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"I was afraid of Jesse for so long that all I had was my fear... so I--I named that fear The Dragon. I lived with The Dragon for so long... it's all I had... but now being a part of the Quadrant, I'm gonna have something else... the type of power where I'll never be nothing again."
Ricardo Diaz

"The Dragon" is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 19, 2018.



The Dragon" starts with a harasser singling out a more youthful kid in a clear shelter. We see that the child being tormented was a youthful Ricardo Diaz.

Present day, Diaz is conversing with Siren about considering objectives long haul. They're outside of a bar trusting that the proprietor will stop by. They have a gathering with him.

Curtis heads toward Felicity's loft and the two discussion about the tech they're making.

Diaz and Siren are conversing with the man of his word, who drives the Quadrant. Diaz requests a spot at the table at the head of the Quadrant in return for boundless access to Star City's police and transportation ports.

The courteous fellow needs Diaz to try out for a job, and an irritated Diaz goes to the washroom trying to quiet down. Diaz and Siren leave the bar to stake out a contending wrongdoing supervisor who's under FBI assurance.

Curtis approaches Felicity about a remark she made before about needing to be a piece of a group. She illuminates Curtis about Oliver's solitary wolf approach now, and that Diggle left the group seven days earlier. She attempts to persuade Curtis she's fine, however he denies the accept that.

Diaz and Siren come back to the bar and show Eric Cartier — the Quadrant chief — the photos he took while marking out the contending wrongdoing chief. Presently, the Quadrant folks need Diaz and Siren to bring Baylor — the person they were marking out — back to their HQ. They go to Baylor's alcove and begin taking out his thugs.

Diaz and Siren slaughter everybody in the FBI safehouse other than Baylor, and they take him. Cartier appears outside of the safehouse and he shoots Baylor and Diaz both. We see that Diaz endures the assault, since he was wearing an impenetrable vest. Cartier calls his dad, and the two talk about assuming control over Star City since they think Diaz is off the beaten path.

Diaz and Siren rendezvous at Cartier's club. Diaz discharge his firearm into the air to get the club out, leaving Cartier the just one remaining, and they go up against him about the shooting. Carter has five men encompass Diaz and Siren, yet the team rapidly takes them out.

Curtis' telephone hums, and it's a news alert. Felicity turns on the TV and sees that the Green Arrow was engaged with a blast in the Glades.

At Cartier's club, they've tied Cartier up and start addressing him. Eric neglects that Diaz was never under genuine thought for acceptance into The Quadrant, and Diaz begins crying on him. Riding the line of awareness, Cartier at long last gives Diaz some data.

Diaz and Siren show up at the area Eric gave them. They discharge Cartier to run inside, and when he does, it's uncovered he's tied with a bomb. It detonates, executing an enormous piece of the colleagues standing watch. Diaz and Siren enter the compound and execute the rest of the gatekeepers.

They discover Cartier's dad and the other residual pioneers of The Quadrant at a gathering table. Cartier's dad reveals to Diaz that he will send him to an emergency clinic that will keep him alive while men torment him.

One of the other Quadrant pioneers needs to hear Diaz's strategic plan, giving him the floor to talk. Diaz tells the gathering that he'll give them access to all that he runs in Star City in return for a seat at the table. Father Cartier will not allow Diaz to join, and Diaz shoots him, murdering him.

The Quadrant chiefs consent to let Diaz sit down at the table.

Felicity shows up at Oliver's condo to check whether he endure the blast. She's viewing the news when the stay uncovers that crime scene investigation should be utilized to distinguish the bodies on the spot, making Felicity believe that Oliver is dead. Oliver at that point ventures out of his room and solaces Felicity. He guarantees her that he'll generally return.

Diaz finds his domineering jerk as a child. He takes the domineering jerk to a housetop with Siren. Diaz soaks his domineering jerk in lighter liquid and lights him ablaze.


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  • Diaz mentions having grown up in an orphanage, with flashbacks set 32 years earlier in 1986. In the United States, orphanages had been completely replaced with the foster care system by the early 1970s.
  • Laurel asks Diaz, "Well, if they're so powerful, then why didn't you come with any backup?" Diaz answers, "I'm not. I've got you." This makes no sense when compared to what Laurel asked. Diaz should have replied, "I did. I've got you."
  • Before Diaz and Laurel enter Villa Centanni, Diaz cocks his pistol. He then cocks it again after entering.