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For the eponymous character, see Talia al Ghul.
"There was a time, Talia, when aligning yourself with a man like Ricardo Diaz would have been beneath you."
"I do what it takes to survive. Another lesson you seem to have forgotten. I taught you to separate the man from the monster. Instead, you exposed your identity for all the world to see and became the monster you always feared you were."
Oliver Queen and Talia al Ghul

"The Demon" is the fifth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-third episode overall. It aired on November 12, 2018.


Felicity learns something new about Oliver that shocks her. Meanwhile, Diggle asks Curtis to go undercover for A.R.G.U.S. Dinah works with an unlikely ally.[src]


"The Demon" starts with Oliver being awoken in his cell — another watchman introduces a gadget on Oliver's wrist, yet we don't discover what it does. The gatekeeper moves Oliver into another cell outside of isolation.

Diggle and Curtis are advising the executive of ARGUS on their crucial, uncovering they think a courteous fellow by the name of Malcolm Byrd is attempting to by unusual measures of synthetic substances.

At the wreck lobby in Level 2, Oliver stumbles into the past that was recruited to assault him. Oliver faces the detainee asking who recruited him and the two contend. The gatekeepers step in and we see that sleeve they introduced before has the capacities of stunning individuals.

Soon thereafter, Oliver is resting when he's stirred by another person in his cell, who we discover is Talia Al Ghul. Talia requests his assistance to escape Level 2 however Oliver cannot.

Felicity shows up to visit Oliver, however she's informed that his appearance rights have been renounced. Stanley is conversing with a relative when he waves Felicity over. She discloses to Stanley that she's gotten a lead on Diaz, however Stanley can't hand-off the message as Oliver is in Level 2.

ARGUS attempts to get Curtis to covert with Byrd however he can't, saying his days in the field were over when Oliver was condemned to jail.

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Felicity discloses to Laurel that Oliver has been moved to Level 2 and the two start doing investigate — they discover that Level 2 is totally under the table. The two methodology Dinah about Level 2 and request her assistance. They raise Oliver's therapist — Dr. Parker — and ask Dinah to glance in and check whether any grievances have been documented against him.

Curtis comes back to ARGUS and Diggle converses with him about the past circumstance. Curtis emphasizes that he wouldn't like to be a vigilante any longer however Diggle advises him that Mr. Spectacular is the sort of person he is.

Oliver's conversing with Dr. Parker and notices that he may be nearly backsliding. furthermore, the two discussion about Oliver's vicious inclinations.

Dinah takes Felicity and Laurel to capacity at the police headquarters, where they glance through all records since 1985. Felicity reprimands herself for Oliver being in jail.

After his discussion with Parker, Oliver consents to help Talia escape, with one condition — she assists Oliver with uncovering Dr. Parker's examinations on prisoners.

Curtis at last consents to go covert with Byrd. Diggle gives him a portfolio loaded with the concoction Byrd is keen on buying and they start the mission. Curtis finds Byrd and sells him the synthetic, and Byrd right away places it into a biochemical bomb.

Curtis ruins his own disguise and uses the portfolio Diggle offered him to shoot the entirety of Byrd's men. Curtis incapacitates the bomb and ARGUS operators surge in the capture Byrd and his men.

During break time, Oliver and Talia start their getaway. The two start battling to attract the gatekeeper's consideration and after the watchmen quell them, they're taking to the room behind the blue entryway where Parker does his trials.

Felicity reveals a document where blames Parker for deleting the recollections of detainees and she understands that is what he's going to attempt to do with Oliver.

Parker is going to calm Oliver when he takes the specialist out. He and Talia can stifle the gatekeepers and re the electrical gadgets from their wrists. The two take a portion of the gatekeepers weapons and leave the blue room arranged to battle. A fight has begun between the detainees and watchmen on Level 2, which they're ready to sidestep.

Oliver gives the USB drive holding the entirety of Parker's information to Talia and advises her to escape provided that he does, he'll be an outlaw and he wouldn't like to get his family through that. Talia get away and an uproar crew breaks into the room and starts assaulting Oliver.

Oliver's right away set back into isolation. Watchmen come in and advise him they're closing down Level 2 because of Parker's information to the media — he's being moved back to Level 1.

Dinah's gathering with Laurel and Felicity and she specifies that they can utilize the information to bid Oliver's conviction.

Parker's strolling to his vehicle when he's assaulted by Talia.

Oliver comes back to his cell and Stanley in a flash reveals to him that Felicity came and transfers the message that Felicity is nearer to getting Diaz.

We see Silencer approach a distribution center in Moscow. She climbs the structure and discovers Diaz stifling out Anatoly on the rooftop. presently a vigilante.


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