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"You made some moves. Then I made some moves. Queen is under indictment now. His team is fractured in a million pieces. And this city... ah, this city. It's prime for a takeover. See, guys like you never understand these things. Why destroy a city... when you can take it over?"
Ricardo Diaz revealing his true motives to Cayden James

"The Devil's Greatest Trick" is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-eighth episode overall. It aired on February 8, 2018.



"The Devil's Greatest Trick" starts with Cayden James talking with Oliver and Diggle by means of a PC screen. Cayden uncover he's anticipating exploding the thermobaric bomb over Star City at midnight.

Oliver and Diggle return to Arrow HQ, attempting to conceptualize and follow up on an arrangement inside four hours.

Cayden's tending to his partners in crime about the last making arrangements for the explosion of the bomb. He advises them that they'll all be carried out of the city before the bomb is exploded.

In a flashback, Cayden is working at his PC at Helix. He's acquainted with Felicity's programmer companion Alena. Cayden gets a book from his child; he's disturbed that his dad missed his game.

Present day, Lance is attempting to compose clearings out of Star City.

Anatoly, Ricardo Diaz, and Laurel are examining whether they trust Cayden. Monster makes reference to that the transport Cayden guaranteed presently can't seem to appear.

Dinah has combined on one of Cayden's safehouses with Curtis and Rene. She's searching for more data on where to discover Black Siren trying to get equity for Vincent.

Alena's helping Felicity at Arrow HQ. She reports that she revealed reality behind the video that confined Oliver as the killer of Cayden's child. Someone overlaid Oliver's face on the video that was provided to Cayden.

Oliver and Diggle track Cayden down and show him the verification. Cayden acknowledges somebody inside his own association coordinated the passing of his child.

The pair comes back to Arrow HQ and tells Felicity and Alena that Cayden has requested them to turn in Anatoly, Dragon, and Laurel, in any case the bomb will at present explode. Thea shows up at the den with William.

Acknowledging they need more assistance, Diggle calls Curtis and Rene to request their assistance.

Somewhere else, Dinah has found Black Siren. The two start battling when Lance runs in to stop the battle. Dinah thumps him oblivious, and Oliver strolls in and utilizes a controlling bolt on both of the metahumans, disclosing to them he needs to spare the city.

We see another flashback, one in which Alena cautions Cayden that ARGUS has his "aroma" and could be following him because of his hacking abilities.

Present day, the gathering is holding Black Siren at their new Helix compound. Arrow strolls in and has a conflict with Dinah about executing Laurel once they salvage the city.

William is becoming disappointed with Felicity at the Arrow HQ, and she consoles him everything will be okay.

Oliver and Diggle track down Anatoly and make fast work of his partners in crime. They catch Anatoly while Curtis and Rene get Dragon.

At Arrow HQ, with the entirety of the grown-ups occupied with attempting to get the three caught scoundrels to Cayden James, William gets away from the den.

Oliver and Diggle take Anatoly to Cayden, and William appears.

We see another flashback. Cayden is watching his child's ball game from far off when two ARGUS specialists appear at capture him.

Dinah and Lance take Laurel to Cayden's office. While Dinah goes to investigate the spot, Laurel and Lance contend about the treatment of each other. Tree feels that Lance has been out of sight line, giving her photos of his as of late executed little girl.

They take Laurel inside simultaneously Curtis and Rene show up with Diaz. Cayden clarifies his hypothesis that one of them created the video of Oliver slaughtering his child Owen.

Black Siren ventures forward and confesses to slaughtering Cayden's "moronic child."

Back at Arrow HQ, Felicity and Alena notice something isn't right with Cayden's bomb and attempt to make sense of what's happening. They understand that Cayden's bomb detonator is meddling with Laurel's capacity hosing neckline. Tree understands this and can rip the neckline off.

She makes brisk work of diverting everyone with her forces so she's ready to get away. Promptly outside of the distribution center, Dinah stops her.

Inside, William sees the detonator on the floor and starts strolling towards it. A firefight breaks out inside.

Outside, Lance takes a stab at pulling Dinah and Laurel separated, however Dinah's ready to shoot Black Siren in the stomach.

Cayden takes the detonator from William and reveals to Oliver that he feels that he bombed his child, so he despite everything intends to level the city.

Oliver's ready to shoot Cayden in the arm, making him drop the detonator.

Group Arrow is back at the Arrow fortification in the wake of having the option to secure Cayden. Rene and Curtis remind Oliver that despite the fact that they cooperated to bring down Cayden James, they will stay separate groups.

The following day, Oliver strolls in to talk with Cayden in a cross examination room. Oliver needs consolation that being caught wasn't a piece of a ploy. To demonstrate that he doesn't have any ulterior thought processes, Cayden gives Oliver a piece of paper with expected areas for his previous partners and their individual financial balances.

In another flashback, we see an ARGUS specialist educate Cayden regarding the death of his child.

We see Lance has taken Black Siren to his vehicle to get her out with the shot injury.

Diaz strolls into the room Cayden is being held in. Subsequent to disclosing to him Star City is prime for a takeover, Dragon uncovers that the new police chief and a couple of other city authorities are on his finance. Mythical serpent at that point cuts Cayden, murdering him.


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  • Barry Allen makes a cameo in this episode. Oliver has Barry rush him and John to meet Cayden James before he leaves the city.
    • This is the first time that John did not vomit while being carried by a speedster.
      • However, Oliver had asked Barry beforehand to transport them. Thus, John would've prepared be carried at super speed, possibly by taking medication to prevent motion sickness.
  • This episode possibly takes place after the events of The Flash​​​​​ episode "True Colors"​, in which Barry was released from prison.
  • This is the first time since "The Trial of The Flash"​​ where Barry appears on-screen as The Flash.
  • Black Siren can be seen wearing one of the power-dampening collars that was shown in the Crisis on Earth-X​​​​​ crossover, having then been used by the Earth-X Nazis to suppress the powers of meta-human prisoners, as well as to deliver a painful electric shock to any inmate trying to escape.[1]
  • The title of this episode refers to the major twist at the end where it was revealed that Ricardo Diaz is the true murderer of Cayden's son and the mastermind of the events of Season 6.
    • Appropriately, the title is also a reference to the quote, "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." from the film The Usual Suspects.