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"Never killed anyone before, but it's not murder if it's your double, right?"
Doctor Light to Linda Park

"The Darkness and the Light" is the fifth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. It aired on November 3, 2015. It acts as the first half of a two-part episode.[1]



The scene opens on Earth-2, 8 months prior, as Harrison Wells holds a question and answer session. Evidently, metahumans are genuinely new there, as well, and S.T.A.R. Labs are focused on forestalling the trouble makers from getting a solid footing. He reveals a progression of applications that will permit individuals to recognize a drawing closer metahuman - which happens when Jay Garrick appears, looking none excessively satisfied.

Garrick requests that Wells be straightforward: he made the metahumans, including fate. Wells denies it, saying that The Flash hasn't carried out his responsibility by halting Zoom. His little girl asks him, "Are you alright, father?" And he says he's fine.

Back on Earth-1, Wells is holding the collection of memoirs that Thawne as Wells composed. After some underlying reservations by Team Flash about confiding in Wells, he says he has come to help Barry rout Zoom. He admits to Barry that he made Zoom and the Earth-2 metahumans - and now he's taking care of business.

Wells couldn't care less about what occurred with the old Wells, however before he can truly get done with talking, Joe comes in and takes shots at him. Barry utilizes his speed to spare him, and takes Joe outside to update him. Wells needs Big Belly Burger, and Cisco is unsettled about it.

At the Picture News, Linda is being reprimanded by Larkin for composing a piece on a nearby football player's household misuse outrage. Joe comes to get Iris, who experiences difficulty folding her head over the Wells news, yet she's okay. Joe gives her a firearm, saying that he trusts Barry is correct, however that he can't confide in it.

At Jitters, Cisco wouldn't like to confide in Wells, however Barry is attempting to talk him into it. Patty comes up behind them, mishearing what they were discussing. She gets messaged and needs to go round out a report. There's an off-kilter farewell after Barry unintentionally turns her down for a date. Cisco attempts to advise Barry to ask her out - that he must be striking. He goes to arrange his espresso and falters through approaching the young lady behind the counter for a date. She turns him down pretty resoundingly, and when he leaves her, he gets a dream of a lady in an ensemble looting a bank.

When Barry comes up to inquire as to whether he's okay subsequent to getting killed, Cisco discloses to him that they have an Earth-2 "breacher" at the Central City Bank.

He experiences a lady who utilizes an impact of light vitality to throw everybody around. Barry spares them yet she escapes.

On Earth-2, Wells lets him know back at S.T.A.R., Light was a little league hoodlum before she was changed by the atom smasher blast. Wells needs to catch her and utilize her to draw Zoom to Earth-1, yet Caitlin enters with Jay Garrick, who fights. Barry needs to know how Cisco thought about Light, and he makes up a dainty lie...but Barry needs to go attempt and track down Light, which Cisco is going to take a shot at the lab.

Barry heads to the police office to ask out Patty.

Back at Cisco's lab, Wells-2 has assumed control over the space, causing Cisco a deep sense of inconvenience. Cisco uncovers that Wells-1 killed him and that Barry went through time, which interests Wells-2.

Barry heads to a bank where Doctor Light is breaking into the vault. She's not intending to murder him, however will take a lot of cash, blow town and cover up. When Barry attempts to prevail upon her, she raises her protective cap's visor to converse with him - and uncovers herself to be Linda Park. This amazements him, and when she understands he knows her, she blinds him and runs.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry educates the group that he's concerned regarding Linda, since Light currently realizes she has a doppelgänger. He needs to go help her, yet he's despite everything blind and apparently will be for quite a long time. As Jay and Caitlin head off to keep an eye on her, Iris appears at help Barry. He overlooked that he has a date with Patty. He has an inclination that he needs to drop on her because of the visual deficiency, however Iris gets a thought of how Cisco can help.

Barry has a couple of shades on when he gets to the café - one that Cisco uses to permit Barry to see and to disclose to him how to get around. The date is a parody of mistakes, as the glasses aren't high-goal enough to truly carry out the responsibility, however they're having a decent, abnormal time.

In a vehicle outside of Picture News, Caitlin converses with Jay during their stakeout. Jay says he battled Zoom a few times, however always scarcely got away with his life. He advises Caitlin not to confide in Wells.

On their date, Patty gets some information about getting struck by lightning. He discloses to her it was groundbreaking. Patty enlightens him regarding a period that she had a brush with death in the wake of hitting her head in the water as a child. As they're visiting, she reveals to Barry that she realizes he can't see her. He removes the glasses, and the two giggle about it.

In the stakeout van, Jay and Caitlin share any useful info about their universes. Similarly as they're going to kiss, the van is toppled by Doctor Light. She goes into the Picture News and sends everybody away - they all go, aside from Iris and Larkin, and Light won't let Linda leave, saying she needs her life.

Light says that the main way she can remain alive is to become Linda - despite the fact that she's never murdered. When Larkin goes to wound her and spare Linda, Doctor Light executes him. Iris shoots her, however it hits her protective cap, thumping it off her head. Jay shows up to attempt to stop her, yet she again conveys a rush of light vitality and wrecks everybody.

Somewhere else, Patty strolls Barry to her vehicle, and the two kiss goodnight. A while later, he has adequately mended that he has his vision back. They each get calls about the assault on Picture News. There, Linda asks Patty how it's conceivable that she saw herself. she says she's alive gratitude to Iris. Barry guarantees the Wests that he's going to discover her, and that Light won't slaughter once more.

Back at S.T.A.R., Wells censures Jay for what occurred, considering him a weakling for running from Zoom. The pair battle for a moment until Barry splits it up and removes Wells. Wells discloses to him he ought to show Jay, not the opposite way around. Barry discloses to Wells that different Wells was his coach before he took in reality with regards to Thawne. When Barry makes reference to Light's cover, Wells goes to it, saying that he realizes how to discover Light: offer it to Cisco. He utilizes his metahuman-finding watch to demonstrate that Cisco is a metahuman.

Barry is quickly vexed that Cisco didn't let them know - however Cisco clarifies that Wells-1 idea it was a gift. Cisco says he doesn't know what welcomes on the dreams, however Wells demands he contact the veil. He does, however nothing occurs. Wells hollers at him to attempt once more, and when he does, at present nothing. At the point when Cisco says he can't control it, Wells presses the veil facing his chest, disclosing to him yes he can. Cisco sends Barry to the train station to catch Light. Barry shows up and clears the stage.

They battle quickly, with Barry battling to locate a vulnerable side. Wells instructs him to befuddle her - give her more than one objective by running so quick he makes after pictures - a speed delusion - of himself. He does it, yet she utilizes her concussive wave and thumps him back. After a motivational speech from Jay, he attempts it once more, this time figuring out how to take her out.

At the lab, they lock Light away in the pipeline, and Barry plans to utilize her to bait Zoom to Earth-1 and end this. Jay reveals to him it's a misstep. Barry says he spent an excessively long time fearing the Reverse Flash and he won't be apprehensive any longer. Garrick says he's not prepared to battle Zoom without anyone else, yet Barry says he has Wells, Jay, Caitlin and Cisco. Jay says he can't in great still, small voice help him when it will prompt catastrophe. He discloses to them they can't confide in Wells and need to inquire as to why he's out of nowhere changed his tune about Zoom.

At Jitters, Cisco returns up to the young lady behind the counter again - this opportunity to arrange espresso. She pivots and, with an important look, inquires as to whether that is actually all he needs. She says she simply moved to Central City, and it's a major change from where she originated from. She again asks, since she's somewhat more adjusted to town, if espresso is actually all he needs. he acquaints himself with her, and she presents herself as Kendra Saunders.

Back at Barry's table, Cisco brings the espresso and Kendra's telephone number. The group chooses Cisco's name will be Vibe.

From over the room, Wells watches them.

On Earth-2, Zoom has Wells' girl prisoner, saying that Wells surrendered her. She says her dad will spare her, and he said that is still to be chosen.



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  • At the press conference on Earth-2, at least one journalist uses an audio recording device of the brand "Zoom."
  • When Barry and Patty reflect on their near-death experiences on their date, Patty states, "We both cheated death". This expression is a recurrent theme in the Final Destination film series. Shantel VanSanten starred in the fourth installment.
  • Jay refers to his friend on Earth-2 who lives in Atlantis, a possible reference to Aquaman.
  • When Harrison Wells helps Barry defeat Dr. Light, he advises him to create multiple afterimages of himself, creating a speed mirage. This is reference to what the previous Dr. Wells brought up to Cisco Ramon in "Out of Time".


  • It's strange Joe shot at Wells when he mistook him for Thawne, as he knows a speedster can outrun bullets.
    • It is possible Joe shot at Wells as an instinct rather than a deliberate action.
  • When Harry was looking at information of Dr. Wells from Earth-1, the article about a property damage case as a result of the particle accelerator explosion was dated as February 4, 2006, which was about seven years before the accelerator exploded.
    • There is also a problem with a date shown on the article about Dr. Wells' confession to Nora Allen's murder, stating that it was on March 5, when in "The Man Who Saved Central City" it was stated by Eobard Thawne posing as Dr. Wells to have taken place on March 18.


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