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"As a kid, there was part of the Flash Museum that always scared me. I guess it's normal for children to be afraid of monsters. But this monster was different. No one knows where he came from, how he got his powers, who he is. All that's known is his alias, and the last sound his victims hear. But that's not what makes him scary. What makes him scary is... you can never catch him."
Nora describing Cicada to Team Flash

"The Death of Vibe" is the third episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the ninety-fifth episode overall. It aired on October 23, 2018.



"The Death of Vibe" starts with a flashback shot of a youthful Nora strolling through The Flash museum. As the storyteller, Nora uncovers that the show highlighting Cicada was the most alarming — not in view of the sound he makes but since of the way that no one ever catches him in the future. Not Team Flash, the Legends, or even the League. Nora then uncovers that this current course of events' Cicada made his appearance sooner than in her timetable.

An alarm from Joe goes off and Ralph goes downtown to assist. He shows up to obstruct the theft of a natural nourishments store.

Considering approaches to stop Cicada, Nora discloses to her folks that in her timetable, they didn't acquire a Wells to assist so that on the off chance that they do that in this course of events, they may have a taken shots at getting Cicada. Cisco utilizes his forces to vibe another Wells to Earth-1, a private examiner that passes by Sherloque Wells.

In his refuge, Cicada is looking at photographs of different wrongdoing scenes and makes note of Joe being all things considered of the meta-included scenes.

Sherloque makes his pitch to Team Flash and in the wake of hearing his skill, they're compelled to recruit him. Sherloque peruses the proof the group has just accumulated. He states he thinks he has a thought where Cicada is covering up and he takes off with Barry, Iris, Nora, and Cisco.

Caitlin persuades Ralph to remain behind to assist her with examining the instance of her dad's fake demise endorsement. They go to visit Caitlin's mother, however she guarantees she thinks nothing about the circumstance.

Barry and Nora race to a ranch outside of town and Sherloque strolls them through the region. Barry and Nora find a man running from the scene and they track him down.

At home, Joe's perusing the paper and he's drawn nearer by the genuine Cicada. Cicada orders Joe to call Vibe to the house however after Joe can't, Cicada takes the investigator out.

Later in the day, Caitlin and Ralph break into the records at Caitlin's mother's office and they begin discovering desk work for Caitlin's adolescence. They before long reveal a self destruction note from Caitlin's father.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry strolls in to tell the group that the man they caught wasn't the genuine Cicada. Sherloque clarifies that Hirsch is commonly the ordinary Cicada on different Earths, as he's comprehended the case 37 past occasions. Barry and Nora contend about what steps to take straightaway and a steamed Nora in the long run hurries off.

When Joe inevitably comes to, he gets himself secured to a seat. Cicada discloses to Joe that he should begin agonizing over his family. Cicada begins stunning him with his blade.

Nora calls Barry and Iris to illuminate him that Sherloque has clearly been disintegrated to debris. At the point when they're looking at the debris, Cisco strolls in to reveal to them that it's tea leaves and Sherloque has organized his own passing. Barry speeds around the lab and promptly finds the obscure analyst.

Ralph apologizes for pushing Caitlin harder to examine her father's phony passing testament.

Cecile awakens in a perspiration as she's recovered the capacity to understand minds. She sneaks ground floor and presses the trouble button, making aware of Team Flash to their home however is before long gotten by Cicada. Cisco vibes into their home and Cicada handles him directly once more into the penetrate.

Cisco radios over the comm framework that the break took him to an arbitrary woodland and he cannot penetrate pull out. Sherloque jumps on the comms framework and starts asking Cisco different inquiries about the woodland. Sherloque in the end limits the woods and Barry hurries off.

Cicada's ready to render both of Cisco's and Barry's forces pointless and Nora hurries off to go help them. She takes a stab at tossing a weapon to Cisco to use on Cicada however the lowlife hits it with his blade, making it detonate. The resulting blast clearly burns Cisco, just abandoning his glasses and gauntlets.

Barry's inspecting the cavity deserted when Cisco vibes once more into the backwoods without his outfit. Cisco uncovers that Nora disclosed to him they needed to counterfeit his demise in any case Cicada would keep after them.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry and Iris welcome Nora to begin living at their home.

Caitlin begins investigating the records they took from her mom's office and she finds one of the phony essential diagrams her dad made was a key to discover him, uncovering he didn't end it all things considered.

Joe's conversing with Iris about Cicada and he uncovers he thinks Cicada is a dad.

Also, exposed Cicada visits the clinic where his little girl is in a state of insensibility.

The scene closes with Sherloque asking Nora a progression of inquiries. Nora's delays during the scrutinizing shows she may have had another person impact her to go back in time.



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  • The title is a reference to The Death of Superman comic book arc.
  • Harrison Sherloque Wells is an obvious reference to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • Nora mentions that one group which tried to stop Cicada was "the League". If could be referring to the League of Assassins, which the group was re-formed in the Arrow Season 8 episode "Leap of Faith" as the League of Heroes. However, it is also possible that Nora was talking about the Justice League, a superhero team Barry was a founding member of in the comics.
  • Upon learning about Cicada, Cisco describes him as "a meta-human Jack the Ripper". This is a reference to the infamous serial killer of the same name, whose identity remains unknown to this day.
  • When Cicada orders a captive Joe to call Vibe to their location, Joe says he doesn't have a "Vibe phone" so he can call him, potentially referencing the Batphone in the comics, which is used by certain individuals to contact Batman for help.
  • The criminal that Ralph confronts at the robbery is the same one he dealt with in the previous season in the episode "The Elongated Knight Rises".
  • Sherloque mentions that every time he caught Cicada, it was always David Hersch. In the comics, David Hersch was the civilian name of Cicada.
  • Ralph using his elastic abilities get his hand under the door to unlock it from the inside and open it is reminiscent of Reed Richards, who has stretching abilities like Ralph, doing the same in the 2005 film Fantastic Four.
  • During the fight with Cicada, Cisco calls him "Michael Myers", referencing the masked antagonist of the Halloween franchise.
  • The titles of the first three episodes of Season 5 create a phrase: Nora Blocked The Death of Vibe, which is exactly what happens in this episode; Nora blocked (prevented) the death of Vibe (Cisco), by helping him to trick Cicada into thinking he had died.
  • The last 4 numbers Caitlin used for the 6-digit passcode needed to unlock her mother's file room were "2889". Caitlin revealed that the passcode was her birthday, meaning she was born in 1989.
  • Nora says that in her original timeline, Cicada's first victim was a meta-human named Floyd Belkin. In the comics, Floyd Belkin is the civilian identity of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (later reintroduced as Splitter); a rejected member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • As seen in "Fast Enough", when Barry is in the Speed Force he sees what would be the Flash Museum in the future, and this location appears to be the former HQ of CCPD. However when Nora is talking about Cicada in the Flash Museum, it can be seen that the location is the former S.T.A.R. Labs. The change may be due the alterations set in motion by Flashpoint, or, as Jay Garrick once mentioned to Barry, the future is always in flux.[2]


  • When Cicada is browsing through news articles of Cisco, one article that talks about Zoom's army of meta-humans attacking Central City (which happened in Season 2) shows an image of Cisco in his Vibe suit, which he didn't use until Season 3's "Dead or Alive".
  • It's unknown how Zoom's suit and Savitar's armor were collected to be shown at the museum, as they were destroyed by Killer Frost and Barry Allen respectively in "Finish Line". Zoom's speed-dampening mask, which was also seen in the museum, had likewise been destroyed by Jay Garrick in "The Race of His Life". Presumably, these artifacts had been replicated for display purposes.


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