent Oliver's escape.[3]



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