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"But what if I can't be the person you need?"
"Let's be honest, neither of us needs anybody. Right? But you are who I want."
Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe

"The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-third episode overall. It aired on April 22, 2019.




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Sara goes to Ava's apartment but there is no-one at the door. She uses her key to let herself into the apartment but finds it ransacked, with signs of a struggle. She returns to the Wave Rider where Nora was explaining her presence on the ship to Constantine. Sara asks for their help in finding Ava, with Constantine suggesting that she was kidnapped by Neron. Sara brings Nora and Constantine to ava's apartment to look for clues, where they discover that Ava has been missing for at least 2 weeks. Using a sample of Ava's blood from her struggle, Nora manages to locate where Ava is. In the Time Bureau, Nate and Gary attempt to destroy any reference to "HeyWorld", the theme park Hank was trying to build, so as to save the Time Bureau as Hank had embezzled funds for his project. Ray arrives to tell them about Ava's capture and Gary leaves. Ray also explains to Nate that Neron is responsible for killing Hank, and not Nora, also explaining that Hank made a deal with Neron to build "HeyWorld". Answering a phone in Hank's office, a man named Mickey T is looking for Hank to discuss the "Dragon Lair". Realizing that his father already began construction on the theme park, Nate convinces Ray that the two of them should head to the site, to see if any of the workers know anything about Neron. Nora is able to locate Ava in a motel room, where she lies unconscious inside a circle of runes. Ava is brought back to the Wave Rider where Constantine explains that Neron is likely looking for a new vessel and is preparing Ava for possession. However as Ava is not willing to be a vessel, Neron has sent her soul to Purgatory and is planning to fight his way in. Sara convinces Constantine to send her into Ava's Purgatory to bring her out. Before she leaves, Constantine warns her that Ava's Purgatory will also be Ava's personal nightmare. After Constantine casts the spell, Sara finds that the Purgatory is some kind of Megastore where Ava is about to "check out" so that she can leave. Sara finds Ava and explains what has happened and that she is bringing her home.

Back on the Waverider, Mona excitedly tells Zari that her couple name with Nate could be "Natari". Zari threatens to use her powers on Mona, as Charlie and Mick comment that her powers aren't that threatening, "You're like a magical hairdryer." Gideon interrupts them to tell them Constantine has called a team meeting in the lab. Nora and Constantine explain the situation, as Gary offers to take care of them while they are in Purgatory. Nora and Constantine proceed to leave to capture Neron. Meanwhile, Nate and Ray arrive at the "HeyWorld" construction site, where they inform Mickey T about Hank's death. Mickey T reveals that the blueprints that Hank had given them to use were really just drawings that Nate drew when he was a kid. Ray tells Nate that this entire project would be proof that Hank did love Nate. Nate wishes Hank could have just told him instead of embezzling funds and making a deal with Neron. Nate then tells the construction crew to destroy everything. Inside Ava's Purgatory, a manifestation of Gary appears and directs them to a wardrobe section when they ask about the entrance, which they believe they can use to escape. They find a wardrobe in need of construction, and Sara tells Ava that she can build this, insisting to not use the instructions. Meanwhile, Neron returns to the motel room Ava was held in while whistling "Pop goes the Weasel" as chaos begins in the street. He approaches what he believes to be Ava, but it is Charlie in disguise, with Nora and Constantine able to incapacitate him.

Neron is brought to a Time Bureau cell where Constantine has set up a protection barrier. Neron laughs at how Constantine ran and left 2018 for him to control just because Neron wrote on the wall "I'm coming for you Johnny." Neron also reveals that while Nora has been able to access his mind, he is also able to access hers. Constantine accuses Nora of being a liability and the two begin to argue. They realize their anger is the work of Neron attempting to drive them mad, and agree to work together to figure out how to deal with him. Back in Ava's Purgatory, Sara finishes the wardrobe but it falls apart. Ava comments how it is typical that Sara refused to listened to instructions and failed. Sara asks what Ava is upset, and she brings up how Sara lied to her about the Kope. Sara asks if Ava was really in support of the torture of magical creatures, to which Ava admits that she is against it but whenever they fight she gets scared and retreats into a corner. Sara tells her she will always be on Ava's side, even if they disagree and they build the wardrobe together. They are unable to open the doors of the wardrobe and Ava finds that there is an extra screw. Ava is upset and Sara tells her that it may be imperfect but it belongs to them, asking Ava if she can live with it. Ava agrees and the doors open, bringing them to a new section. The Gary manifestation tells them that this is the mattress showroom, and will be the most important decision of their lives. Another worker of the store also warns them that "Tabitha" is arriving soon. The first mattress has a 3 year warranty but Ava is concerned about how the mattress will lose quality within a year. Sara insists they could flip it over if it sags, and Ava asks if that is her solution for everything, "flip it over? Is that what you do when things get saggy? You just flip them over so you don't have to look at their saggy faces?" Realizing Ava is not talking about the mattress, Sara suggests they move on. The next mattress has a 15 year warranty, but when they sit on the mattress Ava has streaks of grey hairs and their hands have wrinkles. Sara realizes that Ava's purgatory is full of her anxieties and suggests this section is about Ava's fear of getting old. Ava tells Sara she is not worried about getting old, but getting old with Sara. As they move to the next mattress with a 50 year warranty, Sara realizes they are talking about marriage. As they sit on the mattress, they age 50 years which Ava notes is a long time to be spending with one person. Sara insists that she isn't worried about being with only one person, but being with anyone long term feels like tempting fate based on her past. Ava tells her that Sara coming to purgatory for her may as well be "giving fate the middle finger." Ava tells Sara that she is who she wants and they embrace. In the Time Bureau, Nate tells Ray how he wishes he had talked to Hank when his spirit was at the funeral. On the monitors they see that Neron has been captured, and Nate runs into the cell while locking the doors, against the advice of Constantine, Nora and Ray. Neron smiles and greets Nate.

Neron tells Nate that he is predictable, "the son, who, in life could never connect with the father. Here now, seeking the truth." Neron tells Nate that Hank was just an unfortunate snag in his plans, and so was killed. Nora is worried that Nate's anger makes him more vulnerable to Neron, but Constantine maintains that as long as Nate stays away from the barrier he should be fine as Ray attempts to rewire the door. Nate insists that Hank built the theme park but Neron insists that he didn't want a theme park, but access to magical creatures to terrorize people to give him their souls. Neron tells Nate that Hank betrayed him for Nate, that perhaps if Nate had not interfere, Hank may still be alive. Nate almost crosses the barrier but Ray manages to open the door and restrain him, to which Nate responds by punching Ray in the face. Nate realizes that Neron is manipulating him and Neron laughs, whistling "Pop goes the Weasel" as they leave the cell. In Ava's purgatory, Sara and Ava wake up in a showroom model of Ava's apartment and finds dishes to be done. As they put them in the dishwasher, several more chores appears, cumulating in a large pile of mail to be sorted and the pile of dirty dishes increasing, leading Ava to comment that this is endless. In the Time Bureau, Constantine and Nora discuss how Neron is more vulnerable on Earth and that if they separate Neron from Desmond, they could kill him. Neron telepathically tells Nora that Constantine will never appreciate her true power, not like he would and she leaves the room. In Ava's purgatory, Sara is overwhelmed with sorting through the large pile of mail and tells Ava to sort it herself since it all belongs to her. Ava points out that Sara does not have any mail because they did not end up moving in together. Sara asks if this life of chores is what Ava wants, something that seems ridiculous to her since she is a time travelling superhero. Ava insists that she is more than her job and what she wants a life with her, even though life is sometimes just a life of chores. Ava asks if Sara would just leave if life ended up being like this. Sara says she cannot decide her entire life at wants and asks what she has to say to free Ava, something which Ava says would be meaningless if she did. Sara sarcastically asks Ava to move to the suburbs with her where they can "recycle till we die" and asks if that is what she wants. When she looks up, Ava is missing and the door is open. As she runs through the door, she sees rows of Ava clones inside doll boxes. In the Time Bureau, Nora enters Neron's cell secretly to talk to Neron.

Neron tells her that he admires her power, and asks if anyone knows of her true power. Nora admits that they do not, and when asked why she is with Constantine, explains that he had tried to save her when she was a child and was kind. However, when he failed and Mallus' cult had taken her, he had done nothing even when he knew what the order would do her. Neron tells her that while Constantine managed to win the last fight, he will win the war when Tabitha arrives. Nora realizes that Neron didn't want Ava as a vessel for himself, but for whoever Tabitha is. In Ava's purgatory, the Gary manifestation asks Sara what kind of Ava she is looking for. Sara insists that none of these clones are Ava, as Gary warns her that Tabitha will be here soon. The lights begin to turn off slowly, and Sara runs as an announcement begins that the store will close in 5 mins. In the Time Bureau, Ray assures Nate that he did not cause his father's death, but instead saved him by inspiring him. Nate is proud that in the end, Hank was a legend with his wacky antics and should be remembered as such. Nate remembers that he had told Mikey T to tear down the project and runs to stop him. Nora tells Neron that Sara will save Ava, as he tells her that he could bring her father back. Nora appears to agree to help, but points out Constantine will never let Neron go. Neron suggests that he possess Nora instead as Constantine enters. Nora uses her powers to throw Constantine against the wall, knocking him out. In Ava's purgatory, Sara asks where Ava is, insisting none of the clones are her. A door opens, where she finds Ava in the "As-is" section in tears. Ava asks why Sara did not choose any of the other women, and Sara insists that she does not want other women and kisses her. Sara awakens on the Wave Rider and so does Ava. Nora frees Neron from his barrier as Ray is alerted on the monitors. Neron leaves Desmond but this was a trap, with Nora and Constantine using their powers to kill Neron. Ray enters the cell, distracting them, and Neron is able to knock both Ray and Constantine out. Nora uses her power to seemingly kill Neron as she is also knocked out. Constantine and Ray awaken and they check on Desmond and Nora respectively. While Desmond appears to be fine, Nora is still unconscious. Ava and Sara arrive at the Wave Rider Parlor where the other Legends have spent the whole time trying to help Zari tell Nate her feelings. Charlie convinces Zari to just ask Nate out, something she does through text but immediately regrets. Nate is attempting to contact Mikey T but the latter cannot hear the phone and is about to knock over the "Dragon Lair". Nate uses his powers to stop the wrecking ball, just as he receives Zari's message. In the Time Bureau, Zari tries to talk to Nate about the text, but he tells her that his phone was destroyed. Zari tells him that she just wanted to inform him of how Sara was able to save Ava. Constantine talks to Desmond, and offers to erase Desmond's memories of what happened. Desmond refuses, as he wants what has happened to be something they both have to leave with. Desmond angrily leaves, leaving Constantine in tears. Ray is next to an unconscious Nora as Constantine arrives and tells him that Nora risked her life to kill Neron. Constantine tells Nora that he will not abandon her again, promising to wake her. Ray leaves the Time Bureau and meets a dog who reacts poorly to him. Ray insists that dogs usually love him, and walks away whistling "Pop goes the Weasel" as Neron did, suggesting that he is now Neron's vessel.


Preparation ran from November 1 until November 9, 2018. Shooting ran from November 13 until November 27, 2018, with a break on November 22 and 23 for US Thanksgiving.[1]


  • The episode's title is a reference to the first Chronicles of Narnia novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
    • When Ava and Sara finish putting together the wardrobe in Ava's purgatory, Sara says "Let's go to Narnia", referring to the fact that a certain magical wardrobe creates a door between Narnia and Earth in the aforementioned story.
  • This is the first episode since "Tender is the Nate" to feature all of the series regulars or show Nate using his Steel powers.
  • Ava is in the "As-Is" section at the end of the purgatory, a section in IKEA that is used to hold furniture that was refunded to the store and is now sold at a discount.
  • Gary compares he and Nate shredding Hank's documents to Julia Roberts as in the title character in the film Erin Brockovich, but Nate suggests that they are more like the company Pacific Gas and Electric.
  • Nate describes his father's vision of Heyworld as "Jur-magic Park", a reference to the film Jurassic Park.
  • Neron can be heard whistling "Pop! Goes the Weasel" several times.
  • Nate compares Mikey T.'s voice to that of a Soprano, referencing the TV series The Sopranos.
  • When Charlie and Mick are giving Zari tips on how to approach Nate, she asks if the situation is "Legends Eye for the Straight Guy", a play on the TV series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
  • When looking for Mikey T., Nate hesitates before referring to him as "Mr. T", a nod to the actor who goes by this name.
  • Nate spit-taking his drink on Ray was improvised.[2]
  • Nora tells John "I know how hard it is to watch someone you love become a demon", likely referring to the season 3 episode "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly" when her dad became Mallus's vessel to save her life, and subsequently died moments later when Mallus assumed his true form. John then says, "Yeah, well too bad there aren't any Beebos around to hug it to death!" referring to when the Legends used the Totems of Zambesi in the same episode to conjure a warrior (which assumed the form of a gigantic Beebo doll) to fight Mallus, which ultimately killed him by body slamming him in a hug-like fashion.
  • At one point Gary reminisces about being driven to shul as a child. "Shul" is Yiddish for "synagogue", the first mention that Gary Green is Jewish.
  • The furniture store that Ava and Sarah are caught in is very similar to the Swedish furniture store IKEA.
  • Ava being a clone is referenced with a warehouse full of various Ava models, also a shout-out to Barbie.
  • In the warehouse of Ava models, the Exploring Ava model is pictured wearing the same spacesuit design used in the Doctor Who episodes "Forest of the Dead" & "Silence in the Library". This is just before the lights in the warehouse start to go out one by one while Sara runs from the encroaching darkness, just as the Doctor and his companion Donna do in "Forest of the Dead".