"Take a look around. You think these people give a damn about consequences? Take the night off. A true pirate doesn't live for tomorrow, they only live for the moment."
Mick Rory to Amaya Jiwe

"The Curse of the Earth Totem" is the twelfth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the forty-fifth episode overall. It aired on February 26, 2018.


When Sara decides to take some private time, the Legends pursue a lead on the whereabouts of the long-lost Earth Totem. Without Sara's knowledge, the Legends find themselves in 1717 to hunt for Blackbeard’s long-lost treasure, but in true Legends fashion, things go awry. Meanwhile, Ray feels guilty about something he has done and tries to make amends, which lands him in even bigger trouble.[src]



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"The Curse of the Earth Totem" starts with a flashback to the Bahamas in the year 1717. A group of privateers has shown up on an island and is uncovering a fortune when the pioneer of the gathering blessings his better half an emerald special necklace he found. When she puts it on, she's abruptly tightened by plants that show up out of the ground.

On the Waverider, Ray is addressing Amaya and Mick about Mallus' conceivable character. He thinks the Fire Totem is situated in Detroit, and when he asks Sara to go with on a strategic, last turns down the offer since she has a date with Agent Sharpe in Star City.

Sara goes to Star City in 2018 to go on her date with Sharpe.

The gathering assembles on the Waverider to discuss the symbols. Beam uncovers that Damien has just made sure about the Fire Totem when Nate makes some noise and says he thinks he knows where the Earth Totem is. He believes it's on Blackbeard's boat in 1717.

Regardless of some underlying wavering in light of the fact that Sara is gone, the group goes to 1717 to research the whereabouts of the Earth Totem.

We see Rip and Wally's discussion right where it left off toward the finish of the last scene. The pair is in a reflection garden in China. Rip has a go at persuading the speedster that he needs his assistance, and the two talk over a beverage.

In 1717, Mick and Amaya are talking along the edge of the privateer party. Amaya's noteworthy her disappointments about not having the option to wed Nate so as to keep the future from evolving. Mick offers some moving words to Amaya.

Sara and Ava are holding at their date discussing every one of their pasts. Ava concedes that she took a gander at Sara's document when she was a criminal from the Time Bureau.

While they trust that Blackbeard will show up, the Legends persuade the rest of the privateer party that Amaya is a ghastly privateer that is a rockin' roller.

Beam and Nate come back to the Waverider to talk with Zari. Amidst their discussion, the Waverider's capacity removes, and they recall that they stopped the time-traveling transport in the Bermuda Triangle.

Amaya's addressing Blackbeard, and she's attempting to get the area of the Earth Totem. He says he'll offer it to her at a cost, yet he's before long hindered by a gathering of pioneer period fighters drove by Damien Darhk. He takes Amaya's symbol.

Terrified of his forces, Blackbeard gives the area of the Earth Totem to Damien and his associates.

In China, Rip and Wally have kept drinking and are fairly intoxicated at this point. The two bond, and Rip keeps on requesting that Wally help him out. Wally concurs, and we discover that the kindness was to take the telephone and watch from Agent Gary Green. Wally likewise gets Rip his jacket once again from the Time Bureau stockpiling.

In 1717, Damien's troopers are endeavoring to do executions of Amaya, Mick, and Blackbeard when the gathering starts to retaliate. Damien sees the Waverider and starts terminating cannonballs at it, attempting to wreck it.

Gary strolls into the eatery where Sara and Ava are having their date, frightening the last of the pair. As Ava pardons herself from the table, Sara glances out the window to see the Waverider tumbling from the sky.

Gary reveals to Ava that Rip's jacket is absent from capacity. Ava comes back to the table to find that Sara has left.

Sara sheets the Waverider and is disappointed when she understands that she'll never carry on with an ordinary life. She arranges Zari, Nate, and Ray to fix the boat as brisk as could reasonably be expected so they can venture out back so as to assist Amaya and Mick.

Amaya and Mick get away from Darhk's men and show up back at the privateer camp. Mick reveals to them that they're searching for a group and attempt to persuade them to give everything away on where Blackbeard covered the emblem. The pair persuades the privateers to dispatch a revolt against Blackbeard. Blackbeard catches the rebellion shaping and, apprehensive, he consents to enable the gathering to out.

The gathering sheets Blackbeard's boat and heads out to the fortune.

Back on the Waverider in present-day Star City, Sara, Nate, and Ray discover an erroneous date has occurred in 1717, and they discoverDamien Darhk has shown up in the period. Ava sheets the Waverider and goes up against Sara about standing her up at supper.

On the island, Damien's group fires uncovering the fortune, where we discover the special necklace has transformed Blackbeard's previous darling into a beast that can control plants.

Nate reveals to Ray he had the option to take Ava's time-traveling watch, and the pair use it to return in time. They show up on the island, however leave the entrance open, permitting Blackbeard and a couple of his men to load up the Waverider, attempting to guarantee it for themselves.

Amaya is attempting to converse with Annie — Blackbeard's previous sovereign — into removing the symbol, and with her occupied, Damien's ready to utilize his forces to break her neck.

Amaya gets into an encounter with Damien and Nora, however she's spared as Ray appears and fires Nora with his nanite firearm.

Sara and Ava can stop Blackbeard and his men, who come back to their time safe.

The entire gathering rendezvous back on the Waverider, and Amaya approaches Nate, communicating considerations on how she feels free now that Damien took her emblem. Nate apologizes and the two grasp.

Somewhere else, Sara and Ava plunk down and talk about their heartbreaking date over mixed drinks.

Rip awakens in China hungover after his and Wally's night of celebrating.

Mick approaches Ray with some brew and discovers Ray is chipping away at a solution for the nanite weapon so he can spare Nora from biting the dust. He makes a trip back to 1717, where he exchanges the remedy for Amaya's emblem.

Beam infuses Nora with the fix just for Nora to gag him oblivious.



  • As Blackbeard and Anne Queen are walking ashore onto Grace Island in 1717, Anne softly sings, "15 men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum". That song comes from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, which wouldn't be published for another 166 years in 1883.




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