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"Having the ability to help someone, but do nothing—that is a far worse death than anything the Trickster has for you. But rising above that fear and saving those lives, that's a greater life. So rise up. I don't think it's a stretch for you."
Barry Allen to Ralph Dibny

"The Elongated Knight Rises" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eightieth episode overall. It aired on January 23, 2018.



There is a prison riot at Iron Heights. The prison guards are getting overwhelmed and Barry uses his powers to return the prisoners to their cells. He returns to his cell without anyone seeing him.

Somewhere else in Central City, Joe and the Central City PD are in a standoff with a burglar who's wired himself and several hostages with a bomb. While Joe diverts the looter, Dibny enters the bank and frees the hostages. The burglar sets off the bomb, which Dibny absorbs, and no one is hurt.

Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph are back at STAR Labs viewing a news report of the deadlock circumstance prior, and Ralph starts asking the team to think of a hero name for himself. Iris tells them that she and her dad will meet with an appointed authority to talk about Barry's intrigue procedure soon.

Barry's conversing with Axel Walker — The Trickster — in the patio at Iron Heights. He's leaving when he's stumbled and coincidentally scrapes another detainee's shoes. A watchman mediates and reveals to Barry that his 1:30 guest has shown up to see him. Barry goes to the appearance zone, where Iris is holding on to converse with him. They put in almost no time discussing the case before Barry's whisked away.

Axel's coordinated to the jail hospital, where he gives off an impression of being experiencing an awful stomach throb. The attendant in the hospital infuses the gatekeeper with a narcotic before uncovering herself to be a partner of Axel's. She's come to break Axel out of jail.

Joe is examining the break of the Trickster when he sees Barry cleaning the lobby. He offers Barry a few inspirational statements.

The gathering's researching Axel's departure and make the association that the medical attendant that broke Axel out is his mom, the previous admirer of the first Trickster.

Barry's lifting loads when the detainees from the yard approach him, before Big Sir (Bill Goldberg) steps in and takes them hard and fast.

Swindler hacks the correspondence diverts in Central City, and he gets out Dibny for a battle. Dibny sees the test and has Cisco vibe him to the scene. In the wake of evading the Trickster's initial barely any assaults, Dibny is before long spurted with corrosive and requires safeguarding from Cisco.

The group is rewarding Dibny's wounds, and they infer that the Trickster has thought of another blend to harm Dibny.

Out in the Iron Heights patio, Barry sees that Iris is late to her every day appearance arrangement. He glances over to see Big Sir siphoning iron and approaches his new colleague, asking him for what reason he assisted before. Large Sir discloses to Barry that he got help from Barry's dad sometime in the distant past.

The Trickster assumes control over the TV channel once more, demonstrating Team Flash that they've taken prisoners and are facilitating a crazy house variant of a game show. Axel's mother, who's presently passing by Prank, discloses to them that the "stretchy man" has an hour to turn himself in any case the prisoners will get a corrosive shower.

Cisco endowments Dibny another suit, yet the new legend turns it down, declining to assist. He discloses to Caitlin that he wouldn't like to assist since he realizes he can get injured.

Dibny then goes to visit Barry at Iron Heights, advising the speedster that he's shown up to break him out. Ralph attempts to persuade Barry to eliminate of the jail with the goal that he can stop the Trickster. He admits to Barry that he's reluctant to return into the field since he's hesitant to get injured. After a fast motivational speech, Barry persuades Ralph to do only that.

Iris gets an alarm; their PC has discovered the area that Trickster and Prank are holding their prisoners.

Barry stands up to Big Sir in the foyer and the last reveals to Barry that his dad played out a crisis appendectomy on him, sparing his life. That is the reason Big Sir spared Barry from the yard menaces prior.

Cisco, Caitlin — who's currently transformed into Killer Frost — and Wells merge on Trickster's area.

Ralph returns to STAR Labs and discloses to Iris that he will assist, and she gives him the suit Cisco helped make.

Large Sir turns down a corner and starts getting hopped by the individuals he halted before. Barry before long discovers and approaches them, getting them to quit thumping Big Sir. Barry utilizes his forces to speed around and make two of the folks punch each other before Barry takes out the third one himself.

Cisco and Killer Frost are found and tied up by the Trickster and Prank. They're going to get a corrosive shower when Ralph gets through the roof trying to stop the mother-child couple. Sooner rather than later, Ralph's ready to take out both the Trickster and Prank.

Picture News on the Elongated Man

The Elongated Man named in a newspaper.

Joe pulls both Trickster and Prank away while Ralph converses with a bunch of journalists. It's there a columnist coins the expression "The Elongated Man."

Iris goes to visit Barry in jail, and he stages his hand through the glass with the goal that they can quickly clasp hands.

Cisco and Ralph are having espresso at Jitters when the woman we saw Barry converse with at his wedding ventures forward to pay for their espresso.



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  • The title references the final entry in The Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, which also sees a superhero battle his fear and grow stronger.
  • After seeing his father writing "Henry Allen was here" on the wall of the jail cell, Barry writes "So was Barry". This is a possible nod to "Brooks was here" and "So was Red", from the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption.
    • When Barry met Axel in prison and said that he was innocent, Axel replied that everyone there was innocent, another possible reference to the scene from the film where Red meets Andy.
  • While trying to come up with a superhero name while talking to the suicide bomber, Ralph references to two Marvel Comics Superheroes.
    • He says "It's your friendly neighborhood superhero," referencing Spider-Man.
    • He continues that phrase with "Mister..." but stops there, referencing Mister Fantastic, a Marvel superhero with similar powers.
      • This is a parallel to a similar situation back in "Flash vs. Arrow" when Iris asked the Flash what his real name was. Barry suggested "Ralph", which is coincidentally Elongated Man's civilian first name.
  • After Ralph is burnt by the Axid, Cisco claims that he would not have got the burn if he had Xenomorph blood as in the 1979 film Alien.
  • Axel calls Ralph "strong-arm Stretch Armstrong" as a reference to the action figure Stretch Armstrong.
  • When Iris gives Ralph his new suit, Ralph looks at it and responds, "Groovy...", which is a catch phrase of anti-hero Ash Williams.
  • Prank compliments Ralph's new suit by saying, "Nice outfit." This could be a reference to Jack Napier's first words to Batman in the 1989 film, Batman.
  • Beebo makes several appearances in the episode.
  • This is the second appearance of mystery girl, who is seen writing in a notebook with the same symbols that Barry used when he first came out of the Speed Force.
  • Despite Trickster 1.0 still being at large, along with Trickster 2.0 and Prank plotting to try their deadly games again, the criminally insane family would never reappear for the rest of the series.