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For the titular character, see Tal-Rho.
For the titular object, see Eradicator.
"The time has come. Krypton will be reborn."
—Various voices as Tal-Rho becomes the living embodiment of the Eradicator

"The Eradicator" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on August 10, 2021.



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Smallville organizations battle while the inhabitants become irate with DOD's quality in the town. Chrissy gets a proposal to sell the Gazette while the Cushings make arrangements to move away after Kyle finds a new line of work offer in Bristol County. Sam attempts to quiet the inhabitants at a municipal event, yet bombs when he is compelled to evade Sharon Powell's inquiry regarding Derek's passing in the wake of being educated that Tal-Rho has broken Larr out of the DOD office. Superman and Irons stand up to Tal-Rho and Larr in Metropolis where Tal-Rho utilizes his new powers to make four new Subjekts out of the group and releases them on the city. While Superman and Irons can catch Larr and the four Subjects, Tal-Rho figures out how to get away. In the mean time, Sam gets the twins and Sarah from involved with take them to security. They are assaulted by Tal-Rho who captures Jordan and inserts Zeta-Rho's awareness into him.



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  • After the opening scene, which picks up immediately where the previous episode left off, the rest of the episode takes place three weeks afterwards, matching how this episode aired three weeks after "Fail Safe".
  • During Lois' newsreel about Metropolis being under attack, Leslie Larr is shown on live TV about to kill Lois, with this serving as a parallel to the death of Lois' Earth-TUD22 doppelgänger when Superman killed her on live TV. The only difference surrounding this parallel is that John Henry Irons is able to save Lois, whereas he couldn't save her doppelgänger and watched on as she was killed.