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The Central City Citizen was a newspaper publisher owned by Central City Citizen Media, and was founded and run by Iris West-Allen. It was located in Central City (Earth-1); which was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis (an event which was frequently referenced in one of its reports).[1]


Central City Citizen Media

Central City Citizen Media in 2049.

Original timeline[]

In the timeline Nora West-Allen is from, The Central City Citizen was founded in 2021.[1] There was also a building known as "Central City Citizen Media" prior to 2049.[2]

Current timeline[]

In 2019, Iris West-Allen founded her newspaper agency in the same building where Ralph Dibny had his detective office, after a lawyer confirmed that "The Central City Citizen" was the only name available that Iris had considered.

Barry Allen, and Nora West-Allen, the daughter of Iris and Barry from a now-erased timeline, later visited the new office of the newspaper. While Barry was initially concerned that the newspaper's name matched the one shown in the time vault, Nora reassured him that they were already changing the timeline, as The Central City Citizen had now been founded two years earlier than it had been in the previous timeline.[1]

Erased futures[]

Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis[]

Wells Thawne Time Vault Power Outage 2

"Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis" article.

The Central City Citizen 2049 article

An article from 2049 by Iris West-Allen.

At some point, Iris West-Allen wrote an article on April 25, 2024, titled "Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis", detailing a massive street battle with the Flash and Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash that ultimately led to the Flash's disappearance in an explosion of light.[3] Using Gideon and the Time Vault, Thawne would look on the newspaper article as a guide to make sure that future remained intact.[4] Team Flash stared at that same article for years as guide to make sure things were headed in the right direction, such as Iris's death at the hands of Savitar.[5]

Exactly 25 years later, a still-widowed 59 year old Iris wrote another article, titled "25 Years Later - Flash Still Missing", with different sources giving conflicting accounts of what had happened that night. A copy of the newspaper would be kept by Nora West-Allen, as proof that the Flash never came back.[6]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

Due to a change in the timeline in which Team Flash destroyed Cicada's dagger in 2019, the 2024 date in the newspaper changed to where the Crisis occurred much earlier; running from December 10, 2019.[7] According to The Monitor, rather than vanish in Crisis, the Flash was going to die.[8][9] Much to the confusion of Iris, who saw the newspaper covered a battle with Thawne rather than a cosmic disaster.[10] However, it ended up being the Flash of Earth-90 that made the sacrifice to destroy the antimatter cannon.[11]

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