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"Every action has an opposite and equal. This 'Earth first' Liberty crowd, they hurt aliens. They don't think we'll hurt them in kind. Why? Because Supergirl says that's not the way. Supergirl's like a folktale. In theory; component and noble. In reality? Oof. Ill-equipped and clinging to ideals from times long past. When they go low, she goes higher: we put them six feet lower. We're through giving these Devils the benefit of the law. Supergirl's done. This is the era of the Elite."
Manchester Black[src]

The Elite was a vigilante group led by Manchester Black, made out of superpowered criminals. Their stated goal is to combat injustice exemplified in anti-alien groups like the Children of Liberty, going beyond what other superheroes, like Supergirl, allow themselves in terms of brutality. However, they also attack government executions and steal treasures as a "fee" for their acts of "heroism".


In his vigilante crusade against the Children of Liberty, Manchester Black has first acquired a cache of weapons, along with advanced high-tech armor with a Union Jack design. After being incarcerated, he sought out allies, recruiting prison guards to send his stamped mail to other prisoners.[1] He managed to contact a symbiote-bound criminal Pamela Ferrer, along with an unnamed Morae for help in the prison break, and also contacted his compatriot Hat, who'd initiate the breakout. Thus the gathered team managed to be incredibly stealthy, combining Pamela's quick symbiote attacks, Morae's natural camouflage, and Hat's teleportation. Later on Manchester has also acquired Brainiac 5's Legion ring, giving him powers of flight.[2]


After being incarcerated for his murders of the Children of Liberty, Manchester Black started recruiting members for his new team from behind prison bars. He managed to do so through his accomplices amongst the prison guards, who gave his messages to Pamela Ferrer and Hat.[1] Hat has then infiltrated the United States and ambushed a prison guard named Danny, taking his uniform and identity card. He then broke out his friend Manchester from prison, arming him with a sword, as the two sliced through resisting prison guards together. When Supergirl arrived to the scene to stop them, she found Manchester joined by Pamella/Menagerie and a Morae. Taunting Kara, the criminals escaped, teleported away by Hat.

Afterwards, the criminals officially revealed themselves to the world as the vigilante team "the Elite", who would fight criminals "without giving them the benefit of the law". Citing anti-alien sentiment as their main target, they filmed the attacks on government institutions, such as secret military bases, which has imprisoned or tortured aliens, along with the bases of the Children of Liberty around the world, such as in London. Making themselves public gave the team certain prominence, as the news stations reported that some considered them criminals, but others saw them as pro-alien heroes. However, Manchester stooped low enough to turn to petty theft to satisfy his criminal teammates: the Elite stole the crown jewels of England, to make a bigger statement.[2]

Supergirl tried to parlay with the Elite in Manchester, England, but neither side accepted each other's terms. Kara managed to place a tracker on one of the rings stolen by Pamela/Menagerie, tracking the team's location at the time of their attack on the Claymore satellite. The Elite were thus ambushed by the Superfriends and Alex Danvers, but managed to reprogram the Claymore satellite nevertheless, so that it would attack the White House. Supergirl managed to revert the satellite's attack into a different location and saw it destroyed. Meanwhile, the Elite fought off her teammates, managing to steal Querl Dox's Legion ring for Manchester Black to use, and escaped from the enraged Martian Manhunter using teleportation.[2]

The Elite.

Eventually all Elite members were defeated or arrested.[3]

Known members

Former members

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  • Prison guards (accomplices)

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Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC comics continuity, the Elite is a team of metahuman vigilantes led by Manchester Black who take pride in their brutally violent tactics, believing that the ends justify their means.
  • It was originally confirmed that Stormcast, a classic member of the Elite from the comics, was to appear, but after it was decided mid-season to replace Manchester as the main villain, Mo was added after Menagerie to fill the ranks and wrap up the Elite story faster.